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01 August 2009

The day the Filipinos held hands together, in grief, for the death of one of its most influencial icons of all time. She is the first female president of the Philippines, and the first female leader in Asia, who played a major role in liberating us from the grip of the dreaded Martial Law.

The woman who symbolizes DEMOCRACY, Strong Faith & Compassion.

Farewell to a great President, Wife & Mother. I know you're now happy with your Creator and the love of your life, Ninoy.

Editor's Note: Hers was a life well lived with an incomparable legacy, that's why for me, her death should really be seen as a "a celebration of her life."


  1. Hi Dang, tnx for the visit. Just like Abby , you have a very nice blog. You are very deserving of any award ^_^

  2. About Cory I admire her a lot. And everytime GMA or ABS played the song that goes, like this "handog ng Pilipino sa mundo...mapayapa lalalala" or this "magkaisa.....at magsama lalalala. " I always get teary-eyed yay ^_^


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