Who doesn't love weekends?

Happy Monday lovely ladies! How was your weekend? Mine was jampacked, as it started last Friday night with LOOOOOAAAADS of food (ahem, excused from my Biggest Loser Challenge), frozen margaritas & KTV bash for a good friend & colleague, Mark, who will be leaving us (sobs*). I'll share photos in a different post though.

Saturday was even busier, with home errands, Bossing's vet visit, some shopping and meeting my BFF with BF for some Paella, Fish & Chips and Churros @ Churritos in BF Pque. (Sorry, too lazy to take photos of the food, we're somewhat annoyed with the never ending singing)

And of course, my usual DVD marathon with the Sweetie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We laughed our worries away with Night at the Museum 2, and What Happens in Vegas =) We were supposed to watch a recent version of Ong Bak (yes,I enjoy hard core action), but yours truly needs some sleep, and he won't watch without me & my ever colorful comments & bitchy lines while watching, which he loves...or HATES because I always figure out the next scene & spoil his excitement! Hah! Blame it on my film classes back in college or maybe I'm simply a freak. LOL.

And sharing with you what I look like, in a humid, sunny & sweaty Saturday. I can't even call it an FOTD because I seriously have almost none, thus, excuse the look please.

The Night Guard is back to rescue his friends from the evil Egyptian Pharaoh who wishes to rule the world by bringing back his army from the dead via the magical tablet.
What I like about the movie?
Aside from its light, comic feel, I'm all for the "DOING WHAT YOU LOVE" moral of the story.

Joy (Cameron) got dumped, and Jack (Ashton) got fired, and both decided to get hell loose in Vegas with their BFFs. The two were brought together by some twist of fate, got drunk and married, and eventually hated each other but were forced to stay together & outwith each other to get the $3M jackpot prize they won in a slot machine in Vegas...

What I like about the movie?
Cameron and Ashton were both lovely & witty, as well as their loyal BFFs. And the plot, though not extraordinary (as I've seen similar ones like The BreakUp), is good enough. And yep, it's another "Better to do nothing than doing what you don't love" ... but with the recession in a 3rd world country like ours, I can probably tell it to myself more genuinely only IF I have $3M on my bank account. LOL.

On my face:
Celeteque Moisturizer
Maybelline AquaSmooth Pressed Powder in light
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in dark brown (for brows & eyes)
Ilog Maria Beeswax Lipbalm
Single Coat of Maybelline Volume Express WP Mascara
NO BLUSH, pinky tone courtesy of my Kojic Soap magic

And I'll leave you all with photo that can actually brighten the sh*ttest of my days.

Bossing getting his deworm shot and some grooming.
See that big round eyes??? It's the first thing I see in the morning =)

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Bossing is sooo cute! Thanks for meeting up last Sat. I needed that talaga. Else, maloka talaga ako. I just spent my Sunday with Papa [death anniv nya] and church. hindi man lang ako nakapag DVD, boo :( I still haven't finished Hangover, kaasar :/ Anyhoo, here's to another week. Goodluck to us, both! :)

  2. cute doggie! which reminds me of my pooch's time to visit the vet (dan-dan-dan-daaan!)

    love the no-blush-but-blushing cheeks. :)

    i also recently watched the Night of the Museum 2 and it was really inspiring though it could be impractical. for me, i just learn to respect what buys my food and makeup and i get to enjoy my work. :)

  3. @ Teeyah: I super enjoyed our Saturday night, khit 4 lang tayo...especially the laughing trip in Treats. LOL. I missed you sis!

    Yup, I'm glad Monday is almost over =P

    @ Shen: Thanks dear, my dog almost always saves my moody days =D And I have more "sipag" to go to the vet than go to my own check up. Teehee.

    Yup, it's really impractical, especially with the current recession, so lucky you that you love what you do, thanks for sharing the positivity, as always =D

  4. i haven't watched night at the museum 2 yet..
    i better watch it na..

    you look awesome,hun!
    simple divine
    you look flawless naman!

  5. @ Thiamere: Thank you for the kind words, made me smile amidst tons of work on a Monday.

    I wish I AM flawless, but really, I have pimple marks too =( And I normally break out especially during that time of the month! Whew.

    But all good, positivity, positivity, positivity...deep breath....eyes closed... =P

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Bossing is so adorable!

    Have a great week..

  7. @ Amanda: Thank you hun! I wish your Hannah could meet my Bossing =P

    You have a great week, too!

  8. honestly, bossing is a good dog. not like my bubu. he's worse than all shitzu out there. he hv to be drugged b4 gettin any grooming. damn.hehe

  9. @ KavukZ: Hope to see recent photos of Bubu babe! =)

    Bossing only behaves because he is afraid of the vet assistant =p


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