Bought some of my staples last week, and realized I've been using same products for quite some time. My hands are itching to try new ones in the market, but my skin is so prone to break out, I woudn't risk it.

"Don't fix it if it ain't broken", this time, sounds true. =)

Anna Sui Blush Cream turned into a locket =)

Anna Sui Lipstick in Dolly Girl and Blush Cream

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation is Natural Beige + Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder in Light

(I've tried too many foundation and powders which claim to be oil preventing/oil-free, but this tandem beats them in large margin. My hyper active oil glands, are no match! Skin stays matte for long hours without the greasy, heavy feel. Been using this, since I can't remember anymore. =p)

Kojic Acid Soap from our own shop (Yes, I buy them too, business is business.)

My MIRACLE soap, believe you me, I wasted a fortune with my derma sessions, imported oral pills, especially formulated derma creams and ointments etc. But only this natural soap with Kojic Acid (a by product of Japanese Rice Wine), clearly WORKED for me. I seldom get pimples now, and if I do, it just dries so fast!

Natural Goat's Milk Bath Soap (again from our own shop)

Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more! Rich lather and super soft skin up to the last bit!