Animalistic Intentions.

Since I'm outside the Metro, I'm supposed to be off to bed early tonight. I have a book to finish, and a full day of planning & some other sessions tomorrow. No gimmicks, not even alcohol. Just cool breeze of the uphill, all good, except that I can't seem to stop lemming about my first love, SHOES.

I was so sad last Sunday, because after hours of shoe hunting during a mallwide sale, I ended up with nothing but a DQ Sandwich (yummy though)

And so I surfed the net, and found new loves! But the shipping cost kills me =(

I'm hitting the mall when I get back in Manila, or maybe I can hold it until my KK with the BFF and the PIC from Malaysia next week. Vincci, I can almost smell you. =)

A few finds, I'm drooling over:

Leopard prints & hotpink

I'm so into peep toes

Gorgeous Giraffe

I'll dream about you tonight
I'm sleeping thinking these skyrocket heels are on my bedside =)
Goodnight beauties. *Smoochies*
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. i like those leopard with hot pink soles! reminds me of my laptop sleeve. lmao! =) but seriously i want one too! enjoy the cool breeze of antipolo =)

  2. @ Karen: Yeah I remember your sleeves =) I'm enjoying the breeze, thank you =D

    @ Teeyah: There's alcohol tonight so I'll stay up late later, yipee*


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