Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Your Version of Forever?

It's always sad to hear unhappy marriage stories. I know some married people, living a life of mediocrity. I'd like to think that I'm a good listener and a sound advisor lest they won't dare share some of the most private things in life. The problems vary from financial crisis, to nosey in-laws, dissatisfaction with their sex lives, infidelity, down to basic incompatibility (you'll never believe how toothpaste triggers quarrels each day). The gravity, the characters and the scenarios differ, but I noticed that the end result remain the same. They hold on to what the majority approves.

For one, a giflfriend who's been married for 8 years, told me she doesn't enjoy making love to her husband anymore. When I told her there's professional help (sex therapists) around, she looked at me like I'm a porn star and dismissed the idea. She said it will offend her husband, and she's too shy to let someone, even a doctor, pry into their bedroom life. Sure, I get the shy part. But really, married for 8 years and you can't even tell your husband he's not a sex machine and they need help?

A guy friend resorted to extramarital activities, because after two kids and a stressful banking career, his wife became boring in bed. He vowed that he loves his wife, and all he wanted from his girlfriends is physical satisfaction. Of course I didn't buy the idea. Recently, his wife found out about his infidelity, made a scene, gave him a curfew and went back to their perfect married lives.

A relative's husband refuses to sell the car despite piling debts, another friend's wife doesn't like to have a child. Not a married tale but a former boss, with all her money and brilliant career, goes to sleep alone in her posh condominium each day because she's in love with a married man - who married his wife for political ambitions.

The stories get nastier, and it saddens me to see that reality is indeed uglier than fiction. I'm in no position to judge how they choose to live their lives, so all I do is strive to be a dependable but objective friend. I tell them what I think from out of the box, some options that might help, and the fact that we're friends, what kind of shit they're in.

I have the highest regard for marriage and the people who are brave enough to take their relationships to the next level. To a point of no return, to forever. I'm amazed on how much they are capable of forgiving, of loving unconditionally, of sticking to the plan.

I don't think I have it in me, or maybe I don't have a clue yet. All I know is that I can't forgive an unfaithful boyfriend, so why on earth should I get a husband? Until I'm convinced that I can love unconditionally, and not search for the door for every red flag raised, then I'm staying right where I am. And where I am right now can be my version of forever.

Appreciate your thoughts, nothing's right or wrong! :)

From the Nook,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: So Fab! Lunate Boots + Paris Hilton Passport

What's nice about mall renovations left and right is the - surprise, moving sales! I'm not the type who looks forward to mallwide sales that I can't remember the last time I went to one. My not so natural reaction when I see mallwide sale announcements is how I can avoid the route. I don't like lining up too long, and squeezing in the chaos of shopping crazed women (and some men that I'm quite sure were just tagged along). I don't have the appetite since shopping for me should be a relaxed, stress reducing therapy. Plus, being stuck in traffic drives me to the brink of madness. I kid you not.

So how on Earth do I score a sale? Store sales are great alternatives, and living near a mall that's been renovating for the last 12 months or so, I'm lucky to spot a few stores that's on moving sale. One of them is So Fab! in SM Southmall (which honestly look and feel waaaayy better these days!)

I've been enjoying rainy days the past weeks, thanks to my Plueys, but I thought of getting another pair of boots that I can use in light rains. I want one in leather or like material, low cut with low heels and more importantly, it has to be comfortable for long, muddy walks. Who knew I'll get the exact one I like for half the price? :)

So Fab! Caramel Lunate Boots in size 9
Originally Php 1,400.00 

The lace is just lovely! :)

My new baby's first day out at Cirque Du Soleil's Varekai


Audrey Shirt: Flattering Tops
Leggings: YRYS
Bag: Nine West
Boots: So Fab!

Shout out also for another pleasant surprise from my friend, Andi Flores of Prestige Brands - the Paris Hilton Passport Collection! I've been using them recently for review and the South Beach and Tokyo are really promising! Watch out! :)

I'll be a busy girl this weekend with my yoga class, Cinemalaya dates and cooking some red meat-free dishes. I'm on my 5th day and feeling better and less bloated! Researching about the benefits of this diet made me more determined to finish my 30 Day No Red Meat Challenge as part of my 30 for 30 Adventures.

I'll share you my experiences in details soon. Have a great weekend, loves!

From the Nook,

Monday, July 18, 2011

An Open Letter to Mama

Let me take a break from my usual, happy and maarte posts, and just share with you an excerpt from something I've been working on. I hope it's worth your while. =)

From the Nook,

Art by Saundra Lane Galloway

Dear Mama,

I know it's close to impossible for you to read this, and that gave me more liberty. If that's a good thing we'll find out. You know me. All your life, you've been too busy taking care of everyone; I mean your siblings and their offsprings, and their electricity bills and tuition fees. I grew up in a house that never ran out of visitors, some stay for a few hours to eat with us, some a few months searching for jobs in the city, or throughout the years to take care of me and Michael (okay, my brother) My auntie became my yaya, and I'm forever thankful that I didn't have to grow up switching nannies. It breaks a kid's heart you know.

Because I chose to rebel at age 8, I stayed behind our old house to attend my school of choice. I can vividly recall how you tried to convince me that the foreign Academy is actually a better and happier place, with air conditioned classrooms and nice yellow painted school buses. Little did you know that I was happiest while walking to school. And because I was adamant, I purposely flunked my entrance exam, stayed behind, and therefore didn't grow up by your side. It proved to be my first life changing decision.

Being away from my mother made me a strong, independent, decisive girl. I chose where I want to live, what course to take, what I can and cannot wear, who to date, where to work. I had the freedom and I enjoyed it. Then, the inevitable happened and all of a sudden, we were forced back under the same roof, and it felt really really strange. I'm not used to having authority, nobody dictates where I should go, or what I should do aside from my then allowance. You changed quite a bit, too. You used to be all out in giving away everything you've got, from our money, the rooms in the house, your time. But since losing dad, I felt like you retrieved and pulled back from the world into your sad, lonely cocoon. You were suddenly needy and demanding, and we ended up fighting over trivial things, then of moderate concerns, then some really serious stuff that made me want to move out of the house and not look back. I was tired, cranky and overworked and you were very sensitive.

I didn't like the idea that you gave TOO much of what you/we have, that we ended up having less. I didn't like sharing my room, my clothes and my Christmas shopping money. But now I realized it's not losing material things I hated the most, but rather, I detest that you shared yourself too much, lost yourself in the process, and then, I lost you - my mother. How many times should a child lose her parents?

Now, having experienced a lot more in life (joy, heartbreaks, but definitely not enough of either), I found myself more composed and less dramatic. I started seeing things from your point of view; I realized what a b*tch I can be when I'm mad, I felt sorry I was always biased towards dad, and it scared me how your only daughter perfected hiding affection for so long she almost forgot how it felt to be someone's daughter. You must have been scared, too.
It was a long ordeal, but I slowly stopped being angry. And so some months ago, I mustered the courage to face the mirror and talkto the obviously hurt girl.
It's not too late to be someone's daughter again, I told her. And I'm quite sure she smiled back.

Your Daughter

Thursday, July 14, 2011

SALE ALERT: Because Girls SHOULD Always Smell Good! :)

To all perfume and makeup addicts out there, here's a great sale to check out. Discount is up to 50%, and yup,  you can bring your friends and family along!

You may still register through my friend Andrea at 09276829662. This sale is now open for public. :)

Happy shopping, loves! =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I got feverish over Kylie Minogue!!!

Last night was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life; a culmination of many episodes of my roleplaying days where wearing my mom's dresses and highheels while dancing to MTVs were a common sight. Kylie Minogue, just like our lola Madonna, is a big chunk of those good old days!

Thousands of fans lined up in Araneta Coliseum to see her perform live, and of course, dance! (I heard Anne Curtis took the MRT to get there in time! Kaloka!) As per K, what's the point of livin' if you don't want to dance, right?

When I want something so bad, I always joke about it saying "I need to get it, nilalagnat ako!."  And I want to watch the Aphrodite Tour soooo bad, that lo and behold, I was literally feverish after a few days of fighting flu. But I NEED TO BE THERE. It's just one of the things I can't forgive myself to miss! And so I didn't.

The whole concert was like a big, disco party! Glitters and gold all around, with one of the most fantastic productions I've ever seen. It's like Kylie meets Varekai!

Feast before the concert courtesy of Gumbo, Gateway Mall

With one of my dearest friend, L.
Opening act; my heart was pounding in excitement before she appears in a...kabibe!

One of her many costumes, I told you it was glitzy everywhere!

My second favorite outfit, black ball gown made of feathers with matching hat and net!
I want to be married wearing this!

Looking for an Angel

Colorful production, diba?

Finale is my favorite, All the Lovers!
And can you see the semi-naked men suspended on air? Whew!

A golden end to a fantastic night!

I love you, Kylie! We all do! Come back to Manila anytime! :)

From the Nook,

Lacey's home to Mama!

And yes, I talk of shoes like they are my offsprings. And my nth child made it home, on a sunny hot day nonetheless!

Big thanks to Esel of Ready for Rain for such a smooth transaction. I have a feeling this won't be the last time I'll be dealing with them.  :)

Plueys Ooh la lace in size 39

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to counting the days when the heavens will decide to pour so I can celebrate the rain in booties!

PS: Thank you guys and girls for helping me out which pair to get. I'm definitely loving it, swooning every minute!

From the Nook,