Year of Loss? I hope not.

Recent happenings around me got me thinking about a prediction I heard somewhere earlier this year that 2009 is a year of loss... I'm not being superstitious or negative, but it won't hurt to be CCC. Careful, Conscious & Caring. Yep, you heard me (or read) me right.

CAREFUL...on what we do, everytime, everyday. The company where I belong is OC (to the point of paranoia) when it comes to safety, and after being with them for almost 3 years, I eventually absorbed the culture & made safety my priority above else. It was not an overnight change, but I learned being safe is not "corny" after all.

I now....

...wear sitbelts (if Lady Di had buckled up, she may have survived & see her future grandchildren from her gorgeous boys)
...abide by the stoplights, both while driving and crossing the streets (yes, EVEN with no ticketing officers around)
...hold the handrails (do you know that thousands of kids die evry year because of stair falls, and only a small percentage from contracting viruses from handrails?)
...have first aid kit in the house (and I'm actually a part of the company's ECT - Emergency Crisis Team, think of 911)

CONSCIOUS...on our health and environment. Watch what you eat, drink in moderation, ditch smoking & drugs, load up on water & sleep, and don't be a couch potato! Move that beautiful ASSet. And yes, GO GREEN too. I'm just so glad that the world is now booming with eco friendly goods, from organic food, skin care, make up, and would you believe, even DOG FOOD =)

CARING...gone are the days when people still sweep their backyards in their 90s. Let's face it, people die younger now. With our toxin laced food, bad lifestyle, mutating diseases and cancers of all kinds. It's sad when it's true. And what better way than live each day of our lives like it's our last?

Thank you to certain movies that always reminds me that LIFE IS TOO SHORT, and I can lose anyone I love in a snap...So why waste another day angry with them? or angry with life? or worried of my imperfections? or demanding too much from other people? When all we really need in the end, honestly, is LOVE.

2009 may be a year of loss...with the death of Francis M., Farah Fawcett, MJ and President Cory. But it actually inspires me to live more, love more, and worry less.

Trust me, you should never delay another hug or "I love you" to your God, mom, dad, hubby, BF and anyone else...

This movie made me cry 12 hours non stop! No kidding.
And made me love Gerald Butler while singing "I can't go back...I love you til the end"

Oldies, but goodies.

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. P.S. iloveyou is one of my fave movie. napaiyak din ako jan.tsk grabe! ^_^ it really makes me realize that LIFE IS SHORT..hmm I'm gonna hug and say Ilovu to my BF later.LOL thanks for sharing this safety precautions na ginagawa m.
    have a nice day ^_^

  2. aww cute. Yeah the most unfortunate things happen so spontaneous... That's one of the reasons when I get into fights with bfs I try to get it resolve asap incase something bad happens while we are mad at each other!

  3. @ Mitch: Yeah, as in I cried myself to sleep =,( and I seldom get moved by a movie! Hope you hugged your BF real tight! =)

    @ PC: That's very true, and sometimes, you realize you had the best when it's lost already, so better treasure them each day =)

  4. I loved Dying Young [especially the OST] and yes, life is so vulnerable, it can get really scary.

  5. @ Teeyah: So when I'm hyterically mad, I just think of movies like these, with people dying so young that I eventually calm down & think more clearly =)Argh. Am I old? haha.

  6. awww ps i love you made me cry soo bad :( heehee parang naramdan ko talaga yung feelings ni hillary swank :p hihi i followed your blog btw :)
    see you around!

  7. @ Cha: Hi dearie, thanks for following my blog =) Yup, that movie made me want to go to Ireland that moment. LOL. =p

    See you around, and goodluck on starting that blog! Takecare!


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