Meet my Sweetie.

Hello my girls! How's the week treating you? I'm good so far =) I braved the QC jungle yesterday (yes, I'm in love with the quiet South, thank you.), met Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege along SLEX & stood there for a good hour and a half.

What' s in QC? The Sweetie met a buddy from his car group & bought some stuffs from him. Guys shop too, you know! And because he supports my shopping and everything else I like, it's time I support him back. LOL.

And as promised before the holiday, I'm formally introducing you my man.

His name is Jeff, born Filipino, but of Fil-Indian-Spanish descent, thus explains his color (which I love) & looks.

We were BF-GF for 4 years until we broke up last year for a whole bunch of reasons. Gone single for more than a year, and recently gave in with that thing called LOVE, the 2nd time around.

How we managed to get back together?

Within the whole year that I avoided him, he never REALLY let me go. He was my best friend, and he remained to be & so much more, doing errands for me & my family; the list can be endless. He was my stalker & I was a willing victim. Kiddin'.

Until some weeks ago, he volunteered to drive me to the dentist for a dental operation, and when I was seating on the dental chair (which felt like "Cilia Electrica"), in so much blood & pain, he was there staring @ me for 3 hours, caressing my hair to lessen my pain, placed ear phones with my fave reggae music, and all the while he sweats & shivers like hell. You know how a dad anxiously wait for his wife while giving birth? That can give you an idea.

No this is not the only thing he did to win me back, I just hate to bore you with a long story. This incident merely commenced everything he did for me while I was away crazily wandering about my life & what & who I really wanted. He just held on & believed I'm still a good person despite of how I ditched him like a hot potato before.

And so, before the operation ended, my mind & heart were all set, to give it another shot. I cried during the operation which freaked out my dentist not knowing it was not because of pain but because of guilt & joy.

But the 1 year of wandering around was actually good for us. Made us realize we had the best, and yet we were stupid to let it die. And I'm proud to say I waited for the signs & the perfect time, no influence, no hesitations.

So there, I hope you won't mind seeing a more relaxed, secured & less crazy me in the coming days, months, years. But no, I'm not ditching the vanity part =p

Galera, back in 2006. He's been bald all his life until he met me who forced him to love his curly locks =)

I think he looks better with hair, don't you agree?

Poor tarsier, he met some retards.


  1. wow, you look sooo cute together. I'm happy you get back together. I hope you are happy with your decision. ^_^. He looks good with his new hair but I'm a little biased to guys with skin heads / semi kalbo kasi yung hubby ko semikal hehe :)

  2. @ Teeyah: Thanks for having my back all through out =) vice versa, you know that. muah*

    @ Twinsouls: Bald guys are actually cute, & gives them more appeal, but I dunno, I just want him with more hair =p Thanks dear! Would love to meet your hubby, too.

  3. how come bf's now a days are going head-shaved?

    my bf has been into rocking a skinhead look also...

    i hope you and the bf would be fine for so many years :)

  4. @ Jing aka GirlWithGlasses: I dunno! Maybe they think skinhead guys appeal more to girls, LOL.

    Thanks for the love hun, you too, have a happy life with your Love =) Not everyone find their perfect match =)

  5. ngah ngah..i knew it! now no more single and ready to be mingle..but we can still "browsing" don u think?haha..j/k!


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