Movies 101

Aside from getting some sweet treats, spending time with my dog, my friends & my loved ones, DVD marathon also tops my list of "musts" during weekends. Isn't it nice to just curl up on bed for hours & hours, unattached to anyone or anything outside your bedroom?
I was born with a television protruding from my neck, I can survive a home without anything else but TV! I even watch the commercials, in grave details. LOL.

Going back, here's what kept me disconnected on a lazy Sunday =)
Laughing @ Brad Pitt's comical character in BURN AFTER READING
Adoring the rugged Johnny Depp (more brusko, the better!) in this old magical film, CHOCOLAT
Reminiscing my own, happy childhood & remembering my gamma sisters with the classic NOW and THEN

And lastly, watching with my mouth wide open, the 30th Anniv celebration of MJ, where he performed electrifying numbers such as Beat It, Billie Jean, Black or White etc...

The more I see him move flawlessly, as if defying gravity, the more convinced I am, that he is really, THE GREATEST performer of our time. *Sigh*


  1. Whoa! Same thing I did last Sunday! :D I watched The Beach, Silence of the Lambs and yes, MJ's 30th anniv. Jusko. I cried again :(


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