COME JOIN My Silver Birthday Giveaway!!!

When I was a kid, birthdays always mean receiving greetings, well wishes, money, and the more exciting one – gifts! My birthday falls during summer vacation, and I’ve always regret that, because there’s no way I can have a party in school. No fastfood spaghetti, burgers, sundaes, and a mascot to boot. And the best thing that comes with school parties? Gifts (again!). I don’t even care what I get, usable or not, and in most cases not, just the mere act of tearing the wrapper in haste is already exciting if not therapeutic to my young heart.

Silver belle I am come the 25th of April, and while receiving gifts will forever be nice, I’ve heard and proven, in so many chances, that giving by far feels a lot better. I’m sure you know where this is headed! In celebration of my 25 years of struggle to live an insanely beautiful life, I’m giving out some goodies to 3 fabulous readers. And in the spirit of giving, the mechanics are so simple, you can type and join with your eyes half closed!

No frills mechanics:

1. You must be a follower (existing followers get 2 entries)

2. Leave a comment and simply complete the sentence “I read your blog because ____________” (No right or wrong answers folks, just be honest!)

3. Let your friends know so they can join too, announce this giveaway contest in your blog, or FB, or any social network sites, and paste the link in your comment.

Three winners will be chosen:

1. Based on your answer to item mechanics # 2 (I will pick the best one)

2. Randomly

3. Randomly

There should be at least 10 official unique (meaning 1 person with 2 entries will still be counted as 1) for this giveaway to commence. Open for Philippine readers only. I’m sorry to my international readers, the shipping fee kills me! =(

I hope you care to join, the prizes are humble, but definitely thought of. =)


TFS Eyelash Curler

Maybelline Lash Expansion Waterproof Mascara (new, w/o box)

Elianto Indian Red nail polish

Shell Earrings from Boracay


Ilog Maria Honey Propolis Liquid Soap in Green Tea (One of my HG bodywash!)

Ilog Maria Spearmint Round Soap (Same ones used in Sonya’s Garden)

Human Nature Strengthening Conditioner

Human Nature Intensive Hair Mask

TFS cotton swabs (The wooden sticks made the cut for me!)


Mary Kay Clarifying Cleanser

Mary Kay Pore Purifying Serum

Mary Kay Spot Solution Treatment

I will announce the winners on May 25, as this is also my blog’s 1st year anniversary (CHEERS!). The first winner to email me gets to choose their prize.

*In no way am I endorsing any products above, and reviews are based solely on my personal experience.*

I'm excited to announce the winners as early as now! And to read your comments, too. Goodnight for now beauties!

Much Love,



  1. Wow! Good luck to everyone who's joining! I seriously want the organic package but I feel like I've been far too lucky in online contests before so I'm not joining. But I read your blog all the time because you're my bestfriend and whenever I can't see you, I get updated through your link. Oh and we have almost the same interests, too! Happy birthday BFF and love you!

  2. Hi Dang, me too! I have enough products on hand right now and I want your reader to win! Goodluck on the contest and I am loving the Nail polish and the earrings!!! I want to see you and Tara again!!!!

  3. happy birthday dang,ako ill join kasi i love joining giveaways /contest haha,

    i read your blog not only because its a beauty blog but you also post inspirational entry,na sometimes i can relate myself ^^

  4. I (just now) read your blog because... who DOESN'T wanna know how to live a beautiful life? ;-) (see guestbook)

  5. Enter me please :)

    I read your blog because I love how diverse your topics are. :)

    I tweeted about your give away here:

    More power! :)


  6. Happy 25th Birthday! Enter me please

    I follow your blog as Luckyfinds

    I shared this contest at

    I read your blog because of the product reviews you do.


  7. Thanks for the greetings, and for following, and for joining. Best of luck to all! Keep the entries coming. =)

    PS: Pls. note that you have to be a FOLLOWER to join. If you're an old follower, pls. indicate it in your comment bec. that earns you 2 points! =)I value my loyal readers. *Hugs*

  8. I'm a new follower, enter me in this contest! I'd love to win the Mary Kay package huh

    I read your blog because I love beauty product blogs and I can relate to your raves and rants! I'm a shy and timid person who'd rather blog about my peace than confront anyone haha!

    happy bday girl!

    curtneysison at gmail dot com

  9. hi dear.. happy birthday..

    follower.. since last year =) hee hee
    i read your blog because i found your blog very informative and helpful.. thanks for sharing reviews..and i can relate to some of your posts..

    i spread the word here:

    and twit about it:

    hugs and kisses! keep on posting!!!

  10. Hello dear Dang! Finally, here is my entry to your giveaway contest!

    1. I'm an existing follower of your blog. Yay for the extra point! ♥
    2. I read your blog because I can tell that not only you're a real chic goddess but also you're a person I would love to be-friend with, I like to be surrounded with good hearted people. Wink wink ♥
    3. I blogged about your giveaway! Here's the link. ♥

    P.S. I may win or not I'll be a forever follower of your blog.

    Happy birthday sis!



  11. Happy bday dang! more power to your blog

  12. @ Pammy & Rhia: Thank you so much, girls. More power to you, too! Nice to know nice & gorgeous ladies like you. Hugs to you both! =D

  13. @ NiQ: You're genuinely sweet,I've only known you for a while, but I'm just so sure with this feeling. Thank you, hun! =)

  14. Congrats on your blog anniversary! I want to join.

    I read your blog because its cool and always up to date! You never ran out of cool outfits to post. Oh and I posted your giveaway on my blog here's my blog link:

  15. Hi. Happy Birthday.

    I’m a new follower of your blog.

    I read your blog because of the many interesting stories you have to tell. It’s worthwhile to visit it for readers like me who are deeply inspired by your thoughts and life’s lessons.

    Keep it up.♥♥♥

  16. Hey Happy Birthday to you! happy birthday to you.. LOL!

    I'm following your blog [london's beauty]

    I read you blog because.. wow I just like reading blogs. I follow loads of people with blogs because I have loads of spare time in my hands. I read nearly all of them. lol!


  17. Hey happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you.. :D

    I'm following your blog. I thought I posted a comment on your blog, but it didn't show up, so I'm writing it again.

    I read your blog because it's original. It's about yourself and it's nice to know more about someone.
    +plus+ I like reading blogs in my spare time


  18. Hi Dang, Happy Birthday & Happy Blog Anniversary girl. ^_^

    I wanted to join your beautiful giveaway. I admit I'm out of circulation in the blogger world , not regularly reading my following but I'm really trying to catch up when I have the time. ^_^ But I like your blog!!

    I read your blog because you are a cool beauty blogger and I love your food posts. I love food hehe. And you give updates on beauty & fashion events here in Manila.

    I add a link of your giveaway on my right side bar. ^_^ Have a nice day. ^_^

  19. Thank you girls for joining, and welcome to my new readers/friends! This is getting exciting, yeah? =)

  20. Happy Birthday...

    I'm a good follower of your blog...

    I read your blog because i find your blog really interesting and helpful for me. I also trusted you that you will post honest opinions on your reviews here in your blog. You're also a really inspiring blogger. I don't get bored when I'm reading your blog & I'm so excited when you're updating your blog.
    OMG you just really inspired me to be a blogger.
    I want to follow your tracks...

    I Blog about this giveaway here:

  21. oooh... So excited...
    by the way I forgot to put my email add,
    just in case I win... haha so ambitious....
    BE POSITIVE... hehehe....
    I'll win... I'll win... I'll win...

  22. Happy Birthday dear

    i am a new follower!

    First and foremost i followed you because of this giveaway(atleast I am HONEST!)and then i just knew that you are also a Filipina.

    I spent more than 30 minutes to read on your posts in order for me to answer your question dear.

    I read your blog because as you said on the title itself, "Random thoughts on living an INSANELY BEAUTIFUL life", which is definitely true.You're not like the others who blog only about make up but other aspects as well. You express your feelings for your rude neighbor, you're cousin's wedding on Calaruega, then a venture of business with 2 men you loved, some food reviews(which i definitely love!) and so other more. I got to read only your 2010 entries but I am looking forward to read your future entries.

    Its that you enjoy life at every aspect of it.Whether your sad, happy, angry or even thrilled about it(also read the lipstick thing which can change its color when we girls are turned on!lol!)I am the person who likes to see others perspective on how they view the so called LIFE!


  23. i post your giveaway on my sidebar :)
    i almost forgot! :)

  24. “I read your blog because i want to (hehe). your posts are pretty informative. =)

  25. Hi! I'm an old follower.

    I go to your blog coz I love reading reviews and point of views on beauty related stuff..and you are so nice and always dropping by so I'm very thankful to you too ^_^

    Happy birthday!

    I posted about your giveaway here:

  26. a very belated happy birthday!

    i read your blog because..
    i like product reviews and its so nice that you review products which are readily available, affordable and most of them work for me too..
    i also like that you post things about your personal life without making the blog sound like a personal rant/rave cyber diary (if u get wat i mean). you always do keep stuff interesting..
    and lastly this may sound weird but i visit your blog for the blog list updates.. i found yours thru some1 else's.. i figure if she knows what she's talkin' about she'll want to read from someone else in the know..

    thats it.. rather long.. hope i win..
    email: tomcat underscore cham at yahoo dot com

  27. Hiyee my beautiful twin! Before you end your silver giveaway, here's my entry ☺

    ♪ I'm a follower of your chic blog for quite some time now. weeeee!

    ♫ I read your blog because, I have a good feeling that we can be very good friends, I want to know more about you because we have a lot in common and we share the same interest. Aside from reading your beauty product reviews, I also enjoy reading your rants and raves about your experiences, life at work, your family and of course your Sweets, oh and not to mention the food trip as well. I can sense that you are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and I am really glad that I've met you here in blogosphere.

    ♪ I have already blogged about your giveaway and here's the link:

    Have a beautiful summer!

  28. Hi.. Please enter me;

    I'm a follower now ....

    blogged it here:

    I read your blog because: To be honest this is my first time here... but I'm a follower now, I will be stalking your blog from now on since I'm keeping track of all my followers posts. But one thing is sure ... I so love your header ...

    Twitted it here:

  29. Hi! Happy Birthday =)

    blog follower: ladymishel

    I read your blog because every topic is interesting. You write about almost anything from marriage to makeup.

    blogpost about this giveaway


  30. Advanced happy birthday!

    I read your blog because you write about anything and everything you feel like writing about. My blog is pretty much the same only you have a cleaner layout. Keep on blogging! :-) I have a birthday giveaway in my blog too so go ahead and join if you want.

    I posted this giveaway in Twitter:

    My email address is kessathea26 (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. I read your blog because i love everything u post soo simple and easy to read :)

    i tweet here :

    thank you and happy birthday!

  32. I read you blog because you gave us different ideas and new information. Your blog not only showed me what you had learned but how you learned it. It also makes me feel like I'm just listening to some opinion of a friend on how things work or thoughts on things that she had experience.

  33. I'm a new follower of your blog :) Just followed thru Google connect :)

    Shared this contest at

    I read your blog because i was amazed with the words that you've used to describe the mechanics of your 25th Silver Birthday contest :) It was so nice of you to realize the true meaning of "gift-giving". I, as well, agree with you that giving by far feels a lot better than receiving gifts for yourself. But sometimes, we also have our own cravings ryt? ;) You can't blame me for joining your blog contest after showing all the nice prizes at stake..*** I'm closing my half eye and crossing my fingers right now..hoping to win one of your fabulous prize at stake. haha!;) *** Anyway, your blogsite about living an Insanely Beautiful life simple caught my attention that's why i came across your blogsite :) Congratulations NeuroChiq for achieving 25 years of your struggle to live an insanely beautiful life! Hope you could share some secrets on how to be beautiful for life :) Belated Happy Birthday to you as well and more power to your blogsite! :D

  34. I am also a new follower here. I just saw your contest at :) I read your blog because I want to be updated to your latest review on skin products, even though i'm a male i'm very conscious with my acne prone skin. huhu so hopefully if i win, i want the mary kay package :) here is the link

    thanks! :)

  35. Newbie follower of your blog thru Yahoo mail :)

    I shared this nice blogsite at:

    I read your blog because it simply catches everyone's eye even for the first-time followers like me :) I think your blogsite is very informative, honest and interesting. I like blogsites that comes with a "heart" in it just like NeuroChiq! :) and as my Birthday present for you... I'll invite more of my friends to be followers of NeuroChiq as well! ;D Belated Happy Birthday to you Ms. Dang and more power to your ever-beautiful blogsite. :) Hope to get lots of interesting stuffs and ideas on your future posts :) Congratulations again for putting up a successful beauty blogsite :)

  36. I'm now a follower of NeuroChiq! Followed thru my yahoo mail

    Shared this blogsite of yours at:

    I read your blog because I'm also into beauty and fashion just like you :) I accidentally stepped into your blogsite and saw your post regarding NeuroChiq Birthday Giveaway contest and decided to take the challenge to win one of the 3 prizes at stake :) I really admired blogsites which offers simplicity with a twist! especially those blogsites that share their opinions and help those people who are in need :) I'm glad to know that your blogsite is one of them. :) My deepest congratulations Dang for putting up a successful Blogsite. :) I'll definitely invite my friends to your blogsite :) Belated happy birthday Dang & cheers to 25 years of existence. May you have an insanely beautiful life ahead of you!:)

  37. I'm now a follower of NeuroChiq! Followed thru my yahoo mail

    Shared this blogsite of yours at:

    I read your blog because i want to be informed, i want to enjoy the blog and i want to win the contest :) I want to get the latest tips, latest makeups, latest fashion, latest trends...anything that would be best to make me beautiful at all times :) Belated Happy Birthday Dang and more power to your continuous struggle to to live an insanely beautiful life :) God Bless!

  38. Followed using my yahoo mail and shared this blogsite at:

    I read your blog because I think your blog looks so nice and informative :) I like reading blogs that are interesting to look at, easy to understand, and fun to read :) Just like your Blog. Congratulations Dang for being an insanely beautiful and generous blogger for years. You're the best :D

  39. Followed you :)
    I read your blog because I wanted to make you feel appreciated on your upcoming birthday. As you said, it is better than receiving gifts :)
    Blogged about this:

  40. Contest officially closed! I will announce the winners as soon as I finish tabulating the results. =) Thank you for your support, it was an awesome first time! *Hugs*


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