Thank God for the Long Weekend

The Neurochiq is back, fighting Monday sickness with a good cup of hazelnut coffee. =)
For working people, getting a 3-day vacay is something to simply be happy about. So I made sure that my long weekend was well spent. It gave me time to unwind, spend time with my loved ones, and discover the ART of DOING NOTHING.

What I did?

1. Quick getaway to a farm in Tagaytay to celebrate the birthday of my very close friend and gamma sister, Chai
2. Groom my dog, and play with him like a toddler
3. Shop
4. and the most important activity: DO NOTHING
My Gamma Sisters (nah, we don't do hazing!)
From top left: Me, Cath, Ren, Libay,
From bottom left: Yhel, Tethas+baby Sophie, Tara, Chai
Girls get silly sometimes =p
Antique chair @ Hacienda Cuevas
"The famous Gimmick shot"
Just finished grooming my love
Comfy @ home
Who said diaper bags are just for moms??
Champagne Bag from Baby Couture(XL). What a steal @ 50% OFF!
My first Aviator shades
This scent brings back HS memories (Thanks to YOU)
Loreal MMU Foundie in Nude Vanilla + Maybelline Volum Express Hypercurl Mascara
I still do things, while doing "NOTHING". Thanks to Devaki, I remembered my love for patches during my younger years. In fact, I still buy patches once in a while, even though they just sit in my cabinet for years. I used to do some stitching and patchworks back in HS, I guess it isn't too late to re-live the passion =)
Still @ work on this, still need to stitch some more patches.
Plain Turquoise Bag: Mom got this as a store giveaway
Patch: I got for only Php 9.75 back in 1997!

BEFORE: plain & boring

Do share some of your life's happenings during the 3-day break =) Live life, and all its Craziness!


  1. Yay to doing nothing. Glad to have spent the long weekend with ya. Mwah!

  2. dang, i didnt know you do patches!

    i thought you're not the crafty type of person! glad to know something new about you today! =)

    see you on the weekend!

  3. @ Teeyah: Yeah, doing nothing feels nice sometimes =)

    @ Keanne aka pixelgraffiti: Yep, I even do my own cellphone pouches and sling bags back in HS and college...or alter my own clothes when I see something new on TV (I once sewed buttons on my tank top, and saw the same ones in the mall the following week!). I somehow lost the craft with work and all, but hope to revive it now =)


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