Back from the Dead: LAX-Bureau-Fiamma

I'm back from the dead! LOL. Been on serious hibernate mode the past months that I avoided party places to the point that my BFF thought I'm a renewed person. Haha. Well, I just like taking my pill (I don't mean drugs, pls.!) in small, not-so-frequent doses. I just enjoy it more that way.
LAX bar in MOA
BUREAU in Makati Ave.
FIAMMA somewhere in Makati =p
In the photo: Me, my cuz Cille, my SD Keanne, my BFF Tara
To give impact on my rich lip color, I opted to go for a clean, bare look for the after work party.
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural Beige
Shine Free Face Powder in Light
Loreal Brow Powder
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Black Brown + Deep Black mascara
Ilog Maria Beeswax and Honey Lip balm
Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lipstick

PS: I didn't regret going to the newbie bar Lax, for the lone reason that Ryan Eigenmann is rockin' hot!


  1. u been avoiding party place??so not u!

  2. @ Kavukz : I know!!! But I learned that partying is more fun when you take it in small doses =D Hell, I feel/think older now haha.

  3. Dangski! What can I say, I am so impressed with what you and your friend have accomplished. Way to go girl!!!

    Can I be one of your suppliers?

    Grace D! (kainis, anonymous nga eh)

  4. @ Ms. Grace D.: Thanks a lot for taking time to view our humble shop. BTW, my business partner is Shayne of MFI! =)

    Of course you can supply us with your US goodies, ikaw pa, shopaholic ka eh! =) I remember you hoard shoes, shoes, and more shoes c/o your super bait na hubby!!! (inggit ako!) =)

  5. He's hottttttt!!!! LOL.
    Lam mo, I think we should give LAX another try soon. Ang lapit kasiii eehhhh. Darn.

  6. @ Teeyah: I agree! and the crowd isn't bad at all, compared to Bureau! Duh. I went to Ascend last Saturday, seems like they improved the music line up already =)

  7. do you know anyone who can include us in the GL? :-)

  8. @ Anonymous: Email me @ or & I'll send you the number where to ask for GL =)


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