Negativity 101

I was reading Maegan's blogs about her husband, Pep (BTW, they are SO perfect together!), and for the 1st time, in how MANY months, I shamelessly admitted to my face that...

1. I'm tough, BUT it's sad being alone (friends do help, but you guys know what I mean!)
2. I miss the insane feeling, of being in LOVE (when was the last time?)
3. I still don't know what I want to do with it...

Argh. Poor me. =(


  1. aww.. hopefully the right person comes along soon. Things always happen when we least expect it to.. =)

  2. @ Amanda: Thanks, babe. I think he came along before, but the time wasn't right, the situation a bit sh*tty =p Apprediate the love dearie =)


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