Free Buffet, anyone? Cafe Astoria.

Remember my previous post regarding the buffet dinner + accomodation I won from Astoria Hotel? The Sweetie & I claimed the buffet dinner last night, I was supposed to bring along my mom but knowing how little she eats, she will so not enjoy buffet. (my mom is just half my size!)

So we went there, devastated my Biggest Loser Challenge (I'm sorry!), and had a fun, comic evening; we're not fancy people you know. We just enjoyed the food, the music, and the nonstop funny conversations about anything & everything under the neurochiq world =)

Some points on Cafe Astoria:

- Buffet selection is moderate, definitely not comparable to the wide variety of Circles or Spirals, but good enough.
- Music is good! The singers sang OPMs & Bossanova that night.
- Ambiance is relaxing, nothing too fancy, but not too casual.
- Food quality is also good, my runaway favorites are the pink salmon in white cheese sauce, chicken in apple & cinnamon and the blueberry fan *yum*
- Service is excellent, there are lots of courteous staff around to assist us.
- Good dinner place, but if you really want to pig out for 3 hours, this is not the best buffet in town. As I said, pigging out calls for Spirals or Circles =)

Oh bad news, the free accomodation doesn't apply to our Singapore trip in January, so we now plan to use it either locally, Bali or Bangkok, if my our travel budget for 2009 allows =) Again, the Lord works in mysterious ways =)




We always do this whenever we eat out. Goofy shot. =P

And a decent one.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


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