Vintagey Friday Outfit

I'm too lazy to do my make up so I decided to perk up my Friday with an OOTD post instead =)
Feeling vintagey today & for the first time, my family abroad finally caught up with my taste when it comes to clothing. LOL.

Have I told you that my kuya who's such a sucker for branded clothes, always ALWAYS sends me expensive, branded clothes that unfortunately, I don't like and/or doesn't fit right 99% of the time? (sorry,bro!) =P

So thanks to tita Let for the fab top you gave me, and to Tita Gie for the vintage accesories, love them!

Vintage crumpled top from Zara
Skinny jeans from a mall bazaar
Gray peep toe flats from Star City bazaar (yes, I love bazaars)
Necklace from a Vintage Shop in Aussie
Bling Ring from Dubai

Full Bod.
Pardon the rice cooker LOL. I took this right before I hurriedly left the house.
Accesorize, baby!

Half bod

PS: Though i'm really not the brand conscious type, I must say, the fabric of this top from Zara is super nice in quality & COMFORT. Makes me feel naked, which is a good thing =p
How about you? What perks up your Friday? =D Enjoy the weekend, babes!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. your hubby must've like that top a lot you know feeling naked and all LOL

  2. @ Shobe: Naughty girl!!! =P LOL.
    He's not my hubby yet, just my BF =)

  3. I am in love with Zara. I always hurry to their sales because it's almost always 70% off. I have to say though that the prices here are shooting up unlike in their store in Spain, where it originally came from. Kainis. It's like their Bench in Spain :(

    Happy Friday!

  4. @ Teeyah: Lucky that I have my kuya who buys Zara for me, got a Zara jacket too & it's perfect with anything yey =D

    Let me know when there is a Zara sale will yah?

    Happy Friday too!

  5. zara clothes are super chic clothes.

    i like this post. you rock that jeans.

  6. love statement tees. :) i do go for plain ones but this one is an exception.. however, i do like a lot filipina designers lately so i'm opting on buying those instead of foreign ones. :)

  7. I'm in love with Zara's tees as well, they're so comfy! That sucks that the clothes your brother sends you doesn't fit!

    And thanks so much for the award, I'm putting it on my sidebar right now :D Have a great weekend!

  8. @ Jing: Thanks dear, the jeans is actually an el cheapo buy, such a steal =) And my Zara clothes are just courtesy of my brother, so thanks to him =)

    @ Shen: Amen to buying "Pinoy", I totally support Filipino ingenuity =) My brother is the foreign brand fan, naaambunan lang ako =P

    @ Nikki: Thank you! Compliments are much nicer when it comes from you =)

    @ Julie: Yeah, it sucks that clothes from my bro always land to someone else haha =P Got me thinking I might do blogsale of the clothes that don't fit =D

    You totally deserve the award dear, keep those gossips coming!

  9. You are completely adorable.!! I absolutely love your cool outfit, especially that top.

  10. @ Eden: Thank you, you're so sweet =) & thanks for visiting my humble page. Take care!


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