Baby GaLore + Product Review: Venus&Mars Face Radiance Cream

I don't know what's with the season, but close ladies around me are either pregnant or had recently delivered a new angel in this world =) WELCOME!!!

21 July 2009
First born of my gamma sister Tethas & hubby Pel

10 July 2009
First born of my former boss & close friend & "mother" Elaine & hubby Ayhel

We are currently expecting:
3. My kuya's firstborn son (the familyname bearer =P), December 2009
4. My cousin Jane's 2nd baby, April 2010
Not to mention that I have 2 colleagues, and 2 city service ladies who are also pregnant! whew =D
Moving on, I just like to share another Go Green product I'm currently using. Whenever I sell stuff on my shop, I make sure I inspect them pretty well, and/or roadtest it myself [it's a fun excuse to buying what I want from my product line, whehe =p]. So, when I offered Venus&Mars Organic Emu Oil products, I got my own pack, and tested it first. I won't mind being the guinea pig, especially if it's ORGANIC. Nothing much to harm you, eh?
I'm currently using the following:
1. Minty Geranium Emu Soap (morning)
2. Coffee Fame Detox Emu Bar (night)
3. Bare It All Cream (for rough & dark spots)
4. Face Radiance Cream (moisturizing day & night cream & primer)
I'll be reviewing the Emu Soaps separately. I'll focus now on the Face Radiance & BIA Cream.
V&M BIA Cream: Contains shea butter, jojoba oil, papain, mango butter, peppermint and organic emu oil. Promises to soften & whiten the darkest & roughest spots like feet, elbows&knees, even bikini areas.
LIKES: It really is super softening, I felt the effect even on first use! I have rough patches on my elbows, from leaning on my office desk for too long, and no matter how much lotion I apply, it's still dry & flaky at the end of the day. But BIA solved this problem for me. I've been using this for almost a month now, and the rashes are almost gone! And my problematic & ugly feet are really pampered with it, way better than petroleum jelly! And hell, the peppermint smell & cool feeling is so relaxing, I even smell the tub before sleeping. *wink*
The whitening effect is okay, though not dramatic, but hey, it's chemical peeling-free, so it's better to wait than be sorry =)
DISLIKES: The whitening effect is not very fast, though the developer suggests to use milk salt together with BIA cream for faster results.
OVERALL VERDICT: 8.5/10, will definitely keep a tub on my bedside =)
V&M FACE RADIANCE CREAM: Contains organic emu oil, tea tree, jojoba essential oil, extra virgin coconut oil, tapioca flour & vitamin E. Promises to relieve tired, aging skin, moisturize, protect & regenerate skin cells for a supple, youthful glow. Acts as a day & night cream & a good make-up base/primer.
LIKES: Been using this for 2 weeks, and my officemates are actually the ones who compliment me. I have super oily, acneprone skin, so I use an anti-acne soap which actually drains my skin, so I need a really good moisturizer to make up for it. True to its name, V&M Face Radiance Cream gave my skin a "supple glow". The itchy, dry & tight spots are gone, and you can really feel the difference when you wake up the next morning. Skin is softer, more hydrated. And so far, NO BREAKOUTS! *yippee* It also holds my make up pretty nicely, needing retouch only after 2-3 hours (good enough for super oily skin like mine!) Of course, it's another Go Green goodie =)
DISLIKES: 15 ml is just too small for me, I hope V&M will come up with a bigger one. =p And Php 325.00 is not actually cheap for a small pot, but considering the emu oil used is 100% imported & organic, well, I guess I can deal with it.
OVERALL VERDICT: 9/10, will save some moolah to order more pots.

BIA Cream @ Php 225.00 (big tub) & Face Radiance @ Php 325.00 (small pot)

Just sharing a candid photo in the office to get a glance on how my skin looks after using V&M Face Radiance for 2 weeks.
[Pardon the swelling jaw from the dental operation, and some zit discoloration on my chin due to, ehem, monthly visit]

(Sorry had to crop you out, buddy =p)
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. i haven't tried V & M but i heard that its good..
    i need to buy some na!

    thanks for the review!

  2. Welcome to the world baby sophie ! Good review! Makes me iwant to try that BIA cream!

  3. @ tHiAmErE: Not because I'm selling V&M stuff on my shop, but really, it's one of the best organic products I've tried, and compared to Origins & Bodyshop's organic goodies, price is really more reasonable. Thanks for the visit hun! =)

    @ Karen: How's your Minty Geranium Mud Soap so far? =)

  4. wuuu! another organic babies!

    how much will it be when converting to MYR?

  5. @ Kavukz: Babe, the Face Radiance is about 23 RM, while the BIA cream is about 16 RM. I can bring some for you in September if you want =) Muah*

  6. Welcome to the world cute babies!
    I'm trying to switch over to Organic and paraben free products too.

  7. @ Amanda: It's really nice that organic products are gradually becoming a staple in the market, at least we'll have more choices =)


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