DIY: Statement Petal Necklace

Hello dearies! I was on SL last Friday due to some dental operation complication that I'd rather not talk about because it pains me by merely thinking about it, and as usual, staying home kept me busy with a little DIY session =) I shared a statement bracelet last time, and I'm doing a necklace now. Since I'm a big fan of black & red because of its classy, elegant feel, I decided to do a petal necklace made from sheer fabric & red lace (recycled) from the roses I received last Thursday *kilig* So let's start!

1. You'll need some sheer fabric, scissors, sewing kit, lace & a little creativity =)

2. Cut the black sheer fabric into butterfly patterns (S,M,L), this will serve as your petals

3. Cut a red strip to serve as base, sew in the petals with loose running stitch, then pull gently to create the creases

It should look like this, or better =)

4. After stitching about 20 pcs., it should look like a strip of petals

5. Simple sew the strip into the red lace (style no. 1)

6. Or attach the lace to an old chain (style no. 2)

7. Or tie it into a petal ball & attach it to a chain (style no. 3)

Of course, wear it like it's something expensive! (the trick lies on how you carry it babe!)

Looks good on that little black dress of yours, or to spice up your simple tank top/tube

8. And yes, it can also be worn as a bracelet (style no. 4)

Remember that you can use any color combination, don't be afraid & let your mind do the tricks =p If you have your version, I'd be glad to see them also.
PS: All materials used are recycled.
Much Love,
The Neurochiq


  1. wow you are so good with DIY, me, nah! i don't have the talent for that! :)

  2. awww...
    how cute naman!
    im gonna try din to make accessories
    thanks for the tut!

  3. @ Nikki: Thanks sis, I don't have the talent either to do my nails as beautiful as you do yours! You always blow my mind! =p

    @ tHiAmErE: I'm looking forward to see your DIY accesories, it's a lot of fun =D

  4. sd, I just thought this would look good on a clutch bag. I mean the lil black petals glued on the whole bag =)

    That would be a great statement bag! We should do DIYs together!

  5. @ pixel: SD, you read my mind =) I actually wanted to make a matching bag because I have lots of old bags that need some "overhaul." BTW, it can also be done with shoes! Let's do some DIYs on our next sleepover =)


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