Hauls from US + VandM

Thanks to biz partner & V&M owner, Jamie, for bringing these goodies from US right at my doorstep =)
Can't wait to try them & make a review!

CG Outlast Liq. Makeup
CG Age Defying Concealer
CG AquaSmoothers Cream Foundation
CG Trublend Liq. Makeup
Maybelline Shadow Stylist
Maybelline Full & Soft Dark Brown WP Mascara
Maybelline Lash Stylist Black Wp Mascara
Maybelline Cream Mousse in Heavenly Pink
Aristocrat Kohl Liner
L'Oreal Coral Craze ES Quad
V&M Organic Milk Spa Salt in Mango Mandarin (Super yummy scent!)
These babies surely made my week! But broke my bank. LOL. But I got them at lesser prices than Manila SRP, so I convinced myself they are good buys afterall =)


  1. these are good buys :)

  2. @ GirlWithGlasses: Yep, I got them like 50% off its original price =) yipee!

  3. awww those are great stuffs! enjoy the goodies ;)

  4. wow! jamie texted this to me as well but i am just stopping from hauling right now.. (except for major wishlists)... great haul and that milk spa salt seems to call my name.. :)

  5. @ Nikki aka Askmewhats: Yup, I will =) And I awarded you too dear, must you know, you are the first blogger I followed religiously =)

    @ Shen: The Milk Spa is really good, and super yummy smell too! It makes showering much more relaxing, though it will take another 15-20 minutes more =D

    The goodies are nice *eyes fluttering*, Jamie even gave me some freebies =D

  6. Oh wow girl, I like the haul. You must do an FOTD using these products hehe. :)

    Tnx for droppin' by, pag nood kayo loves mo, magdala ka madaming baon ahaha at umihi ka prior sa start ng movie hehe. ^_^

  7. @ Twinsouls: I'll try to do an FOTD and review soon, and I'll TRY to make it good =D *cross fingers*

    The Hangover is still not being shown in theaters near me =,(

  8. OMG, they ship quite fast! :D I feel bad I did not order. But my makeup collection is growing real big that I have a lot of stuff foing neglected. Next time! And I am quite sure I will order more. Can't wait for the brushes :)


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