Yep. It finally hit me.
After more than a year of pain, wandering & suppressed air on my throat,
I'm now less of a restless, erratic soul & more of a secured, loving
& probably a better person, with him.
I'll leave the suspense for the holiday.
You'll meet him very soon.
LOVE. Crazy.
But who isn't?
Darn, I think my alias suits me right.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Aww I'm glad things worked out for you! Everyone needs love, I think its the worst when you have no one to turn when you are depressed/down.

    Haha I love grocery shopping as well, I tend to read labels just out of curiousity on what I'm eating lol talk about OCD eh?!

  2. i know already..someone msn'd to me..hehe..

    im so happy for u,darl..

  3. @ Julie aka Pop: Oh u haven't heard our story, it's been too crazy for the last 2 years, but finally made it! You'll meet him soon =)And just like u & Anthony, we're really a cheerful couple teehee!

    Yep, I can spen the whole afternoon in the grocery checking calorie & sugar contents =P

    @ Chris aka Kavukz: Haha, MSN is faster than blogspo, eh? =) Hope we'll meet each other's main squeezes soon =)


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