I WANT....

Babies, come to mama!

It's finally payday...and my WANTS list is getting longer by the minute...I need some serious help! (and damage control)

I want:

Volumizing Mascara ---> Just got the Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Waterproof Mascara! Wee!
Natural bronzer ---> SUGGESTIONS, PLS.!
Peach Blush ---> Thinking of In2it Seductive or Passion cheek blush..hmm..hmm..
New Nail Polish (ELF Champagne is a must)
New Foundation ---> Loreal True Match Minerals in Nude Vanilla

Black Strappy Heels
Red Pumps

New comfy dresses
Office Tops ---> Can't believe my boss just gave me 2 sets! =p

Versace Bright Crystal *woot*

Any suggestions on specific brands to check out? Let me know! ;-)

PS: Still waiting for my V&M anti-bac make up brushes...so excited to play with them!


  1. hahahha I know what you mean about wanting something!!! Hope you'll finally get it! :)

  2. @ Nikki: I wasn't able to say no, rushed to the mall during lunch break & got my volumizing mascara and mineral foundation =)

    Got the Maybelline Volume Express & Loreal True Match, any comments on those? =) Can't wait to try them!

    PS: Thanks for inspiring me to get ELF champagne nail color =)

  3. OMG. Don't even get me started. I've been buying left and right [your store is not helping my wallet at all, LOL].

    True Match is love. I am going back one of these days. MAC ain't working for me at all. See you on weekend :)

  4. I want to try out the elf champagne nail polish too! where did you got yours? =P

    and alo mineral make-up! I want!

  5. @ Teeyah: Are you using the True Match MMU too? or the cake form? I'll use it later. Got the Nude Vanilla, hope it works for me =)

    And oh, thanks for patronizing UrbanPosh to! =p

    @ Pixelgraffiti: Thanks to Nikki, I discovered the champagne nail polish of ELF. It's avail in Sm department stores. I'm about to get mine later =)

  6. I like Origins Skin Care Products.

  7. Erm, I use the 2 way foundie :D I'm averse to MMU kasi hirap iapply! Haha. My shade is Sun Beige, though :D Good luck!

  8. @ Teeyah: So far so good with my Loreal True Match MMU =) Looks fine and flawless! I'll post reviews & photos soon.

  9. @ Amanda: Oh I love organic products too! Unfortunately, Origins here in the Philippines is priced like gold =)


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