Wonderful Discovery: NUAT THAI Traditional Thai Massage

If you ask me what's the most abused part of my body, I'll be very quick to say: MY FEET!
Needless to say, our feet endure the most pressure from our weight. I'm not very light, and my activities, though not sporty, are very active. I commute to work once a week, I like walking around, using fire exit stairs instead of elevators (I'm devoted to saving energy), doing marketing and groceries for the business, and if my schedule permits, I run some laps and play badminton.

And though I'm so into flats lately, my first love is and will always be high heeled shoes. Back in my the days, when my energy level was unbelievable, you'll never catch me wearing shoes less than 3 inches high. I still remember how mad I was when one of my friend played a bad joke and faked her death/accident. We, being very good friends, cut our class, and run to the hospital. We literally RUN only to find out it's all a hoax, which is fine with me, except that, I WAS WEARING MY NEW, 3.5 INCHES HIGH, CARAMEL ULTRA POINTED PUMPS.

The same pretty pumps which I saved 2 weeks worth of allowance for, the same pretty pumps I dreamed about the day after I saw it on the mall rack, the same pretty pumps that left me with blisters and sore legs for 3 days, though i never blamed my shoes and rather blamed my friend.

Last night, I had a foot-related discovery. A hidden nook, where my tired lower extremeties were bent, twisted, pulled, pushed, dribbled, pricked and slapped back to its glorious, refreshed state.The wonderful discovery of NUAT THAI Traditional Thai Massage.

The place is small, dark, cold and cozy. Soothing music and scented oils prevail the scene, and all you can (barely) see are people tucked in lazy boy seats, eyes closed, enjoying the bliss that foot massage brings. What I like about NUAT THAI aside from their authentic tea, are the well trained therapists. They start off by washing your legs and feet, then massaging gently with lotion, before doing their reflexology magic using a little bamboo or ceramic tool that they use for your pressure points. And can you believe my 30-minute authentic Thai foot massage only costs Php 100? (USD 2.00) I really got more than what I paid for! I went out refreshed and less tired, I was so happy that I think I'll go back for a full body massage tonight! =)

Here are some snaps I took outside the spa. I can't take photos inside since it would be rude to blind other relaxing customers with my camera flash.

NUAT THAI Traditional Thai Massage
Along Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

Can you believe how affordable their services are?
It reminds me of the never ending massage parlor rows in Bangkok!

It's already Friday, and it's time to treat ourselves to something. Long sleep, a tub of gelato, a steamy night with the lover, a videoke session with your cousins, or, you can join ZYNC's Ladies' Night if you are somewhere South! =D The electronic invite is on my right side bar, go on and CLICK! --------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. I miss having a massage! I need it soooo bad!

    Hay sorry I can't go to ZYNC's Ladies' Night pa ha? Super layo kasi natin sa isa't isa!!! Happy weekend my dear

  2. What a terrible hoax! Did the shoes hold up during the run to the hospital?

    The massage sounds wonderful--and so cheap! I've never had a massage, but I could really use one on my neck at the end of most weeks. I get pain just to the right of center on the back of my neck--I do a lot of stretching to try to minimize it. But I bet a massage would help much more.

    Hope you enjoyed your Friday night out!

  3. OMG! Naaalala ko ang hoax na yan! Si Paulo, man *matching slapping of the hand! Shyet! College memories bwahahahaah!

  4. ohh so cool! I would like a foot massage too. hehe yeah the thing about shoes is you never know it's gonna kill your feet until you wear it out and by then you can't return it anymore!

  5. @ Nikki: I went back na for the body massage, and it was therapeutic! =)

    It's okay dear, I understand super layo mo. I'll arrange next time exclusive for us. =)

    @ Ricademus: It was really terrible! We didn't talk to her for weeks after that! You should try the massage, it might help your neck pain. =)

    @ Teeyah: Yes, college memories!!! At ang shoes ko huhu, I wanted to kill Gian. Apir! =)

    @ PC: That's true, but pain is vain. =P



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