NeuroNAILS: SanSan Frosted Rose Quartz

Goodmorning, beauties! In a few minutes, I'm off to Antipolo for a 3-day plannig session/away day with the whole company; and thanks to wifi, because I won't miss reading your posts =D

I rarely, rarely paint my fingernails. My toenails are forever painted, but my fingernails are often left untouched, because: 1.) no matter how expensive the polish is, I still manage to ruin it/chips off easily & chipped nails look awful & untidy! [maybe because I'm not light handed] 2.) i can't paint my right hand with my left hand perfectly

My mom bought this polish, and since it was a long weekend & I actually liked the color, I decided to take a shot. I hope it wasn't a hot mess as I know some of you are excellent nail artists!! =D

Frosted Rose Quartz

Nail art isn't for me; I think solid, classy nails fit my personality better =)

PS: My nails are already chipped as I type this =,( ANY TRICK TO MAKE IT LAST LONGER? I always use a basecoat & topcoat but nothing seems to work =(
The shuttle is beeping, I'm off now, take care! *Smooches*
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. San San actually makes good to prevent polish from chipping? Base Coat first, then 2 coats of your choice of polish, then top with TOP COAT (ex. Sally Hansen or The Face Shop) I love both :) in midweek, if you feel it'll chip soon, reapply top coat :) My polish lasts a week plus close to 2 weeks :)

  2. @ Rhain: thank you darl =)

    @ Nikki: I haven't tried Sally Hansen topcoat, I'll see if it can do the trick =)

    I agree, SanSan polishes are quite good, and affordable too =)

  3. ang cute ng color, I like it girl ^_^

  4. just so you know, i quickly noticed your nails when we met last sunday! it looks good on you =)

  5. When I am in a state of super tamaditis, I use OPI and Essie and China Glaze and I swear, no chipping in two weeks! :) I don't apply it of course, I go to Get Polished. That, of course is for two reasons: wide array of polishes and because I am a dummy in applying it myself so I leave the job to them :D

  6. @ twinsouls: thank you dear, it reminds me of Barbie =p

    @ Pixel:you've always been observant, maybe it's your crfeative eyes? =) I'm not sure if it's bagay since I don't really like pink, but this shade, I think, is very nice =)

    @ Teeyah: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it one time. One problem pa is when your nails get longer na, and the gap is so obvious. =p

  7. True! But I don't like it on my nails, most of the time. Nadidistract kasi ako eh :D

  8. @ Teeyah: Yup, and I'm sooo lazy to get it painted again & again, kaya I rarely paint my fingernails, just my toenails 99% of the time =)


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