NeuroEAT: Coffee Shop, ATC

Since I was left disabled (to eat) after the dental operation, I just focused my carbs cravings to creamy pasta, and because I had too much fastfood deliveries the past week, I opted to go to an old dining place in Alabang Town Center to get a helping of affordable, yummy baked mac & clubhouse sandwich. Coffee Shop is just beside the Makati Supermarket, sharing floor with Luk Yuen. If you want fast, humble, delicious yet affordbale no frills eating experience, then Coffee Shop is a must try.

Outside (free parking for validated tickets)

Service is fast, ambiance is simple, "within the neighborhood" type

Creamy Baked Mac with toasted bread & butter @ Php 78.00

Clubhouse Sandwich with potato fries @ Php 125.00

Pineapple & Mango Juice @ Php 35.00 each

The Verdict:
Baked Mac
- Serving is big! You won't notice it at first but once you dig in, you'll feel that you're already full when you only finished half of it =)
- Really creamy and cheesy
- A tad too sweet, so if you want serious, Italian pasta, then this one isn't for you
Clubhouse Sandwich
- Again, serving size is good, very filling
- Generous servings of egg, ham & chicken
- I don't know if it's just me who hates onions, but its taste is really overpowering the chiken filling
- Potato fries are drenched with unhealthy OIL!
They offer a lot on the menu, and I'm looking forward to try others next time. I heard the Spag with meatballs is a best seller =) They also have various sweets, from cheesecakes to saba con hielo. Too bad I was too full for a slice of their NY cheesecake, but there's always a next time =)
Will I go back? Definitely =) It's fast, delicious & affordable, besides, it's just a stone throw away from my workplace.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Yum, never been to this place :)

  2. Hey Nikki, are you also from South? =)

  3. In all the days, years even that I've hung out at ATC, I've never seen this. Is it new? :) or maybe I just never hang out this side of ATC. Oh and I heard there's Pepper Lunch na at ATC! Weee!

  4. @ Teeyah: Nope sis, this place is soooo old! =P
    And Pepper Lunch is also @ Festival Mall already, a few months na =)

  5. the baked mac looks fantastic

  6. @ Gourmandtales: It is, and is very cheap, reamind me of my HS days in school cafe =D Thanks for visiting, see you around!


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