My EOTD wishes that I go clubbing!

Hello beauties! It's been a while since I went clubbing, and so last Thursday night, I decided to do an EOTD that gives me the "dancing til dawn" feeling right inside my room =P
I've always been a fan of browns, golds and corals when it comes to make up. I just feel natural with it, and makes my beige pinkish skin tone glow. But of course, a girl can't live with same colors all her beautiful life, so I decided to play up some blue with my faves, so I hope you like the outcome.
Disclaimer: I'm no makeup expert, so bear with me, and your suggestions are welcome!

Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in dark brown + L'oreal matte ES in dark brown
L'oreal Coral Craze ES quad (gold and orange)
CG Queen Collection ES quad (matte navy blue and shimmery white)
Aristocrat Kohl Pencil in Aqua
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara in black

Peepers open

Products used

Full face:
(yep, messy hair is included in the package)

Trublends Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige
CG Age Defying Concealer in Creamy Ivory
Maybelline AquaSmooth Pressed Powder in Light
F21 Blush in Peach
Ilog Maria organic Beeswax lipbalm
F21 Lippie in Gentle Peach

Half bod
That's about it, thanks for visiting my page. Stay beautiful inside & out! =)

Much Love,
The Neurochiq


  1. love the look and your pink top :)

  2. Nice! :) At aba naka pink ka! Isdatchu? :D

  3. @ Charry: Thank you sis, glad you liked it! Pink isn't really me, but I get compliments wearing them, so why not? =)

    @ Teeyah: Mas nice sana if that EOTD went clubbing for real!!! hihi =P And as long as it's HOTpink & not pale or babypink, no problemo.

  4. Sabi din ng brushes ko, clubbing din daw! But I am so tired these days :( Huhu.

  5. @ Teeyah: Same here sis, been busy the whole week, including weekends, bec. of family affairs...I can sleep 12 hrs. & still feel tired after!


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