Friday, July 31, 2009


It's Friday again ladies (my fave day!), and so last night, in anticipation of today, I roamed around the mall for 2 hours [it's great exercise,too]. I originally wanted to just windowshop for the SRP of some imported make up I ordered from my friend Jamie of Venus & Mars, which BTW is arriving today! YEY! But as always, I ended up buying stuffs, though nothing big, and happily headed home.

If time flies, so does money! All the while I thought I was just buying small, cheap stuffs, but it still left damages to my wallet. Teehee. =p

PS: Thanks to my friend & biz partner Shayne for giving me the CoverGirl ES Queen Collection for FREE! Looks like she used it once or twice only saying she looked like a whore walking the street in the morning. LOL. It's makeup, and it's free, so why the hell not? Posted this EOTD for her, hoping to prove "the whore look" wrong =D


CG ES Queen Collection from Shayne (Php 450.00)
Celeteque Oil Control Toner (50% OFF so only Php 67.00)
Celeteque Oil Free Moisturizer (50% OFF so only Php 99.00) - THANKS TO LOVELY THIAMERE FOR THE 50% OFF INFO & REVIEW on this that I decided to try these for a simple, affordable alternative =)
Bobbie Nail Polish in "I DO" (Php 38.00) - Been wanting the ELF in Champagne, but since I can't find it in the malls near me, I got this as a sub, a cheaper dupe.
F21 Color Mood Lippie in Gentle Peach (just Php 150.00) - Inspired by the nude lip craze of Miemiemie, I braved the odds of finding the right nude lip color for my chunky, super full lips.
(didn't bother posting not so kikay buys like belts, soap & tissue holders & waste bin =p)

CG ES Queen Collection

F21 Color Mood Lippie in Gentle Peach

I tried several nude lippies at the make up counters & checked the recommended products in different blogs, but I think or discovered for myself that I can choose from 3 nude looks: pinkish nude, peachy nude and brownish nude, and after an hour of trials, I'm finally convinced that my skin color looks great on peachy nude!


with flash

without flash
with flash

without flash

- very affordable
- Pinoy made
- no scent
- creamy
- with moisturizers
- gives a "nude" but healthy look, I didn't look anemic or sick!
- compliments my skintone well
- tends to be sticky and creasy after a few hours
- needs to glide several times to achieve desired color (I have pigmented lips though)
Overall Verdict: 8.5/10 I'm OFFICIALLY INLOVE with this nude lippie =)

Using CG ES Queen Collection
(white, blue and green)
I just used the sponge applicator included, and is done in 5 minutes. I know, I still need practice, but isn't bad for an amateur =)
-Pigment is okay, but not outstanding
-I like shimmers but this is a tad too glittery for everyday wear, so be careful in application
-Colors are fresh, Dark Blue, Blue, Shimmer Green & Ice White
-Not bad for its price, 4 colors for Php 450.00
-I rate this 7/10

with flash

without flash

peepers open with flash

peepers open without flash

Green & Blue eyes softened by nude lips and minimal peach blush for a soft, fresh, Friday look.

Products used:
Celeteque Oil control Toner & Mositurizer
Maybelline AquaSmooth Foundation in Natural Beige
Clearsmooth Powder in Light
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
CG ES Queen Collection
Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara
F21 Peach Blush
Ilog Maria Beeswax balm
F21 Color Mood in Gentle Peach

Hope you enjoyed this post, and of course enjoy the weekend even more!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

UPDATE03: The NeuroChiq's Biggest Loser Challenge (week3)

I've been down with flu since last night, must be the tiring work+business that's taking its toll on my body. But yeah, life has been treating me well, though I'm in search for something better. Whatever that "better" means is yet to unfold both for you & me in the coming weeks.

*my palms closed in prayers*

So just a quick post on the NeuroChiq's Biggest Loser Challenge, I haven't forgotten it, of course not! =) I'm on my third week now, but due to my recent ordeal with my impacted tooth, I kept myself away from the gym lately & just focused my efforts on eating less, and eating healthier. By healthier, I mean less white rice, more protein [lean meat & fish] & more more more fiber. [fruits/veggies/yogurt/wheats]

To my surprise, and delight, I think I lost nearly 2 inches off my waist, and a handful fat on my lovely belly *wink* No, I haven't measured mathematically since I'm saving the thrill until the end of the challenge, but you know that instance when your pants that you haven't worn for months or years suddenly slides perfectly and your shirt shows lesser of your ice cream indulgence???

It feels magnificent, doesn't it? =)

Sorry for the blurry photos I hurriedly took in the office elevator.

Me in black slacks that suddenly fit (it haven't for months!!!), and bronze top that I buttoned with MUCH ease & less bulge ;-p

Happy Mid-week lovelies!

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq

Monday, July 27, 2009

NeuroEAT: Coffee Shop, ATC

Since I was left disabled (to eat) after the dental operation, I just focused my carbs cravings to creamy pasta, and because I had too much fastfood deliveries the past week, I opted to go to an old dining place in Alabang Town Center to get a helping of affordable, yummy baked mac & clubhouse sandwich. Coffee Shop is just beside the Makati Supermarket, sharing floor with Luk Yuen. If you want fast, humble, delicious yet affordbale no frills eating experience, then Coffee Shop is a must try.

Outside (free parking for validated tickets)

Service is fast, ambiance is simple, "within the neighborhood" type

Creamy Baked Mac with toasted bread & butter @ Php 78.00

Clubhouse Sandwich with potato fries @ Php 125.00

Pineapple & Mango Juice @ Php 35.00 each

The Verdict:
Baked Mac
- Serving is big! You won't notice it at first but once you dig in, you'll feel that you're already full when you only finished half of it =)
- Really creamy and cheesy
- A tad too sweet, so if you want serious, Italian pasta, then this one isn't for you
Clubhouse Sandwich
- Again, serving size is good, very filling
- Generous servings of egg, ham & chicken
- I don't know if it's just me who hates onions, but its taste is really overpowering the chiken filling
- Potato fries are drenched with unhealthy OIL!
They offer a lot on the menu, and I'm looking forward to try others next time. I heard the Spag with meatballs is a best seller =) They also have various sweets, from cheesecakes to saba con hielo. Too bad I was too full for a slice of their NY cheesecake, but there's always a next time =)
Will I go back? Definitely =) It's fast, delicious & affordable, besides, it's just a stone throw away from my workplace.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Almost None Look: EOTD/LOTD

Attended a children's party last Saturday, and since it's in a sunny Saturday afternoon, I opted for an "almost none" look that won't get a "who the hell is she" stare from the elders. LOL. =)

Products used:
V&M Organic Emu Oil Face Radiance Cream as primer
Maybelline Aqua Smooth Pressed Powder in Light
L'Oreal eyeshadow, blush & lip palette (got this as a gift ages ago)
Ilog Maria Organic Honey & Propolis Lip Balm
Lancome Lippie in Escapade
Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Mascara in black

With flash

Without flash

Peepers open (I look cross eyed here! LOL)

Almost none =)

Full, pouty & peachy puckers courtesy of Lancome Escapade

Good girl, eh? =p

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

DIY: Statement Petal Necklace

Hello dearies! I was on SL last Friday due to some dental operation complication that I'd rather not talk about because it pains me by merely thinking about it, and as usual, staying home kept me busy with a little DIY session =) I shared a statement bracelet last time, and I'm doing a necklace now. Since I'm a big fan of black & red because of its classy, elegant feel, I decided to do a petal necklace made from sheer fabric & red lace (recycled) from the roses I received last Thursday *kilig* So let's start!

1. You'll need some sheer fabric, scissors, sewing kit, lace & a little creativity =)

2. Cut the black sheer fabric into butterfly patterns (S,M,L), this will serve as your petals

3. Cut a red strip to serve as base, sew in the petals with loose running stitch, then pull gently to create the creases

It should look like this, or better =)

4. After stitching about 20 pcs., it should look like a strip of petals

5. Simple sew the strip into the red lace (style no. 1)

6. Or attach the lace to an old chain (style no. 2)

7. Or tie it into a petal ball & attach it to a chain (style no. 3)

Of course, wear it like it's something expensive! (the trick lies on how you carry it babe!)

Looks good on that little black dress of yours, or to spice up your simple tank top/tube

8. And yes, it can also be worn as a bracelet (style no. 4)

Remember that you can use any color combination, don't be afraid & let your mind do the tricks =p If you have your version, I'd be glad to see them also.
PS: All materials used are recycled.
Much Love,
The Neurochiq

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby GaLore + Product Review: Venus&Mars Face Radiance Cream

I don't know what's with the season, but close ladies around me are either pregnant or had recently delivered a new angel in this world =) WELCOME!!!

21 July 2009
First born of my gamma sister Tethas & hubby Pel

10 July 2009
First born of my former boss & close friend & "mother" Elaine & hubby Ayhel

We are currently expecting:
3. My kuya's firstborn son (the familyname bearer =P), December 2009
4. My cousin Jane's 2nd baby, April 2010
Not to mention that I have 2 colleagues, and 2 city service ladies who are also pregnant! whew =D
Moving on, I just like to share another Go Green product I'm currently using. Whenever I sell stuff on my shop, I make sure I inspect them pretty well, and/or roadtest it myself [it's a fun excuse to buying what I want from my product line, whehe =p]. So, when I offered Venus&Mars Organic Emu Oil products, I got my own pack, and tested it first. I won't mind being the guinea pig, especially if it's ORGANIC. Nothing much to harm you, eh?
I'm currently using the following:
1. Minty Geranium Emu Soap (morning)
2. Coffee Fame Detox Emu Bar (night)
3. Bare It All Cream (for rough & dark spots)
4. Face Radiance Cream (moisturizing day & night cream & primer)
I'll be reviewing the Emu Soaps separately. I'll focus now on the Face Radiance & BIA Cream.
V&M BIA Cream: Contains shea butter, jojoba oil, papain, mango butter, peppermint and organic emu oil. Promises to soften & whiten the darkest & roughest spots like feet, elbows&knees, even bikini areas.
LIKES: It really is super softening, I felt the effect even on first use! I have rough patches on my elbows, from leaning on my office desk for too long, and no matter how much lotion I apply, it's still dry & flaky at the end of the day. But BIA solved this problem for me. I've been using this for almost a month now, and the rashes are almost gone! And my problematic & ugly feet are really pampered with it, way better than petroleum jelly! And hell, the peppermint smell & cool feeling is so relaxing, I even smell the tub before sleeping. *wink*
The whitening effect is okay, though not dramatic, but hey, it's chemical peeling-free, so it's better to wait than be sorry =)
DISLIKES: The whitening effect is not very fast, though the developer suggests to use milk salt together with BIA cream for faster results.
OVERALL VERDICT: 8.5/10, will definitely keep a tub on my bedside =)
V&M FACE RADIANCE CREAM: Contains organic emu oil, tea tree, jojoba essential oil, extra virgin coconut oil, tapioca flour & vitamin E. Promises to relieve tired, aging skin, moisturize, protect & regenerate skin cells for a supple, youthful glow. Acts as a day & night cream & a good make-up base/primer.
LIKES: Been using this for 2 weeks, and my officemates are actually the ones who compliment me. I have super oily, acneprone skin, so I use an anti-acne soap which actually drains my skin, so I need a really good moisturizer to make up for it. True to its name, V&M Face Radiance Cream gave my skin a "supple glow". The itchy, dry & tight spots are gone, and you can really feel the difference when you wake up the next morning. Skin is softer, more hydrated. And so far, NO BREAKOUTS! *yippee* It also holds my make up pretty nicely, needing retouch only after 2-3 hours (good enough for super oily skin like mine!) Of course, it's another Go Green goodie =)
DISLIKES: 15 ml is just too small for me, I hope V&M will come up with a bigger one. =p And Php 325.00 is not actually cheap for a small pot, but considering the emu oil used is 100% imported & organic, well, I guess I can deal with it.
OVERALL VERDICT: 9/10, will save some moolah to order more pots.

BIA Cream @ Php 225.00 (big tub) & Face Radiance @ Php 325.00 (small pot)

Just sharing a candid photo in the office to get a glance on how my skin looks after using V&M Face Radiance for 2 weeks.
[Pardon the swelling jaw from the dental operation, and some zit discoloration on my chin due to, ehem, monthly visit]

(Sorry had to crop you out, buddy =p)
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DIY: Matching Gym Headband/Armband

Hi everyone! The NeuroChiq is back from the dead [nah, just a dental operation LOL]. My face is still swollen and I'm dying to eat anything solid since I've been living on soup & oatmeal for 4 days now. Sigh*

But yep, staying home can actually make you do incredible things. Aside from DVD marathons, fixing my room & washing all my makeup brushes, sponges, cellphone bags, wallet etc. (see what boredom can do?), I finally had time for some DIYs =) *woot woot*

And since I needed a wrist/armband for my phone, and headband to keep my hair neat in the gym, I decided to do my own and save some moolah. Here's how I did it:


1. Get an old top (stretch material), garter, scissors & the usual sewing kit
2. Cut through the longest portion of the blouse, width will depend on you ( I want a really thick headband , so I cut about 4 inches)

3. Double stitch on the inner side (yes, I did it by hand)

4. Wrap the band around your head to measure how much garter you need, then stitch each end of the band to the garter (make sure it's tight & secured)

5. Wear it with confidence! Believe me, no one will know you just did it by yourself =)

1. Using the remaining cloth from above, cut some fabric according to your phone's size (or MP3 player, or Ipod, whatever)

2. Double stitch on the inner side of the fabric

3. Stitch some velcro on the phone bag (as your adhesive). Note that I wrapped & stiched the same fabric on the garter (to act as the wrist/armband)

4. Stitch the other side of the velcro on the garter band to hold the bag, and stitch velcro on both ends to secure it.

5. Whoala! Your very own UNIQUE arm/wristband =)
(Isn't it cute that your head & wristband match while working out??)
And while doing these DIYs, my love Bossing is watching me, and I was watching MJ concert/MTVs. [Man, he's really a genius!]
Bossing @ 9 months

I was touched by this song & MTV where MJ asks the world "HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHILDHOOD?" =,(
MJ was a regressed kid who had lots of money & fame, but never knew real childhood happiness. What a shame.

Hope you enjoyed my DIYs for today. Have a great week ahead ladies! =)
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq