Random Things + Happiness

I've been tagged several times on what makes me happy. I may like things complicated, but at the end of the day, the simplest of things, and purest of people, can really make me cry a bucket of happy tears. =*)
In no particular order.

MY FRIENDS (7 Gamma Sisters)
...who will never leave me no matter how horrible I've been or will be, and vice-versa.

Who else can understand vanity+life best but GFs, eh?

...who puts up with all my tantrums, never fails to make me laugh, and drives for me whenever, wherever.

(photo taken last weekend when he waited for me to finish my parlor session for almost 3 hrs. LOL)

matching hair color =p


(skin care, makeup & all)

Thanks to ate Gie, for the wonderful goodies from Aussie.

MY DOG, Bossing

Yeah, I want him gay.


One of my fave people and cuz in the world, Cil.
(Can't find a photo of my whole family in my office PC so Cil can represent =])
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. awww. you know you're one of my happiness too! You never get tired of my nonstop rants about the bf. and for that thankyou! miss you sis!

  2. Thank you also SD, you can YM me anytime =) Smile na, bawal na maaburido okies? Life is great, worry less & live more =)

  3. awww..

    im so envious coz you have a girl posse that you can do girltalks and kikay stuff with..

    i only have 1 girl bestie and the rest of my barkada are all guys :(

    bossing is soo cute..

  4. @ Kay: My girls are really wonderful people, each one is unique. =D

    But don't worry sis, guy friends aren't bad either, I have loads of guyfriends too. They worry less & enjoy more don't you agree? ;-P And you have your bestie naman =)

    And of course don't forget us, your blogger friends. Takecare =D

  5. Oooh... I love D&G Light Blue. It's my go-to perfume when I feel sexy and in control.

  6. @ Tish: Me too! The scent feels so seductive, my man loves it too =)

    It's my 3rd bottle, all courtesy of loved ones...that I'm now thinking of selling the 3rd one =p


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