Who said men have STRONGER arms?

We may not be as diligent on toning those biceps, but that doesn't mean women have weaker arms Na-Ah! My Sweetie is a living proof that girls like me can lift weights, as much as boys can...for hours and hours, at the mall, or at bazaars, or at the park, or at the church, or everywhere else. LOL.

And of course, we don't lift those ugly & cold weight tabs, we endure weight lifting in the form of some gorgeous beings: BAGS.

So what do I carry around? a LOT.

**MY BAG**

You'll never find me with a small bag, unless it's a formal party or a gimmick night.
I like my bags big, bold & beautiful, it's one thing I can never live without.
One day, hopefully, I'll design my own =)
Champagne bag from Baby Couture (it's a diaper bag!)
Contents from left:
Fan (it's HOT in the Phils.)
House Keys, Car Keys, Gym Locker Keys & Lock, USB
Pepper Spray
Travel Make Up Kit (black) - contents shown below
Necessity Kit (bluegreen bag) - contents shown below
Wallet + Coin Purse
Planner with booklet & pen
L'Oreal Make Up pallete with Mirror
Baby Powder
Lash Curler
Facial Tissue

Contents of my makeup kit varies from time to time, but I carry only the basics =)
From left:
Blush in Pink & Peach from Fashion 21 (I wish I have a brown shade too)
ES Quads in NEUTRAL & PARTY colors (shown here are CG and L'Oreal quads)
2 shades of lipstick: Reddish & Nude (Reddish from Anna Sui and Nude from Fashion 21)
Liquid MakeUp & Pressed Powder (both from Maybelline)
Organic Beeswax Lipbalm (from Ilog Maria)
Mascaras (in brown & black, from Nichido & Maybelline)
Lash Curler & Tweezers (unkept brows ruin the prettiest face)
Eye/Brow liner and brow brush (I'm kinda OC with my brows)

Oil Blotters
Pony Tail Band
Perfume (RL Romantic Wish)
Feminine Wash
Disposable Razor
Mouthwash, Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Moisturizing Foot Spray
Basic Meds & Band Aids
So, yeah, I do have cramps after a long day of walk, but I'm cool with it. I'd rather be that than be caught unprepared =)
Before I go, just want to share some cute finds. I'm no ring-wearer, for the reason that I already lost gazillions (exaggerated! LOL). You know how you remove them whenever you wash your hands & put alcohol or what have you, and then left them at the sink etc.?
But my auntie, who supplies Swarovski jewelries for some malls in Manila, offered to sell them on my shop, and heck, I wasn't able to resist the Swarovski charm!

Multicolored Swarovski ring in 10k gold

White Swarovski in 10k gold

I'd loooooove to see what's in your bags, too. So I'll know I'm still normal to carry so much =)
And in case you are interested with the gorgeous Swarovski jewelries, pls. click this link.
Much Love,
The Neurochiq


  1. Andaaaammeeeeng laman ng bag mo! :D Haha. I remember our college days. When we do our makeup inside the shuttle! Miss you, sis!

  2. @ Teeyah: Haha, kaya naman ang laaaaakkkiii na ng braso ko kakabuhat =P LOL.

    Yes, I miss our "instant shuttle makeup" days! And the shopping @ SM Manila too =) Loveyah sis!

  3. you carry a WHOLE LOT OF STUFFS!!!! and yes, we are stronger than men! sila..walang dinadala! hahahha :)

    anyways..I love the rings :) have a great day!

  4. @ Nikki: Hehe, I feel helpless if I don't carry everything with me eh. I just didn't post my wallet contents for security reasons, but if you'll see it, it's another story. LOL.

    Have a great day too dear =)

  5. Wow. I'm normal after all. Hahahaha! :D I bring a big bag ALL THE TIME too! Cheers to ladies with big bags and strong arms! :D Haha!

  6. wow!
    i love looking at other girls' bag
    thanks for sharing!

    you have alot!
    me too!

    ayoko kasi my naiiwan e..

  7. haha. I carry lots of stuff too! It just annoys me kapag mag shopping whole day, ang bgat! :(

    Pero i like bringing lots of stuff! We almost have the same bag contents. From tissue to planner!

  8. @ Noelle: Thanks for visiting my blog hun, it's always nice to see new faces here =)Yeah, bag ladies rule =P

    @ Thiamere: Me too, I enjoy seeing other girls' bags, it amazes me how organized (or OC?) beings girls are!

    @ Karen: Sis, when I'll go shopping, I usually bring 2 bags, 1 big and another slingbag or pouch or anything that carry only my essentials...then I leave the big one in the car =) But if it is a carless day, then it's time the Sweets flex his muscles. LOL.

  9. girl,

    we girls carry lots of things along 24/7..we jz counldnt get enough of stuff and yet we still complaining how little things we have..

    i love ur bag!

  10. Hey hun, thanks for the award, sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I'm back from vacation now, so I'll make a post within the next few days :)

    & woah, there's a lot of stuff in your purse, haha~!

  11. @ Kavukz: You are right, girls can never have too much. LOL =P My bag is actually a diaper bag =)

    @ Dana: How's your vacation hun? I'd love to see your photos =)

    And yeah, I need a lot of carbs to lift my bag =)

  12. Oh wow.. I'm glad I'm not the only one that carries a big tote around. =)

  13. Love the ring. its beautiful! And your hands are pretty too :)

  14. @ Amanda: Yep, saw your post on your bag also, and I'm glad too that I'm still normal after all =)

    @ Charry: Thank you dear, my hands got lucky, my feet didn't. LOL. =P


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