HOUSE MOVE: Multiply to Blogspot

I've been blogging through my Multiply site for quite some time now. And due to my career change, my once every 2 or 3 months posts went to a steadier, more frequent phase. So, HOUSE MOVE it is!

My preferred name is Dang, spare me the full name query please. ;-) I'm a young professional, a tough-ass fighter, a strong headed believer and an advocate of earth and women. As per my BDJ planner: "Women can do anything a man can, in (effin') HIGH HEELS."

And oh, I'm a caffeine and chocolate addict too. So that's me in a nutshell. Guess I'll be sharing more of me through my future posts.

PS: Though I'm inclined to write about travel, fashion, beauty & wellness, I don't limit my blogs in a specific arena, I have a penchant for writing about anything and everything that I find interesting. I see beauty in smallest of things, and that I think is a gift to share. So world, say hello to me will you?