Product Review: Venus and Mars Antibacterial Brushes

Have I told you that while I've always been conscious with how I look, I never really used ES (except big occasions), until maybe 3 years ago?

I'm a powder-brow-blush-lipbalm chick. And so I don't mind owning only one brush, a trusty BLUSH brush. All the other bruses I used aren't really mine but my mom's.

But thanks to some inspirations (you know who you are guys!), and a feeling that I needed it in my job, I realized the joys of doing full makeup, without actually LOOKING ALL MADE UP. I then knew, I needed to buy my own set.

So recently, I purchased a brush set from the trusted Venus and Mars owner and business partner, Jamie, who also supplies me all the organic Emu oil goodies I'm selling at my store.

The "Antibacterial" feature is a big PLUS for me, as I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. And upon learning that it's made of the highest quality taklon hair, and not animal hairs (it's a part of my Go Green rule), I was automatically convinced.

THE VENUS & MARS 5 pc. BRUSH SET with soak and pouch
(Php 1,099)

V&M says:

These brushes are active AGAINST bacteria, hence it prevents them from lingering in the bristles. These bacteria are the main cause of the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other irritating skin blemishes.

The set includes:

Body/Face Buki Blush Brush
Foundation Buki Brush
Angled Shader and Crease Buki Brush
Eyeshadow Buki Brush
Concealer Buki Brush
Soak & sample of V&M's upcoming MMU


Powder brush: Dia.19*138mm height
Foundation brush: Dia.14.5*143mm height
Angled shader and crease brush: Dia.11*142mm height
Eye blender brush: Dia.10*140mm Height
Concealer brush: Dia.10.5*143mm height
Pouch: 165*115mm (closed size)

These babies have been with me for a week now, and it has surpassed all my expectations so far, and hopefully, the quality remains for a reasonbly long time. =)


- No shedding, almost no bleeding
- Remains soft after washing
- Dries quickly
- No "factory" smell
- The white ends of the brushes actually give me idea how much color it has picked up
- Size of the handles are not too small, not too big, just right!
- The brushes are OH SO soft, no pricking feel, but uniquely firm enough to do the job
- Reasonably priced @ 1,099
- Made of high quality synthetic taklon; supports my Go Green Campaign (for the welfare of our furry friends)
- Elegant Looking
- Even the soak has a clean, delicate scent =)


- Pouch is not really attractive but definitely usable
- Waiting time (pre-ordered from HK back then, but is now readily available)

Overall Verdict: 9.5/10 Both hands down! I definitely got more value for my money. If V&M will come up with more brushes, especially the retractable ones that can fit my purse, then I'll be first in line =)

If you are interested to buy, you may contact Jamie of V&M, or myself, or visit my multiply store UrbanPosh.

Stay Beautiful, inside and out!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq

PS: Watched LFS of G.I. Joe, on its first showing day. What can I say? It's long, and EXPLOSIVE. And it brought back a lot of childhood memories with my brother. If a movie can bring me back in time, then it's worth my time =)


  1. interesting..

    but you know, i still can't figure out how they became antibacterial?
    if you used it, chances are no matter how densely or loosely packed a brush is, powders will still settle on the bottom of it,right?

    i don't know maybe im just thinking too mch

    but then looking at them they sure are really soft

  2. Ooooooh. That looks like a great brush set. Soooo fluffy and elegant looking. :) I hope I can buy my own set someday. Hahaha!

    And yeah, I hope I can watch G.I. Joe too! School's been craaazy.

    Tc! :)

  3. @ Thiamere: As per the V&M owner, the brushes are treated during production stage to be active againsta bacteria, meaning bacteria won't linger/multiply as much as in ordinary brushes.

    I believe this is the same concept of antibacterial socks etc., where the fibers are treated during production stage as well. And of course using the anti bacterial soak once a week also =)

    Thanks for raising that up =)

    @ Noelle: The brushes are really soft but firm enough to do the blending, really worth my money =) [I can't push myself to buy high end brands that can cost 2k each, too much for me & my wallet]

    Catch G.I. Joe, I'm sure it will bring back memories of your's just suppeerrr LONG! Take care too!

  4. Love the brushes! want to have one too :) I'll check your site later :)

  5. @ Charry: The brushes are really worth my moolah =D I hope I'll have time to do a FOTD using them.*wink* Thanks for checking my site sis =)


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