Friday, October 29, 2010

Product Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

If there's anything about the Koreans I'm envious about, it would be their skin. They're virtually poreless! During my last year's trip to Boracay, we had no choice but land in Kalibo rather than Caticlan, which means we endured another 2 hours of bus trip. My flight was at insane early hours, and not so much of a morning person I am, that I went to the airport without anything on my face and just relied on my bubuyog shades to at least hide 20% of my dull skin. By the time I got into the bus, and chanced upon my reflection from the driver's rear view mirror, I was horrified! I saw this pale girl with uneven, lifeless skin and right beside me were a bunch of Korean girls who flaunted fair, even toned super glowing skin without them knowing. I swear I heard my confidence crumbled. Hah.

So when my friend's lovely GF (Hi, Raech!) gave me Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream, with much praises and love from her, I gladly accepted. I don't usually pile liquid makeup on my face, as I normally go for powder type because it's lighter, non-oily, and can be brushed on my face in a matter of seconds. But the winning line of R that really intrigued me was "super flawless, Koreana look talaga!".

So after several use, here's my honest takes:

  • Smells good, not one to irritate my sensitive nose
  • Very creamy consistency that glides nicely on my skin
  • Has SPF 30!
  • Dries matte (I'm the oiliest, so I always go for mattifying agents)
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Conceals light imperfections that most of the time, I need not use a concealer anymore!
  • A little goes a long way
  • Gives an over all "glow", or as my friend puts it, "Koreana look", I L.O.V.E it!


  • Dries very fast, you don't have much time to blend so quick hand is a must
  • Turns a bit oily after a few hours, which can easily be resolved with oil blotters


  • I tried applying using latex foam and brush, but the best way IMO is the natural way: FINGERS. Just make sure you have clean hands, we don't want zits the next morning don't we?
  • Dust with setting or mineral powder to set the BB cream in place
  • I can't vouch for its healing properties yet, as prolonged use is recommended to see results

I've seen positive words for BB creams left and right, and if our Asian sisters (Koreans, Japanese) swore to use this on their flawless skin, then there must be some truth to its claims. It's once known as a "post-surgical" cream, used to heal and hide scars, but there's no stopping beauty enthusiasts like us to see other possibilities. Yeah?

Any favorite items of yours so far? This one is my current! =) It's our Halloween Party at Zync tonight, and I'm no less than excited! Have an awesome weekend, loves!

Your NeuroChiq,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All You Have To Do is Ask


I promised myself not to get another social networking account because I'm too busy with my work, my business and spending time with my family, the Sweetie and my friends. My dog needs more attention too. But free tickets to PFW are such a tease, and so with encouragement and tutorial (I'm such a technology idiot!) from my HS bestfriend, K, I set up the account and joined Trixie's giveaway.

And lookie what greeted me this morning!

Man up there knows I need some time off, and my boots gathered enough dust and needs some swaggin'!

Now back to outfit hunt.

Your NeuroChiq,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's my Childhood Like? Family LOL Part 3

I remember being so excited for Halloween when I was a kid. It's the time of the year when all TV programs suddenly turns to horror shows [which I love!], "Magandang Gabi, Bayan" being the most notable. My cousins and I gather around my grandma's living room, turn off all the lights for added scare and wait for Noli de Castro's segments on ghosts, aswang (Filipino versions of monsters) and everything supernatural. I, being the tough kid, would always be on the front row, and never covered my eyes (but shut if off halfway, imagine me doing the Koreana eyes). By the middle of the program, only half of us remained glued on the TV. Other kids ran to their moms, or pretended they have to do something else, too chicken to admit that they are in fact, chickened out.

I clearly remembered the host telling the story of a farmer who encountered a floating coffin on his way home, when the TV suddenly went off. It was pitch dark, so I quickly turned it back on, using the remote control. We, the brave ones left, stared at each other and convinced ourselves it's nothing, until the TV went off the second time around and a demonic laugh echoed. I threw the remote control and we started screaming and running like lunatics until the lights went back on and revealed our uncle hiding at the back of the TV cabinet where he unplugged it! He laughed so hard that we ended up wrestling him and hitting him with pillows, and forgiving him only after he treats us to McDonald's Happy Meals.

Great family, good times! I can't wait to do the trick to my nieces and nephews on weekend. =P

What's your fondest Halloween memory? Care to share? =)

Your NeuroChiq,


Invite: Zync's Spooky Friday Halloween Party

No plans for Halloween yet? We invite you to spook, party & dance with us at Zync Kebab & Grill's SPOOKY FRIDAY Halloween Party on October 29.

Zync Kebab & Grill is located at 209 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Parañaque City. It would be great to see fellow bloggers so don't forget to say hi to me while you shake that booty, okay? =)
Much Love,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Needles & Martial Arts Massage

Last week, I chanced upon a dreaded revelation. I am unhealthy. Based from our wellness program's assessment that is. While my cholesterol and body fat index are okay, having a BP of 90/50 is no good, and the weighing scale showed figures that nearly gave me a heart attack. But what made my knees weak was the shining truththat I FEED MY BODY JUNK. I've actually known this for a while, but I refused to really do something about it until now, banking on the fact that I'm still young, and my cells can regenerate and cleanse themselves, all those sorts of lies.

I drink no less than 3 cups of coffee a day depending on my stress level, feast on white and red meat, rarely eat fish, hate HATE vegetables, indulge on sweets and salty chips, all the while washing everything down with my drug of choice: Coke Zero.

I also lack rest and sleep, and just plain tired to do any exercise anymore. I inhale tons of second hand smoke (I'm the only non-smoker in teh household) and consume different sorts of alcohol. I can feel my negligence has been taking its toll on my body lately, with added pounds, bloated feel, dry, flaky skin, frequent chronic migraine attacks, muscle fatigues, disrupted body clock and irregular bowel movements.
Survivor Philipppines' Sporty Mom, Niña Ortiz

My company's wellness program gave me a chance to reflect on my eating habits, and jumpstarted my interest to get back in shape through various discussions, health assessments, consultations, sampling of wellness products, and my favorite - ACUPUNCTURE DETOX.

" Acupuncture is the procedure of inserting and manipulating needles into various points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes."

Body Points

I don't know my ear connects much! Maybe it has "unli" phone plan, Hello Kidney?

Insertion of stainless fine needles

I will be a hypocrite to say that acupuncture is without a bit of pain, it uses very fine needles, hence an invasive procedure. I’ve undergone the ear detoxification, and felt pain upon insertion of the needles, but discomforts were very minimal during the 20 minute stay period. I sensed heat coming in and out of my ear, if that’s energy, then I really felt it!

One of the most popular Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, acupuncture balances the Qi or energy in our body, and unblocks its natural flow. Here are some points to consider before getting acupuncture treatment:

1. Make sure to go to a reputable, trained and licensed practitioner
2. Be vigilant, make sure the needles being used are sterilized and disposable. While it is acceptable to reuse needles that are RESTERILIZED, I am not taking chances.
3. Cleanse the skin where needles will be inserted to prevent bacterial infection
4. Don’t hesitate to tell your therapist if you feel any discomforts throughout the procedure
5. Be open minded, relax and let go of your stress and inhibitions

Yours truly's ear

After the procedure, I went on to try the Tui na Massage, a traditional Chinese massage concentrated not on relaxation but therapy. I’m a big fan of massage, thus, tried a handful of techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, Combination, Traditional Hilot, Cellulite Massage, Slimming Massage, Thai Massage and Reflexology. This is my first time to try Tui na, and it’s quite impressive, it was relaxing and revitalizing at the same time that I nearly went home and jump on my bed. They said it’s best applied in conjunction with acupuncture.

“Tui na is a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese
taoist and martial art principles to bring the body to balance. The principles being balanced are the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine The practitioner may brush, knead, roll/press and rub the areas between each of the joints (known as the eight gates) to open the body's defensive (wei) chi and get the energy moving in both the meridians and the muscles.”

My friend, L, dozing off

I may have enjoyed the discussions, product sampling, acupuncture and massage, but the best outcome of this program would have to be a renewed perspective on how to treat my body, or how I should be nourishing it rather than simply feeding it. I can’t transform bad habits overnight, and I don’t plan to discover the fountain of youth and live til I’m a hundred or so. It’s not the LENGTH of my life, but the QUALITY of living my years. If I want to enjoy my life, I better start respecting my body now.

How about you, are you treating your body right? First step is to stop frowning and just smile! Happy weekend, loves! =)

Your NeuroChiq,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NeuroEVENTS: 11 Years of Healthy Skin by Obagi

I have a confession to make, I gate crashed. Well, something to that effect. Last Monday, I attended an early meeting in our Makati office, and since it's not everyday that I get out of the familiar confinements of Alabang, I decided to bug my girlfriends to join me for lunch at Greenbelt. Just when I thought all my girlfriends were hibernating, my BFF replied saying she was at a blogger's event by Obagi in M Cafe, so I said okay and called the driver to just bring me back to the office already, when a great, shameless idea came to mind. Why not attend the Obagi event and see my bestfriend, too? I don't know how she charmed the event specialists, but they did let me in without an invitation. Hah.I'm not very active in blogging lately due to my schedule, but the Obagi folks were very nice to accommodate me, even answering my queries about the products being presented, marking Obagi's 11th year in the Philippines.

Among the many amazing Obagi products, here are my top picks, and why I'm inclined to try them:

"Launched in 2007, Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. is a three-step therapeutic acne system including a liquid form of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) that is clinically proven to penetrate deeply into the skin and clear acne fast."

The three products in the CLENZIderm M.D.™ Acne Therapeutic Systems are specially formulated to work together to provide optimal results:

· Better pore penetration
· Rapid P. acnes bacteria reduction
· Fast and visible acne reduction - as early as 2 weeks

Had I known better, I would have used the CLENZIderm system when my acne problem was at its peak. The price may be intimidating, but when I look back at all treatments, medications and derma visits I made through the years, the CLENZIderm will come out more practical. I regret not choosing it to this day.

"The Obagi Nu-Derm System, a physician-prescribed skin care system launched in 1988, accelerates the cellular turnover. This System penetrates deep to improve damage in layers of the skin. It boosts functions of the skin at the cellular level to improve skin's cellular function to help it look and act younger and healthier."

- Pushes fresher cells to the surface faster, for smoother skin, reduced wrinkles and increased tolerance
- Reduces mottled pigmentation (freckles and age spots) and helps prevent the appearance of new pigmentation
- Promotes more uniform cells at the deepest layer for better skin structure and balanced, more even skin tone
- Helps increase collagen and elastin for firmer, more resilient looking skin
- Increases nutrients natural hydration and circulation for supple, healthy-looking skin

It is said to enhance the effects of other Obagi procedures such as Power Peel and Blue Peel. It doesn’t stop in making your skin LOOK healthy, it makes your skin ACT healthy! Let me share my awe in seeing these before and after photos:

" is an in-office procedure to significantly improve the appearance and health of your skin. Using a low concentration of the chemical trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mized with a special blue base for slow penetration, the Blue Peel allows your doctor to monitor the appropriate depth to effectively remove the thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin from the face or other parts of the body. These dead skin cells are replaced by healthier ones, allowing the skin's own clarity and tightness to resurface."

My long battle with acne finally ended, but not without tell tales of discolorations, dark spots and scars. As much as I want to try the derma roller, I don’t have the heart to see thousands of needles poking my face! So I’m saving up for the Blue Peel, that promises a healthier skin, which is the most important thing to consider when undergoing skin treatments. This will be the perfect Christmas gift for myself. *Praying*

After the event, we were given samples of Obagi products which I’m dying to use, but decided the best time for it will be after my blue peel session by the end of the year. It was also great to see beautiful familiar faces like Shen of Shen’s Addiction, Phoebe of, Jen of Kikay Corner, Liz of Project Vanity and Sophie of Beautynomics. Special thanks to Ms. Eileen Marcelo and the rest of the Obagi team! I enjoyed gate crashing, err, attending the event, and I’m ecstatic to know and experience the “Obagi transformation”. firsthand.

Me & my BFF, Tara of Chronicles of Vanity

Me & the bubbly Shen of Shen's Addiction

*Photo credits to Ms. Shen Gee*

The NeuroChiq,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Drown or Die

I do things until I drown or die. When I discover something I like, I do it over and over and over again, until people around me get sick of seeing me doing the same thing, or until my mom nag me endlessly, on let's say why I wear the same slippers a week in a row. Want a vivid example?

Back in my sophomore year, I went nuts over the empanada (meat stuffed bread) being sold by the school cafeteria that I ate it for the whole semester, I'm not exaggerating. Fearing for my life, I excuse myself an hour before the break, and buy my dose in advance. By the third grading period, my body started to rebel over my indulgence. I initially thought the formula had gone wrong, or they have a new, less competent baker. I being geeky self, started to survey my classmates about the change in the recipe, and to my surprise, the weird tummy regurgitating feeling was mine alone. On that fateful day, one bite was all it took to dig the message down my stubborn a**, one bite and all my breakfast food went down the drain. It's gross. A decade had passed, and I haven't touched a single empanada, just the thought of it makes me squeamish.

So yes, I do things until I drown or die, I'm mad and passionate like that, who says being half crazy is easy by the way?

Moral of the story: Everything in excess is toxic, just like LOVE, MONEY, FAME, and that bad ass empanada.

Your NeuroChiq,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wii, Mojitos, Cheese & Hookah GFs

So my Saturdays are usually the same, get up afterlunch (since I usually sleep at 4-5am), chug coffee, 2 cups at least, stare at my dream board, fix my room, do my nails, wash my makeup brushes and play with my dog, until I hear my bed calling me again for another hour of nap. By dawn, I'm already driving to visit our restobar, and the rest of the night is work & cocktails.

But when a dear friend is about to get married, and calls for a girls' night, I let go of the nap and headed to her place instead. It was supposed to be her bridal shower, so I was expecting flowing booze and naked men, but see, she's a very good girl, and so I agreed on postponing objectfying the opposite sex for now and enjoy on other good stuff instead. *boo!*

I didn't know punching someone in the face can feel so damn good! I mean it! =D
Enjoying mojitos, apples & cheese

My office buds: Lab, me, Lyza, Rio & Jannette

The Mojito was so good, I think I finished the last pitcher alone!

Thanks to my friend, L, I discovered a new combo favorite:
Green Apple & Herb Cream Cheese

I'm not a smoker, but when it smells this freakin' good, I can reconsider.
We had grape, strawberry & apple shisha.

"Clean" bridal showers aren't so bad, but I still have 4 friends getting married in a few months, and I'll be hosting one of the showers, so expect flesh & butts next time. ;-P
Your NeuroChiq,