Sunday, August 12, 2012

OOTD: Finding Yellow

Confession session. I'm a gothic chic at heart. A decade or so ago, I wore black everyday, sported thick chokers and cuff bracelets, and fascinated - but failed to find one - black lipsticks. I was envious to point of depression, when my friend M, got hers from the U.S.! True story. Those were the days when I'm overly excited for Halloween parties, dated a heavy metal band vocalist, and yeah, scared my block mate with my black nails and black, think eyeliner. You'll seldom see me smile in photos, too! (How sad was that?) People probably thought I was batang galit sa mundo, LOL, but really, they were over thinking. I wasn't a troubled kid, I just felt like black is my color. 

Today is social suicide, but I hope I'm entertaining you. Case in point. :D

Fast forward to today, and as my blog well documents it, I wear any color I feel like wearing. While my closet is still beaming with black clothing, I am now more experimental with how I mix my signature, classic style, with the wonderful colors of the season.

I stayed in Cebu for four days last week to handle a media launch, and boy I was surprised to see my suitcase all yellow-y, considering that I despised anything yellow since time immemorial. Somehow, I'm proud of myself to be expanding my choices, overcoming my personal stereotypes, and conquering unfamiliar grounds. I'm talking beyond my fashion sense here. Seeing myself in the mirror, looking all grow up and experiencing life's different offerings, is a sight to behold. I'm so looking forward to gaining more moments like this. Moments of discoveries, realizations, acceptance, and feeling that your heart skipped a beat for something really big and exciting stored for you. 

Cheers to happier, sunnier days! 

Yellow button down blouse, black tank top and worn-out skirt makes me feel sexy. I dunno why.

Yellow floral skirt staggered skirt is so perfect with black fitted top and yellow bead necklace

From the Nook, 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reader's Nook: On Rainboots and Plueys

Heyah everyone! The weather's been crazy in Manila, with heavy rains pouring nonstop. I really hope that everyone's safe, the photos in FB and the news are truly heartbreaking. :( I had my share of misfortune last night, as I stood soaked in heavy rain for more than an hour waiting for a shuttle home. But who am I to complain when some people have more than wet clothes to worry about, right? 

On a lighter note, I received a timely query from one of my gorgeous readers, Ms. Maria Christina Martinez, and it reads:

Hi Dang,

Hope all is well.

I am a big fan of your blog!!! :) I've been reading it for years, although I'm more of a lurker (don't comment as often as I read).

I do have a question. I've been googling local blog reviews on Plueys when I remembered your blog entry. I'm not sure on what size to get. Which leads to my the size of your Plueys your current size, or is it a size up from your usual shoes and shoe size?

Thank you so much for your time and attention :) I wish you & your blog the best!


First of all, thank you dear Crissy for the warm note. I love receiving messages from my readers and online friends. :) To answer your question, I got the next bigger size and did so for two reasons. First, it provides room for thick socks, which you might need for comfort and extra warmth, and second, because upon research and queries from the sellers, I learned that Plueys are really meant to be a bit bigger - they are cuter that way! :) 

B and S in their wellies via

Just to add, I've had my Plueys for a year already, and they are still fine and mighty. The only slight concern is that Plueys and rain boots in general are a bit heavy so better to change into your indoor shoes once you're in your offices. I tried to wear it the whole day in the office for outfit's sake and I had sore legs by the evening. Haha. 

I hope I answered your question, Crissy! I also wish you get the best booties for you. It's a must these days. :) If it's your first pair, then I suggest you get something simple and classy, so it fits any outfit. You can get bolder with your next pairs. 

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If you have any questions or request, please feel free to email me at I will be happy to answer them for you. 

Stay dry and safe everyone, and let's pray together that the rain stops and flood subsides very soon. 

From the Nook,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I Learned Today: #2

I really am. Beautiful handwriting have always fascinated me. Back in grade school, I'll be so obsessed with keeping my notebooks neat and uniform that I'll tear the pages and rewrite the whole thing if my handwriting looks odd than normal. You know how your penmanship differs day after day, depending on your mood? It kills me.

This morning, I visited the museum of the Basilica Del Sto. Nino in Cebu City. Aside from the magnificent collections of religious artifacts, mostly on the child Jesus, what awed me more are the century old books covered in pig or cow skin. Most of the books contained records of the collections and offerings to the church by the devotees and its disbursements. The books are big even in today's standards, I'm assuming no less than A3 size each, with rows and rows of neat, perfect and uniform cursive handwriting with the most delicate curves and elegantly long tails. They looked like computer print outs, AMAZING! Not to mention that these are financial books, not even personal diaries. I wonder how much time they spend to complete a page? Too bad picture taking is not allowed inside the museum, it would be interesting for you to see the books and share the tingling sensation while reading the handwriting. But I hope you get my drift. :) 

Now I'm inspired to keep my journals neat and rediscover my cursive writing prowess so that centuries from now, whoever sees my handwriting won't think we're a bunch of robots.

I'm talking about beautiful handwriting like such. Guess who? No less than Jose Rizal's.

From the Nook,