Friday, August 28, 2009

Product Review: Covergirl Aquasmooth Foundation with SPF

It's finally Friday and everybody's looking forward to the loooong weekend, I hear applause everywhere! =p And because it's my favorite day, I woke up early, and decided to leave you a product review for the weekend.

Must you know, I have super sensitive, acne-prone skin. I break out easily so it's a must for me to read the labels of the products I use, from soaps, to scrubs to makeup. I always go for waterbased, oil free formula that's not heavy on my skin, and of course non-comedogenic.

Covergirl Aquasmooth Foundation with SPF 15
Php 650.00 or about $13.00 for 12 grams

Seeing "AQUA" on product names automatically obliges me to read the labels and check it out.

What CG says:

- Liquid Perfect Coverage
- With Vitamins B3, B5 and E
- Oil Free, Hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic

- Glides smoothly on skin
- Easy to apply with the sponge included
- Oil free, and less sticky than liquid foundies
- With vitamins & SPF *yipee*
- Blends very well, and gives medium coverage
- Can last all day if you set it with pressed or finishing powders
- A little goes a long way, so it's worth my money
- In 2 weeks of using it, no breakouts so far =D
- Mirror of the campact is too small
- Packaging is generic looking
- Smells a bit off but not awful
General Verdict: 9/10
This is a very good alternative to liquid foundations because it's very easy to use, I can do simple make up in less than 10 minutes. It's perfect for those morning rush when you can't afford to use a foundation brush. I just sweep it all over face & neck, dust some powder, line my brows and swipe some gloss and I'm off to work =)
I'm soooo inlove with it, that I bought another one with a darker shade, since the one I got is a little too light for me, but still okay because I'm acidic and the color melts and blends in my skin in no time =)

Creamy Ivory and Creamy Natural

Sorry, no time to camwhore.
I just snapped a quick shot to show you how it looks on my face.
Take care beauties, and enjoy the looong weekend beacuse I'll definitely enjoy mine =) Teehee!! Love y'all!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Buffet, anyone? Cafe Astoria.

Remember my previous post regarding the buffet dinner + accomodation I won from Astoria Hotel? The Sweetie & I claimed the buffet dinner last night, I was supposed to bring along my mom but knowing how little she eats, she will so not enjoy buffet. (my mom is just half my size!)

So we went there, devastated my Biggest Loser Challenge (I'm sorry!), and had a fun, comic evening; we're not fancy people you know. We just enjoyed the food, the music, and the nonstop funny conversations about anything & everything under the neurochiq world =)

Some points on Cafe Astoria:

- Buffet selection is moderate, definitely not comparable to the wide variety of Circles or Spirals, but good enough.
- Music is good! The singers sang OPMs & Bossanova that night.
- Ambiance is relaxing, nothing too fancy, but not too casual.
- Food quality is also good, my runaway favorites are the pink salmon in white cheese sauce, chicken in apple & cinnamon and the blueberry fan *yum*
- Service is excellent, there are lots of courteous staff around to assist us.
- Good dinner place, but if you really want to pig out for 3 hours, this is not the best buffet in town. As I said, pigging out calls for Spirals or Circles =)

Oh bad news, the free accomodation doesn't apply to our Singapore trip in January, so we now plan to use it either locally, Bali or Bangkok, if my our travel budget for 2009 allows =) Again, the Lord works in mysterious ways =)




We always do this whenever we eat out. Goofy shot. =P

And a decent one.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Things + Happiness

I've been tagged several times on what makes me happy. I may like things complicated, but at the end of the day, the simplest of things, and purest of people, can really make me cry a bucket of happy tears. =*)
In no particular order.

MY FRIENDS (7 Gamma Sisters)
...who will never leave me no matter how horrible I've been or will be, and vice-versa.

Who else can understand vanity+life best but GFs, eh?

...who puts up with all my tantrums, never fails to make me laugh, and drives for me whenever, wherever.

(photo taken last weekend when he waited for me to finish my parlor session for almost 3 hrs. LOL)

matching hair color =p


(skin care, makeup & all)

Thanks to ate Gie, for the wonderful goodies from Aussie.

MY DOG, Bossing

Yeah, I want him gay.


One of my fave people and cuz in the world, Cil.
(Can't find a photo of my whole family in my office PC so Cil can represent =])
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

My EOTD wishes that I go clubbing!

Hello beauties! It's been a while since I went clubbing, and so last Thursday night, I decided to do an EOTD that gives me the "dancing til dawn" feeling right inside my room =P
I've always been a fan of browns, golds and corals when it comes to make up. I just feel natural with it, and makes my beige pinkish skin tone glow. But of course, a girl can't live with same colors all her beautiful life, so I decided to play up some blue with my faves, so I hope you like the outcome.
Disclaimer: I'm no makeup expert, so bear with me, and your suggestions are welcome!

Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in dark brown + L'oreal matte ES in dark brown
L'oreal Coral Craze ES quad (gold and orange)
CG Queen Collection ES quad (matte navy blue and shimmery white)
Aristocrat Kohl Pencil in Aqua
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara in black

Peepers open

Products used

Full face:
(yep, messy hair is included in the package)

Trublends Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige
CG Age Defying Concealer in Creamy Ivory
Maybelline AquaSmooth Pressed Powder in Light
F21 Blush in Peach
Ilog Maria organic Beeswax lipbalm
F21 Lippie in Gentle Peach

Half bod
That's about it, thanks for visiting my page. Stay beautiful inside & out! =)

Much Love,
The Neurochiq

Monday, August 24, 2009

When Blessings knock...twice.

Image from google*

As you know, I hate Monday mornings. You know that sick feeling when it's Sunday night already, and the moment when you don't want to part with your bed the next morning?

But of all Mondays I hate, today is the BEST.

This morning, I received a message from Astoria Plaza , that I won 3 days, 2 nights stay + buffet for 2 @ Astoria Plaza in Ortigas, Club Astoria in Southforbes Laguna, or Club Astoria in Boracay. But with all the text scams around, I wasn't a bit excited, even doubted if I joined any raffle whatsoever.

Then I remembered, yeah, Sweetie & I went to this car show where ladies give out stubs to fill up. I was soooo lazy to fill up forms, but I hurriedly wrote into ONE & gave it to the lady...then completely forgot about it.

I called up Astoria Plaza hotel, and confirmed the validity of the raffle promo.

Sweetie and I had been planning to go on a buffet but never really done it, and so this is the best chance, and it's hell free. Sorry to my diet, but we will be VIPs tonight =)

And the best thing?

The free accomodation can be used internationally, and it so happened that we have a KL-Singapore trip come January 09, and the free accomodation can definitely fit the bill =) *I hear more shopping money!*

Ah...blessings...sometimes, all you have to do is worry less, live simple and be thankful.

God is good, all the time.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Week Recap + My Cuz on Kerygma

Time flew this week, been busy with work, the online store, family errands and with planning my midyear break *woot*woot*
In 3 weeks, i'll be off to Bora with the Sweetie, and some colleagues, but it's just frustrating that we have to rebook our tickets from Manila-Caticlan to Manila-Kalibo because of the current repairing/extension of the Caticlan Airport because of, well, overshooting Zest air craft. darn.

And yeah, it's my first time to go to Bora, and I won't experience the joy of landless travel (sigh*)
But all good, I won't let it dampen my spirit, it's travel, & I won't even mind walking =p
Work has been good too, we submitted our training plan this week, and I'm crossing my fingers to get everything approved. Hopefully, I'll be gracing the Great Wall next year, but that remains to be "hopefully" for now.
And guess what, my dear cousin, Maru, who now lives in Dubai, got herself in the centerpage of the Kerygma Magazine of Bo Sanchez. I literally grew up with the magazine, since our school gives us monthly subscription. As such, Bo Sanchez remains to be my number 1 inspirational writer =)

A gist of my cousin's story, who dared to live beyond her limits:
Maru is an intelligent woman who is declared by medical science as "legally blind".

She was diagnosed with a rare eye disease leaving her with very poor eyesight @ a young age that unfortunately, is incurable as of today. This shattered her dreams of finishing college in the Phils. and lead her to belittle herself, with some hurtful experiences she had in school, even from her own school teachers! But that was before, not until she was called by the Lord to serve. And the rest is an amazing story of transformation. She now works in an Advertising Company in UAE, plays her pink guitar, do inspirational talks, practices photography, serves the SFC community, and lives her colorful life to the fullest!

I'm one PROUD cousin. =)
I'm not sure if the full article is available online, but you can check it in Kerygma'sAugust 2009 issue.
To know more about this inspiring woman, pls. click HERE.

Maru & me in a nail salon during her vacay here, 2008

Here's Maru's photo with the Keryma mag, August 200 issue.

That's it for now ladies, enjoy the LOOONg weekend we all deserve =)

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Product Review: Venus and Mars Antibacterial Brushes

Have I told you that while I've always been conscious with how I look, I never really used ES (except big occasions), until maybe 3 years ago?

I'm a powder-brow-blush-lipbalm chick. And so I don't mind owning only one brush, a trusty BLUSH brush. All the other bruses I used aren't really mine but my mom's.

But thanks to some inspirations (you know who you are guys!), and a feeling that I needed it in my job, I realized the joys of doing full makeup, without actually LOOKING ALL MADE UP. I then knew, I needed to buy my own set.

So recently, I purchased a brush set from the trusted Venus and Mars owner and business partner, Jamie, who also supplies me all the organic Emu oil goodies I'm selling at my store.

The "Antibacterial" feature is a big PLUS for me, as I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. And upon learning that it's made of the highest quality taklon hair, and not animal hairs (it's a part of my Go Green rule), I was automatically convinced.

THE VENUS & MARS 5 pc. BRUSH SET with soak and pouch
(Php 1,099)

V&M says:

These brushes are active AGAINST bacteria, hence it prevents them from lingering in the bristles. These bacteria are the main cause of the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other irritating skin blemishes.

The set includes:

Body/Face Buki Blush Brush
Foundation Buki Brush
Angled Shader and Crease Buki Brush
Eyeshadow Buki Brush
Concealer Buki Brush
Soak & sample of V&M's upcoming MMU


Powder brush: Dia.19*138mm height
Foundation brush: Dia.14.5*143mm height
Angled shader and crease brush: Dia.11*142mm height
Eye blender brush: Dia.10*140mm Height
Concealer brush: Dia.10.5*143mm height
Pouch: 165*115mm (closed size)

These babies have been with me for a week now, and it has surpassed all my expectations so far, and hopefully, the quality remains for a reasonbly long time. =)


- No shedding, almost no bleeding
- Remains soft after washing
- Dries quickly
- No "factory" smell
- The white ends of the brushes actually give me idea how much color it has picked up
- Size of the handles are not too small, not too big, just right!
- The brushes are OH SO soft, no pricking feel, but uniquely firm enough to do the job
- Reasonably priced @ 1,099
- Made of high quality synthetic taklon; supports my Go Green Campaign (for the welfare of our furry friends)
- Elegant Looking
- Even the soak has a clean, delicate scent =)


- Pouch is not really attractive but definitely usable
- Waiting time (pre-ordered from HK back then, but is now readily available)

Overall Verdict: 9.5/10 Both hands down! I definitely got more value for my money. If V&M will come up with more brushes, especially the retractable ones that can fit my purse, then I'll be first in line =)

If you are interested to buy, you may contact Jamie of V&M, or myself, or visit my multiply store UrbanPosh.

Stay Beautiful, inside and out!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

PS: Watched LFS of G.I. Joe, on its first showing day. What can I say? It's long, and EXPLOSIVE. And it brought back a lot of childhood memories with my brother. If a movie can bring me back in time, then it's worth my time =)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who doesn't love weekends?

Happy Monday lovely ladies! How was your weekend? Mine was jampacked, as it started last Friday night with LOOOOOAAAADS of food (ahem, excused from my Biggest Loser Challenge), frozen margaritas & KTV bash for a good friend & colleague, Mark, who will be leaving us (sobs*). I'll share photos in a different post though.

Saturday was even busier, with home errands, Bossing's vet visit, some shopping and meeting my BFF with BF for some Paella, Fish & Chips and Churros @ Churritos in BF Pque. (Sorry, too lazy to take photos of the food, we're somewhat annoyed with the never ending singing)

And of course, my usual DVD marathon with the Sweetie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We laughed our worries away with Night at the Museum 2, and What Happens in Vegas =) We were supposed to watch a recent version of Ong Bak (yes,I enjoy hard core action), but yours truly needs some sleep, and he won't watch without me & my ever colorful comments & bitchy lines while watching, which he loves...or HATES because I always figure out the next scene & spoil his excitement! Hah! Blame it on my film classes back in college or maybe I'm simply a freak. LOL.

And sharing with you what I look like, in a humid, sunny & sweaty Saturday. I can't even call it an FOTD because I seriously have almost none, thus, excuse the look please.

The Night Guard is back to rescue his friends from the evil Egyptian Pharaoh who wishes to rule the world by bringing back his army from the dead via the magical tablet.
What I like about the movie?
Aside from its light, comic feel, I'm all for the "DOING WHAT YOU LOVE" moral of the story.

Joy (Cameron) got dumped, and Jack (Ashton) got fired, and both decided to get hell loose in Vegas with their BFFs. The two were brought together by some twist of fate, got drunk and married, and eventually hated each other but were forced to stay together & outwith each other to get the $3M jackpot prize they won in a slot machine in Vegas...

What I like about the movie?
Cameron and Ashton were both lovely & witty, as well as their loyal BFFs. And the plot, though not extraordinary (as I've seen similar ones like The BreakUp), is good enough. And yep, it's another "Better to do nothing than doing what you don't love" ... but with the recession in a 3rd world country like ours, I can probably tell it to myself more genuinely only IF I have $3M on my bank account. LOL.

On my face:
Celeteque Moisturizer
Maybelline AquaSmooth Pressed Powder in light
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in dark brown (for brows & eyes)
Ilog Maria Beeswax Lipbalm
Single Coat of Maybelline Volume Express WP Mascara
NO BLUSH, pinky tone courtesy of my Kojic Soap magic

And I'll leave you all with photo that can actually brighten the sh*ttest of my days.

Bossing getting his deworm shot and some grooming.
See that big round eyes??? It's the first thing I see in the morning =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Year of Loss? I hope not.

Recent happenings around me got me thinking about a prediction I heard somewhere earlier this year that 2009 is a year of loss... I'm not being superstitious or negative, but it won't hurt to be CCC. Careful, Conscious & Caring. Yep, you heard me (or read) me right.

CAREFUL...on what we do, everytime, everyday. The company where I belong is OC (to the point of paranoia) when it comes to safety, and after being with them for almost 3 years, I eventually absorbed the culture & made safety my priority above else. It was not an overnight change, but I learned being safe is not "corny" after all.

I now....

...wear sitbelts (if Lady Di had buckled up, she may have survived & see her future grandchildren from her gorgeous boys)
...abide by the stoplights, both while driving and crossing the streets (yes, EVEN with no ticketing officers around)
...hold the handrails (do you know that thousands of kids die evry year because of stair falls, and only a small percentage from contracting viruses from handrails?)
...have first aid kit in the house (and I'm actually a part of the company's ECT - Emergency Crisis Team, think of 911)

CONSCIOUS...on our health and environment. Watch what you eat, drink in moderation, ditch smoking & drugs, load up on water & sleep, and don't be a couch potato! Move that beautiful ASSet. And yes, GO GREEN too. I'm just so glad that the world is now booming with eco friendly goods, from organic food, skin care, make up, and would you believe, even DOG FOOD =)

CARING...gone are the days when people still sweep their backyards in their 90s. Let's face it, people die younger now. With our toxin laced food, bad lifestyle, mutating diseases and cancers of all kinds. It's sad when it's true. And what better way than live each day of our lives like it's our last?

Thank you to certain movies that always reminds me that LIFE IS TOO SHORT, and I can lose anyone I love in a snap...So why waste another day angry with them? or angry with life? or worried of my imperfections? or demanding too much from other people? When all we really need in the end, honestly, is LOVE.

2009 may be a year of loss...with the death of Francis M., Farah Fawcett, MJ and President Cory. But it actually inspires me to live more, love more, and worry less.

Trust me, you should never delay another hug or "I love you" to your God, mom, dad, hubby, BF and anyone else...

This movie made me cry 12 hours non stop! No kidding.
And made me love Gerald Butler while singing "I can't go back...I love you til the end"

Oldies, but goodies.

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who said men have STRONGER arms?

We may not be as diligent on toning those biceps, but that doesn't mean women have weaker arms Na-Ah! My Sweetie is a living proof that girls like me can lift weights, as much as boys can...for hours and hours, at the mall, or at bazaars, or at the park, or at the church, or everywhere else. LOL.

And of course, we don't lift those ugly & cold weight tabs, we endure weight lifting in the form of some gorgeous beings: BAGS.

So what do I carry around? a LOT.

**MY BAG**

You'll never find me with a small bag, unless it's a formal party or a gimmick night.
I like my bags big, bold & beautiful, it's one thing I can never live without.
One day, hopefully, I'll design my own =)
Champagne bag from Baby Couture (it's a diaper bag!)
Contents from left:
Fan (it's HOT in the Phils.)
House Keys, Car Keys, Gym Locker Keys & Lock, USB
Pepper Spray
Travel Make Up Kit (black) - contents shown below
Necessity Kit (bluegreen bag) - contents shown below
Wallet + Coin Purse
Planner with booklet & pen
L'Oreal Make Up pallete with Mirror
Baby Powder
Lash Curler
Facial Tissue

Contents of my makeup kit varies from time to time, but I carry only the basics =)
From left:
Blush in Pink & Peach from Fashion 21 (I wish I have a brown shade too)
ES Quads in NEUTRAL & PARTY colors (shown here are CG and L'Oreal quads)
2 shades of lipstick: Reddish & Nude (Reddish from Anna Sui and Nude from Fashion 21)
Liquid MakeUp & Pressed Powder (both from Maybelline)
Organic Beeswax Lipbalm (from Ilog Maria)
Mascaras (in brown & black, from Nichido & Maybelline)
Lash Curler & Tweezers (unkept brows ruin the prettiest face)
Eye/Brow liner and brow brush (I'm kinda OC with my brows)

Oil Blotters
Pony Tail Band
Perfume (RL Romantic Wish)
Feminine Wash
Disposable Razor
Mouthwash, Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Moisturizing Foot Spray
Basic Meds & Band Aids
So, yeah, I do have cramps after a long day of walk, but I'm cool with it. I'd rather be that than be caught unprepared =)
Before I go, just want to share some cute finds. I'm no ring-wearer, for the reason that I already lost gazillions (exaggerated! LOL). You know how you remove them whenever you wash your hands & put alcohol or what have you, and then left them at the sink etc.?
But my auntie, who supplies Swarovski jewelries for some malls in Manila, offered to sell them on my shop, and heck, I wasn't able to resist the Swarovski charm!

Multicolored Swarovski ring in 10k gold

White Swarovski in 10k gold

I'd loooooove to see what's in your bags, too. So I'll know I'm still normal to carry so much =)
And in case you are interested with the gorgeous Swarovski jewelries, pls. click this link.
Much Love,
The Neurochiq

Friday, August 7, 2009

Vintagey Friday Outfit

I'm too lazy to do my make up so I decided to perk up my Friday with an OOTD post instead =)
Feeling vintagey today & for the first time, my family abroad finally caught up with my taste when it comes to clothing. LOL.

Have I told you that my kuya who's such a sucker for branded clothes, always ALWAYS sends me expensive, branded clothes that unfortunately, I don't like and/or doesn't fit right 99% of the time? (sorry,bro!) =P

So thanks to tita Let for the fab top you gave me, and to Tita Gie for the vintage accesories, love them!

Vintage crumpled top from Zara
Skinny jeans from a mall bazaar
Gray peep toe flats from Star City bazaar (yes, I love bazaars)
Necklace from a Vintage Shop in Aussie
Bling Ring from Dubai

Full Bod.
Pardon the rice cooker LOL. I took this right before I hurriedly left the house.
Accesorize, baby!

Half bod

PS: Though i'm really not the brand conscious type, I must say, the fabric of this top from Zara is super nice in quality & COMFORT. Makes me feel naked, which is a good thing =p
How about you? What perks up your Friday? =D Enjoy the weekend, babes!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Meet my Sweetie.

Hello my girls! How's the week treating you? I'm good so far =) I braved the QC jungle yesterday (yes, I'm in love with the quiet South, thank you.), met Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege along SLEX & stood there for a good hour and a half.

What' s in QC? The Sweetie met a buddy from his car group & bought some stuffs from him. Guys shop too, you know! And because he supports my shopping and everything else I like, it's time I support him back. LOL.

And as promised before the holiday, I'm formally introducing you my man.

His name is Jeff, born Filipino, but of Fil-Indian-Spanish descent, thus explains his color (which I love) & looks.

We were BF-GF for 4 years until we broke up last year for a whole bunch of reasons. Gone single for more than a year, and recently gave in with that thing called LOVE, the 2nd time around.

How we managed to get back together?

Within the whole year that I avoided him, he never REALLY let me go. He was my best friend, and he remained to be & so much more, doing errands for me & my family; the list can be endless. He was my stalker & I was a willing victim. Kiddin'.

Until some weeks ago, he volunteered to drive me to the dentist for a dental operation, and when I was seating on the dental chair (which felt like "Cilia Electrica"), in so much blood & pain, he was there staring @ me for 3 hours, caressing my hair to lessen my pain, placed ear phones with my fave reggae music, and all the while he sweats & shivers like hell. You know how a dad anxiously wait for his wife while giving birth? That can give you an idea.

No this is not the only thing he did to win me back, I just hate to bore you with a long story. This incident merely commenced everything he did for me while I was away crazily wandering about my life & what & who I really wanted. He just held on & believed I'm still a good person despite of how I ditched him like a hot potato before.

And so, before the operation ended, my mind & heart were all set, to give it another shot. I cried during the operation which freaked out my dentist not knowing it was not because of pain but because of guilt & joy.

But the 1 year of wandering around was actually good for us. Made us realize we had the best, and yet we were stupid to let it die. And I'm proud to say I waited for the signs & the perfect time, no influence, no hesitations.

So there, I hope you won't mind seeing a more relaxed, secured & less crazy me in the coming days, months, years. But no, I'm not ditching the vanity part =p

Galera, back in 2006. He's been bald all his life until he met me who forced him to love his curly locks =)

I think he looks better with hair, don't you agree?

Poor tarsier, he met some retards.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yep. It finally hit me.
After more than a year of pain, wandering & suppressed air on my throat,
I'm now less of a restless, erratic soul & more of a secured, loving
& probably a better person, with him.
I'll leave the suspense for the holiday.
You'll meet him very soon.
LOVE. Crazy.
But who isn't?
Darn, I think my alias suits me right.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq