**Hazel Peepers**

I have aLways wanted my mom's brown eyes, unfortunately, I didn't get the genes for that LOL =P

But cosmetic Lens answered my prayer! Got the tri-colored hazel brown Lens from Korea. No wonder how Korean babes can flaunt stunning eyes with the help of these lenses, false lashes and some eye make up. whoala!

My babe Chris got this first in Miri though, far less expensive!! =) But the speedy transaction made up for the price difference.

**fyi, my vision is still 20/20**

*Next day delivery*
Still not loving baby pink, but I got the case from Japan aLmost free, so why not? =p

Forgive the lack of make-up. I do go out without anything but powder and brow liner, especially when it's HOT!! =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq