Monday, February 21, 2011

Another One??? I'm Not Complaining!

I don't know what's with 2011, must be because it's the year of the rabbit (they tend to do the deed a lot don't they?LOL), that a handful of people I know are having a baby or at least getting married and plan to have a child this year. For the nth time, I'm honored to be the bridesmaid of another wonderful friend, as she and now hubby exchanged vows in an intimate, romatic garden wedding in Monte De Portofino in Alabang. Best wishes and more love to my friends L and N!

Since it's an al fresco event at 4 in the afternoon, I decided to whip a no frills, youthful look that matched the sunny afternoon and flirty mini dress that I loved absolutely. (I highly recommend the designer! Buzz me if you want his number, his price is really reasonable.) I don't want too much makeup on because I'll be greasing in no time, and I don't want to be too concerned if my hairspray will hold mighty against the wind, so I just let it down au naturel. Hence, the very reserved, very mahiyain kunyari (shy type) look. Again, my decision to go black proved its anti-aging powers so I guess I'll be keeping this do for now. =)

Don't be fooled.


Maybelline Clear Smooth Gel Foundation
Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Extra Powder Foundation
Physician's Formula Mineral Veil

Eyes and Brows:
Estee Lauder Artist's Eye Pencil
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner
Avon True Color ES in Romantic Quad
Avon Super Shock Mascara

Nichido Sunkissed Blush

Mentholatum Lip Gel
Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Knockout Pink

Simple EOTD courtesy of Avon's True Colors ES in Romatic Quad and Super Shock Mascara


I love how flirty the dresses are! Done by Billy of Kaparez.

This is also my good friend J's first time to be part of a wedding entourage and she's very excited, and so I told her at once "magkulot ka!", (curl your hair!) and she did! She's so pretty no? =)

Sharing with you how warm and lovely that afternoon was

So, are you getting married or having a baby this year, too? =) Share your story will you? =)

From the Nook,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Continue this Black Affair, Shall We?

Since I got a fair amount of thumbs up from my friends and readers for dyeing my hair black, (it's either that, or they are just really very nice people!LOL), I figured why not continue this black affair. So on a windy Saturday afternoon, I just tossed in my black maxi with jewel details and I instantly felt mysterious if not coy. And can you believe I got this dress from an export over runs shop for only Php 380.00? ($9.00) Gotta love them sexy deals!

Maxi Dress: New York & Company
Rosette Flats: Bangkok
Copper Bangles: House of Charms
Bag: Gift

We're still in the middle of the week, but I'm already feeling the weekend. I'm excited to watch and laugh over Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, and also because today, I did something really courageous at work (and life!). My hands and feet are currently cold, and it's a challenge to move my fingers and type this blog. I sincerely ask for your pockets of prayers and sunshine to swoosh all the way to me. I know that whatever happens, it will all be a part of the universe's culmination to make my dreams come true.

Thank you in advance, loves.

From the Nook,

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Black Tale of the Restless Hair

I've been blessed with jet black, straight and shiny hair. And because I have it from the start, I took it for granted, and have always wanted to be on the other side of the fence i.e. redhead, brunette, blonde, curly, wavy, what have you.

If you've noticed, I've been sporting dyed hair from the beginning of this blog. And that's because I've been a dye gaga for a good five years now. Right after college.

On this fateful night, I decided to revisit old photos from my desktop computer, and my, halfway through my albums, I grew tired seeing myself with colored hair! I've seen browns and reds, and mixed, then with highlights, faded, fiery, copper then back to browns and so on. Since the S is literally begging me to be back to black for years now (claiming cheesily that it's one of the reason he pursued me!LOL), I decided to give it a go. What's there to loose anyway, I can be back to redhead in week's time if I wanted to, and he's free to start bugging me again. ;-P

Honestly, I didn't exactly love it at first, because I looked prim and proper and very mabait, in short, it doesn't feel "me". But then when people started noticing (or getting surprised rather), and giving me compliments on how refreshing to see me like a kolehiyala again, I slowly learned to embrace its classy feel. Who desn't want to look younger anyway, diba?

My last color indulgence was from the amazing L'oreal INOA. 
See my awesome experience with this product HERE.  =)

And I'm back to black. At least for now.

I love how turning black made my hair look a lot more shiny!

Lookie, I got some side bangs, too! =)

And the shampoo model pose, courtesy of my good friend, L!
PS: She also teases me every morning with "Hey, SALT!" =P

Thanks to my hair's black tale, I probably got one of the best compliments, worthy of an anti-aging product commercial tagline, in a long time: "Hey, you look 5 years younger, I love it!" (I heart you triple time, D!)

What do you think? Is it a keeper? Love to hear your thoughts, beauty experts!

PS: Happy Hearts' Day! No reason to frown today, okay? Keep loving each & every day! =)

From the Nook,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ending the Week Right

What's the best way to end a long, depressing, tears-filled, sleepless week? I'd say give it a rest and brush up for the new one to come! Because life is, and will always be good no matter what. Because I'm alive, well and breathing. Because I have tons of things I should be grateful about. Because losing means I'm blessed with the opportunity to learn. Because now, more than ever, I get to know who my real FRIENDS are. Because God trusts me immensely knowing He made me tough and strong so I won't give up. Because I have a good man who puts up with my tantrums and bratty acts unbelievably. And because today, God has given my man another and more years of the good life.  

We were supposed to take a decent photo as the clock striked 12, but oh well, the birthday boy had another plan! Thus, my face.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie! =)

From the NeuroChiq's Nook,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Time for SuperHero Tangga and Alter Egos

While most couples wine and dine, or indulge and in love in luxury hotels and spas, here I am rummaging at ticketworld to see what we can watch this V day. It's been a silent tradition I guess, that Sweetie and I drop our normal dates and be more cultural or artsy or however you want to see it.

I initially thought of seeing KAOS at Resorts World, because I'm just too sure the production and props (white tigers and lions, hello!) will blow our minds. But it will be running for the next 5 months so not really rushing here. RENT will also be opening next week, but it's something I want to see with friends. It's down to two with BREAKUPS & BREAKDOWN, and you won't guess it, ZSA ZSA ZATURNNAH! I know, I know, I have a super supportive man who can't resist Zsa Zsa's cleavage. LOL. And it's not the typical V day date, unlike the last one we watched (which really hits you, couples, right!), but it's looks so much fun and flamboyant and crazy, and that appeals more to me that candles and silver wares, really. =)

And because I am forever intrigued in this award winning musical comedy, which is actually a material for gender subjects in UP mind you, and missing 6 staging is no longer fun, I made it a go and will watch it with my man during the opening night. After all, I've been lonely and locked in my bedroom for nights in a row now, and I could use some humor and lead actress Eula Valdez's teeny weeny waistline for inspiration! And with Gabe Mercado playing Zsa Zsa's  assistant, Didi, the laughter deal is sealed.

But then again, I'm thinking I should also get tickets for BreakUps & BreakDown, if only for Joel Trinidad. And the Pulitzer awardee, NEXT TO NORMAL. Don't you think so?

"Tanghalang Pilipino concludes its 24th Season with the power-packed return of its longest running, award-winning original musical comedy. ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal…Vack With A Vengeance – the production’s 7th run – will be staged at the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philipines, on February 18 to March 13. The production is bound to wow the audience yet again and all the more with its brilliant, quirky, uninhibited ka-pow! PLUS an astounding new set design by Gino Gonzales, a powerhouse cast featuring Ms. Eula Valdez as Zsazsa Zaturnnah; Ms Pinky Amador as Zaturnnah’s equally vonggacious nemesis, Queen Femina Suarestalla Baroux; the much anticipated new Dodong, the gorgeously hunky Rocky Salumbides; and more surprise elements incorporated into this year’s staging!"

Read the rest HERE.

Have you seen Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah or any of the stage plays/musicals I've mentioned? What do you think? Or tell me about your date plan this year, will you? =)

From NeuroChiq's Nook,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coming to Our Senses

Looking up is a good start.
Mindoro, 2009.

Do you meditate?

I use to do it often before -- or so what I thought, to be meditation, because honestly, I don't even know then what it really means. I just stopped for a while and my young self thinks of all things bright and beautiful and readily receive the grace of a peaceful mind. Though it's not meditation per se, it's not to say that it was never beneficial. I somehow lost the practice, because life, and groceries, and endless bills happened. I'm always running, feeling that 24 hours aren't really enough to do all I have and want to do for a day.

Just recently, and after realizing a striking similarity between me and the control freak, bathroom floor slumped Liz Gilbert (yes, I'm a convert), I started researching on the proper way of meditating. After all, I owe it on my vow to pursue live a beautiful life, which is the whole point of this blog in the first place. I'm no coward to give up on the first note of depression. And meditation, I believe, is a silver lining.

Simply put, meditation is the practice and feeling of being HERE, NOW. Not thinking of past or future, but experiencing the present. It's a state of making your mind do nothing (will you tell me how to do this?) but just be present at the moment, while breathing, while smelling, while seeing. It's like a mental break but you aren't really sleeping. You're in a different wakeful state, where you only accept what's here, and what's now, and not argue with it. It's NOT relaxation, though it can definitely result to it. Most of all, it's constant practice and the absolute acceptance of what and where you are right now, your one little spot in the universe, without judging yourself, without arguing with yourself. It aims to let you feel different emotions, savouring one after another, and just let things be. Be scared, be happy, be anxious, be whatever you have to be in this state and time. Just let it be, let it go.

LET IT GO, the past, the future, and all anxieties with it. Stay focused at the present moment, it's what we do with this moment after all, that really matters anyway.

With some heavenly intervention, I came across Coming to Our Senses by stress management guru, Jon Kabat-Zinn.

"It is not the content of your experience that is important. What is important is our ability to be aware of that content, and even more, of the factors that drive its unfolding and the ways in which those factors either liberate us or imprison us moment by moment and year in, year out."

 "The astonishing thing, so counterintuitive, is that nothing else needs to happen. We can give up trying to make something special occur. In letting go of wanting something special to occur, maybe we can realize that something very special is already occurring, and is always occurring, namely life emerging in each moment as awareness itself."

"by sitting down and being still, you can change yourself and the world. In fact, just by sitting down and being still, in a small but not insignificant way, you already have."

This man can be a good friend; I can't wait to read the rest of his works.

From NeuroChiq's Nook,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

OOTN: Young & Rebellious

I just had a date with a cousin a few years junior than me. The best thing about hanging out with younger people is that you feel young yourself. It’s not that I regret being in my age and position, in fact I love being a grown up; the liberty and grace that comes with it. 

But age is just a number, so when I’m not at work and in the company of high powered lawyers, I let down my guards and ditch my slacks and skirts and toss something young, something rebellious. If only for the weekend!

Note: All photos were taken in my "vampire's nest" room, hence the low quality. Sorry!

Very dark in here. =)

Oversized Top: Audrey Hepburn shirt by Flattering Tops 
Fatigue Shorts: Lilu 
Ankle Boots: Centropelle

With a giant zit on my cheek.

Sling Bag: H&M

How do you dress up for weekend? Do you also ditch the corporate-ish feel like me? =)

From NeuroChiq's Nook,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 For 30 List Update: #1 BACKPACK TRIP

Just a quick update on my 30 for 30 list. I finally found the opportunity to do a backpack trip, to one of the wonders of the world which is truly, proudly Pinoy: The Banaue Rice Terraces.

A slight change of plan though, I’m not traveling alone as planned, for some security concerns that I can’t afford to ignore. We will be on the road for more than 10 hours, will be trekking for some 2-4 hours more and some parts of the place has no electricity, so I figured out I’ll probably need a hand, or a chat buddy at least. Besides, it will be more fun with photographer friend around! ;-P And so I asked my HS best friend, K, who's curiousity and adventurous nature puts me to shame.

 We will conquer Banaue this April, on a 3 day trip, armed with only a backpack. Must you know, I find it very challenging to travel light. My daily bag can keep me burning for some days because I carry my necessities with me 24/7. Toiletries, medicines, day to evening makeup, planner, notebook, pen, umbrella, shades, 2 kinds of perfume/cologne, 2 phones, some gadgets and at times, even hard drive. If you want to shock yourself and see what's making my arms big and toned, click HERE. So how will this OC city girl survive 3 days with 1 backpack? I have no idea.

And to increase my palpitations, let's all bow our heads to the magnificence of nature captured by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.

Banaue Rice Terraces as featured in the One Thousand Peso Bill

No electricity, no fans. You won't need one.

See you there, Sunshine!

Have you been to Banaue? I hope you'll cheer for me as I cross out this item on my list! =)