It's Friday again ladies (my fave day!), and so last night, in anticipation of today, I roamed around the mall for 2 hours [it's great exercise,too]. I originally wanted to just windowshop for the SRP of some imported make up I ordered from my friend Jamie of Venus & Mars, which BTW is arriving today! YEY! But as always, I ended up buying stuffs, though nothing big, and happily headed home.

If time flies, so does money! All the while I thought I was just buying small, cheap stuffs, but it still left damages to my wallet. Teehee. =p

PS: Thanks to my friend & biz partner Shayne for giving me the CoverGirl ES Queen Collection for FREE! Looks like she used it once or twice only saying she looked like a whore walking the street in the morning. LOL. It's makeup, and it's free, so why the hell not? Posted this EOTD for her, hoping to prove "the whore look" wrong =D


CG ES Queen Collection from Shayne (Php 450.00)
Celeteque Oil Control Toner (50% OFF so only Php 67.00)
Celeteque Oil Free Moisturizer (50% OFF so only Php 99.00) - THANKS TO LOVELY THIAMERE FOR THE 50% OFF INFO & REVIEW on this that I decided to try these for a simple, affordable alternative =)
Bobbie Nail Polish in "I DO" (Php 38.00) - Been wanting the ELF in Champagne, but since I can't find it in the malls near me, I got this as a sub, a cheaper dupe.
F21 Color Mood Lippie in Gentle Peach (just Php 150.00) - Inspired by the nude lip craze of Miemiemie, I braved the odds of finding the right nude lip color for my chunky, super full lips.
(didn't bother posting not so kikay buys like belts, soap & tissue holders & waste bin =p)

CG ES Queen Collection

F21 Color Mood Lippie in Gentle Peach

I tried several nude lippies at the make up counters & checked the recommended products in different blogs, but I think or discovered for myself that I can choose from 3 nude looks: pinkish nude, peachy nude and brownish nude, and after an hour of trials, I'm finally convinced that my skin color looks great on peachy nude!


with flash

without flash
with flash

without flash

- very affordable
- Pinoy made
- no scent
- creamy
- with moisturizers
- gives a "nude" but healthy look, I didn't look anemic or sick!
- compliments my skintone well
- tends to be sticky and creasy after a few hours
- needs to glide several times to achieve desired color (I have pigmented lips though)
Overall Verdict: 8.5/10 I'm OFFICIALLY INLOVE with this nude lippie =)

Using CG ES Queen Collection
(white, blue and green)
I just used the sponge applicator included, and is done in 5 minutes. I know, I still need practice, but isn't bad for an amateur =)
-Pigment is okay, but not outstanding
-I like shimmers but this is a tad too glittery for everyday wear, so be careful in application
-Colors are fresh, Dark Blue, Blue, Shimmer Green & Ice White
-Not bad for its price, 4 colors for Php 450.00
-I rate this 7/10

with flash

without flash

peepers open with flash

peepers open without flash

Green & Blue eyes softened by nude lips and minimal peach blush for a soft, fresh, Friday look.

Products used:
Celeteque Oil control Toner & Mositurizer
Maybelline AquaSmooth Foundation in Natural Beige
Clearsmooth Powder in Light
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Dark Brown
CG ES Queen Collection
Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara
F21 Peach Blush
Ilog Maria Beeswax balm
F21 Color Mood in Gentle Peach

Hope you enjoyed this post, and of course enjoy the weekend even more!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. the hauls are great, the nude lippie looks OH SO GORGEOUS on your lips :) happy friday!

  2. @ Askmewhats: thanks Nikki, for once, my lips don't look gigantic on nude LOL =D BTW, I'm not an avid ES user, but bec. of your tutorials, which are so DETAILED, I'm slowly learning & enjoying ES =D

    Thanks dear & Happy Friday too!

  3. wow a nude lippie, I love nude lipsticks ^_^. I also love the swatches of the eyeshadow and last but definitely not the least is the overall look : I love it honest, still looks natural & I just love natural looks. Stay pretty as always :)

  4. ay ang ganda pala ng color ng hair mo parang gusto ko na rin magpakulay hehe

  5. The shimmer is nice! And I like the nude lippie, I really want to get one that color as well :)

    haha it's so true if I walk around in my underwear like lady gaga I'd probably get arrested!

  6. That's a cute EOTD & I like that lippie on you. It's a great color <3

  7. @ twinsouls: yay, thanks for the kind comments on the FOTD, I'm just an amateur learning more from you guys =D I'm addicted to coloring my hair, but my roots are showing & definitely needs a retouch =p

    @ Julie aka Pop: It's my first time to try peach nude, and I think I should have done it earlier. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in nude lips, your skin will glow more with it! =)

    @ Dana: Thanks for the love hun! =D

  8. i love nude lippies too! ok i admit i rarely wear lippies but does nude glosses count? hahaha.

    and same here, recently im addicted to e/s lately but because of my eye irritation i think i have to stay away for the mean time! LOL! =))

    miss you sis! I think we should have a sleep over doing diys and sharing makeup tips!!

  9. you're so cute sis! love the loots! a fellow blue e/s lover! yey! :) now i want the gentle peach too.. huhuhu!

  10. Hi girl, you have an award on my blog, please don't forget to claim it ^_^

  11. I think the lipstick looks great on you! I like the light, sheer natural color!


  12. @ Pixelgraffiti: I actually don't wear lippies/ES everyday.[too lazy!] A good, tinted lipbalm is fine since my lips are fortunately red enough =D But now that I found the right nude tone for me, I guess I'll stick with it for a while.

    Let's sched the sleepover soooon! Muah*

    @ Shen: Thanks to Jheng, for showing me that pretty blue E/S is achievable, and wearable =D

    As I said, I just follow make up tutorials from sites like yours, so THANK YOU SWEETIE!

    And the lippie? It's a steal @ Php 150.00, just a tenth of what you spend on your MAC collection =D

    @ Twinsouls: Thanks for the award sis, first time, so I'm soo excited =D

    @ ToothFairy: Thanks for dropping by dear, & for the kind comments on the lippie =D Hope to see & know you more! I'm checking your blog now =)

  13. owh, girl..i love the nude lippies!!!

  14. @ Kavukz: I can't wait to see you in September, you have to do my makeup babe! =D


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