DIY: Matching Gym Headband/Armband

Hi everyone! The NeuroChiq is back from the dead [nah, just a dental operation LOL]. My face is still swollen and I'm dying to eat anything solid since I've been living on soup & oatmeal for 4 days now. Sigh*

But yep, staying home can actually make you do incredible things. Aside from DVD marathons, fixing my room & washing all my makeup brushes, sponges, cellphone bags, wallet etc. (see what boredom can do?), I finally had time for some DIYs =) *woot woot*

And since I needed a wrist/armband for my phone, and headband to keep my hair neat in the gym, I decided to do my own and save some moolah. Here's how I did it:


1. Get an old top (stretch material), garter, scissors & the usual sewing kit
2. Cut through the longest portion of the blouse, width will depend on you ( I want a really thick headband , so I cut about 4 inches)

3. Double stitch on the inner side (yes, I did it by hand)

4. Wrap the band around your head to measure how much garter you need, then stitch each end of the band to the garter (make sure it's tight & secured)

5. Wear it with confidence! Believe me, no one will know you just did it by yourself =)

1. Using the remaining cloth from above, cut some fabric according to your phone's size (or MP3 player, or Ipod, whatever)

2. Double stitch on the inner side of the fabric

3. Stitch some velcro on the phone bag (as your adhesive). Note that I wrapped & stiched the same fabric on the garter (to act as the wrist/armband)

4. Stitch the other side of the velcro on the garter band to hold the bag, and stitch velcro on both ends to secure it.

5. Whoala! Your very own UNIQUE arm/wristband =)
(Isn't it cute that your head & wristband match while working out??)
And while doing these DIYs, my love Bossing is watching me, and I was watching MJ concert/MTVs. [Man, he's really a genius!]
Bossing @ 9 months

I was touched by this song & MTV where MJ asks the world "HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHILDHOOD?" =,(
MJ was a regressed kid who had lots of money & fame, but never knew real childhood happiness. What a shame.

Hope you enjoyed my DIYs for today. Have a great week ahead ladies! =)
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. that is cool! you are so good with DIY< I am too lazy! :P

  2. @ Nikki: Thank you! You are sooo good & never lazy with make up naman, so kudos to us :-P

  3. thumbs up for the DIY.

    hope u get well soon after the operation.

    Bossing is so huge now. n the hairs..grrggg*pinch pinch*

  4. Bossing is a big girl! Err, boy! :)

  5. hi sd, glad to hear that your operation went well!

    I'm inspired by your DIYs! You're such a crafty person. and with that, I think will do good with our events planning biz, in case that will push through.

    also, I was reminded that, I haven't posted my DIY on the camera bag yet, but I'll post it soon someday! (hopefully)

    Get well soon and see you later to visit sophie and tel! =)


  6. @ Kavukz: Thanks babe, getting better, but the 2nd tooth will be removed also in 2 weeks! Grr!

    And yeah, I really want his hair super LOOONG =)

    @ Teeyah: It's okay, he's GAY anyway! He goes crazy whenever he sees Jeff. LOL.

    @ SD: Post your Camera Bag DIY soooon! I know you have lots to share so start posting your DIYs okay? =D And yeah, the business!


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