Sex Video Brouhaha

While the world, Philippines included, is facing the threat of a pandemic disease by the name H1N1, Filipinos of all class, age, profession and orientation are going gaga over the Kho-Halili-Reyes-Brazilian model sex video scandal. I swear, my ears are tired of hearing the characters' names and the stories that go with them. You see it on TV, hear it on radio, hear people talking about it in offices, malls, restaurants, gas stations, comfort rooms, even inside churches!

It makes me think that we, Filipinos, are really fond of hullabaloo. We are damn thrilled by gossips, by scandalous events, by dramatic scenes, by orchestrated arenas. So thrilled, that we instantly forget the lurking problems in our respective lives and society. I bet any Juan or Pedro would know the latest "Afuang-pouring-water-to Dr. Kho" drama in the senate better than the latest advisory on H1N1 eh?

My take?

1. SYMPATHY - I deeply sympathize with the women victimized by Dr. Kho. No woman deserves such act, especially from a man whom they trusted with their everything. It's humiliating, demoralizing, and is clearly an abuse of a basic human right. Katrina may have crossed the line by engaging in an illicit affair, but that does not, in any way, justify the abuse done to her, or to any of the girls.

2. VESTED INTEREST - Everybody wants a share of this highly publicized case. From the media, law practitioners, celebrities, church, and of course, the politicians. I can feel the election fever! People have different agenda, reasons, and personal interests, in joining the wagon. It makes it sooo difficult to spot the not!

3. ORCHESTRATED - Drama, drama, and more drama. I don't agree with what Afuang has done in the senate hearing yesterday. First, it made the SENATE and the whole LEGAL proceedings look like a circus. Second, no matter how guilty Dr. Kho is, he still deserves respect and due process. I condemn what he has done, and his "condemn the sin, not the sinner" statement, but still, the humiliation he and his family is experiencing now is evident enough. Let due process roll. That's why I consider Afuang, no more than a melodramatic character. Orchestrated. Whether it was directed to further humiliate Hayden,OR to actually win public symphaty, WHO KNOWS?

In a couple of months, this will all be over. New issues will surface, and will eventually replace today's headlines. Let's just hope this case will not suffer the same fate of previous highly celebrated cases. DUSTY, FORGOTTEN, and UNSOLVED.


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