Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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To my dearest friends & readers, kindly check Zync Kebab & Grill's official blog. I will post all product features, events, promos, freebies, photos & other announcements via that page, so please please follow us up. =) I'm planning a bloggers' meeting as well so do watch out. I appreciate your suppport, loves!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going the Extra Mile have good old talk take a break from all the pressure just laugh about anything trivial understand her every eye roll and makeface enjoy a good meal or coffee share that new lipgloss make her laugh...and to laugh back simply breathe feel your best

Really, we go the extra mile.

Me & my BFF Tara in Makati
(I travel from the jungles of LP-Alabang on a weekday to see her)
Me & my BFF Tara in ZYNC Kebab & Grill, BF ParaƱaque
(and she travels back to see me)
Girlfriends are just the best, eh?
Your NeuroChiq,

DIY: Veggie Centerpiece

Something new is almost always a good thing. It's actually one of my trusted formulas in living a happier life. And when I say new, it doesn't always mean monstrous, life changing, or moving heaven and earth dramatic. It could be as simple as getting a new kind of cereal for breakfast, choosing Pepsi over Coke, wearing bold red lipstick than your safe bet of pink, cooking for your mom instead of her always cooking for you, or it could be as raw as substituting veggies for flowers! Yes, I mean it. It's fresh, new, and your centerpiece can land on your salad plate afterwards. Zero waste.

Veggie Centerpiece of our Buffet Table during the Philippine Independence Day celebration

It's fun, and you may use any veggie or fruit of choice; professional flower artists actually use fruits as accents to their creations, and the possibilities are endless. So maybe next time you host a dinner, wow your guest with this little trick. =)
Happy Tuesday, loves! It's President elect Noynoy Aquino's proclamation tomorrow, be on guard, stay tuned and safe, and most of all, enjoy the holiday! I'll definitely miss GMA for that. *wink*
Your NeuroChiq,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Foodie & Thoughts : Bellevue Buffet

When your stress level is up your neck, what’s the next best thing to do after spa & sleeping? Indulge in good food, and then sleep again!

That’s exactly what I did a few weeks ago, when I attended a farewell party of one of my colleagues, who will be retiring from the company after – gasp – 17 years! I know, I’ve heard better figures, my grandpa retired from MERALCO, his first and only job, after almost 40 years, my dad after 20 years. But it’s different when you’re part of the company, witnessed its flaws and greatness, knowing that the person sitting next to you had been doing it since you were in preschool. I’m happy and very blessed to be with my current company, but it hasn’t occurred to me yet if I can stay that long. I’m just too restless, and the thrill of having to experience new things, is just too tempting to ignore. I’m not moving anytime soon, there’s a long, winding road out there for me to explore, and for now, like Dea have mentioned, we’re happy and grateful to be gasoline girls! =)

I’m curious, how long have you been with your job? And do you think you can stay with one company all your life? Lend me your thoughts, please!

And while I’m waiting to hear from you, let’s feast our eyes with these:

Bellevue Hotel Buffet


Ambiance is nice, simple and elegant

Buffet Area
The food selection is good, with sushi, tempura and grill stations on top of the usual courses. Far from the unbelievably sinful Spirals, but good enough. =)

My favorite part after breakfast food, DESSERTS!

Since I'm watching my diet these days, I opted for seafood & grilled sausage. I lost count on how many tempura I ate!

Drink of the month: carrot, orange & papaya shake that comes with a free stuffed toy. Well, with its price of about Php 200.00, you actually paid for the toy! =P

And to my heart's delight: blueberry & chocolate, cheesecake, strawberry cream and tarts.

Now this post made today's lunch a little less appetizing. Sorry, ma!

It's still Zync Ladies' Night tonight, and my HS friends are having a mini-reunion, so it's definitely going to be fun!

Happy Saturday!

Your NeuroChiq,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Invite: Zync's First Ever Ladies' NightS!

Hello! I just got back from Bangkok, and as expected, I had to drag my "still-on-vacation-mode" butt to the office. I think my mind is still window shopping in Siam (it's Thailand's Amazing Sale 2010 til July!), but I can't afford to stop working for a long time, especially that Zync's first ever event is on Saturday. What else? For the love of girlfriends, I bring you Zync's Ladies' NightS. Yep, two nights in a row of fun hang outs and free drinks for the most beautiful beings! Sorry boys, you have to agree with me on this. =P

Feel free to forward the invite to your friends, I appreciate your help in spreading the word. I hope to see you there! And please, please, don't leave without approaching me. I'd love to meet my co-bloggers/readers in person, in fact, I just met Dea in BKK last week, and we discovered that we have LOOOOTTTSS of things in common. I'll talk more about it next. *Kisses!*
PS: I give discounts to all my blogger friends. =D
Your NeuroChiq,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ZYNC Photos & a Much Needed Vacay

I'm still recovering from all the exhaustion I've been through the past weeks in preparation of our grill & resto, ZYNC. I slept all day yesterday, and only bothered to get up after a call from my cousins that it's SeaSide "paluto" night. I'll be sharing that (and how downing a kilo of buttered tiger prawn left me dizzy all night) in a separate post though.

I have barely 15 minutes before I leave my office, go to ZYNC, shop for some toiletries and get as much sleep as I can because I will be needing it for my much awaited Bangkok vacation that starts tomorrow. This is not my usual way of traveling, it's my first time to go out of town with no maps, no plans and no itineraries whatsoever. I'll just go with the flow, and what my cousins have in mind. It's freaking me out, but come to think of it, makes me much more excited not be the lead this time. (and because my cousins are just the coolest, craziest bunch!) Besides, spontaneity is always a good thing!

PS: I will be meeting the lovely, and super talented fellow blogger,
Dea in BKK. Another thing I'm thrilled about. =)

And before I go, let me share some happy happy photos from the soft opening of Zync last June 4. Cheers!

Your NeuroChiq,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Foodie: Mexicali Cantina

Because I can't get over the light, happy feel of my new floral skirt, I took it out for a walk in the mall, and feasted in a Mexican Cantina with it. Now, all that's lacking is some Mexican accent (that I can't fake!), and a hot Latino to escort me! =D
Cheese & Garlic is the perfect Quesadilla combo!

Grilled Chicken Enchilada with pepper sauce and tortilla chips

Me (pale & sick but happy), Lyza & Christine. See how big the skirt is? Love!
Have a great LOOONG weekend (here in the Philippines), and Happy Independence Day, too!
Your NeuroChiq,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

OOTD: H&M Floral Printed Skirt

I don't have a sister, but that's okay, because I grew up with half a dozen female counsins my age. Our childhood days were well spent, with lots of toys like Lego, Polly Pocket, Barbie, paper dolls, "lutu-lutuan", "doctor-doctor" and the more creative, sweat inducing games like "patintero", "taguan", "shake-shake shampoo", "langit lupa" and a whole bunch more. Not to mention the kid wars, and the classic hair pulling bout among girls!

It's sad that kids nowadays rarely go out to socialize and play, not to mention that the world now is much less safer for them to do so. All my nephews and nieces do is watch TV, play video games and harvest in Facebook. Now that's alarming.

Anyways, the reason for sharing this is because my cousin, Marie, who happened to be my favorite hair-pulling enemy, came home recently for a month-long vacation. And look what she brought home for me!

A lovely high-waist floral skirt from H&M! =)

Top: Get Laud
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Gift from Sweetie
It's so big & fluffy, it made me feel like a playful princess that I almost dance tip-toed when walking! And for this alone, Marie can pull my hair, and I won't even fight back! =)
Your NeuroChiq,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beyond Hurtful.

In the massive oil exploration industry, there's nothing more scary and hurtful that this. It affects me double, because I happen to work on the same business everyday. The magnitude is infinite, it's like sticking a straw in a giant pool...of oil. And my, nature takes 30 years to recover from a minor spill, and this is far far from minor.

And we thought Exxon Valdez is the worst. =(

Rig Explosion

NASA photo

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bangkok: To Go or Not To Go?

I'm booked to fly to Bangkok with the BF and my cousins in two weeks, and though I'm usually too prepared when traveling [hotel, maps, spots, cash, clothes, shoes, book, camera and a whole luggage more], work and business took the better of me lately. I rarely planned anything, and with the alarming clash between the Thai government and the "Red Shirt" the past months, I actually contemplated on postponing the trip.

I'm still not sure if it's really safe to travel to BKK now, my friend who works there swore that it's okay to go, especially that rebooking the trip will cost me more than my original ticket price [which is unfair & awful, btw!]. I still have two weeks, and I better keep my eyes and ears glued on recent developments. I pray that they sort things out, not only because I'm dying to get the farthest I could away from work, but also because Thailand, or any other country in that matter, doesn't deserve to go to war waste. =[

So do you think I should go? Appreciate your inside info, travelgeeks! =)

And just to tease myself even more:

Photos VIA
PS: To my Silver Birthday Giveaway Winners Kessa, Cherie & Marie, I'm sending your prizes tonight! =) Sorry for the delay, it's been a mind-boggling weekend!
Your NeuroChiq,