Goodbye, MJ.


MJ was in Manila for a 2-day concert in 1996, and as much as I wanted to see this legend strut his stuff live, I was 11, and obviously, not capable in any way, to buy his concert ticket.

Fast forward to present, though I freak out seeing his unending nose jobs & face mutilations, I still regard him as one of the BEST performers & music icons of this time. MJ, along with Madonna, Air Supply & Bon Jovi, remained to be my "hope-to-watch-them-live" artists. And after hearing of his comeback concert series in London, I was silently hoping he will grace Manila with his presence once more, and this time, I'll make sure to be on the front row.
Sadly, he will never grace London, nor Manila anymore. The King of Pop, failed to moonwalk again. =,(

MJ, you're a LEGEND. Rest in peace & God's loving embrace, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.