Heavy Rain. Heavy Heart.

I was supposed to post this last night in the middle of pouring rain, raging winds and rising water brought by Typhoon Ondoy . But stupid me forgot to charge my laptop and alas, the electricity was cut! I hope everybody is safe at the moment, please continue praying for the Philippines and its people.
26 Sep 2009 - 5:00 pm - Typhoon Ondoy hits Manila

I don't know where to start, I've witnessed several floods, from Super Typhoon Rosing in the 90s, and the recent Super Typhoon Millenio. But this is the first time that flood water entered our house! We were actually caught unprepared, and I was still watching news on TV until the electricity was cut and the water outside started rising up like crazy. [I later found out that they opened Angat Dam]. We then knew it was time to save whatever we could. Barely 20 minutes from the blackout, the water was already on our doorstep. We don't have any choice but just save the appliances, my shoes, some books and photo albums and hurriedly went upstairs & pray for the safety of our loved ones. Las Pinas City is among the most affected areas in the Metro, so are Marikina, Quezon City, San Juan etc.

I told my mom not to worry too much about our things, as long as the family [including my dog] are safe. I pray for the safety of my relatives and my friends, most of them are also in LP City and other cities in the Metro. I started calling my cousins and friends, and most of them are also in the same situation. My dad and brotherf abroad called to see if we're okay, until the networks were all down, and I felt disconnected and helpless.

My heart is so heavy, as much as I want to cry over my situation, I still feel blessed that I have a roof over my head, and that our house has a second level. I worry about my fellow Filipinos who are homeless, where else could they go?

Have mercy on us my dear God, please make the rain stop and the flood subside. Please make us safe, I trust my life, and my country on your protective love.


  1. Even if I was safe and dry yesterday, I couldn't think straight and I felt guilty for every thing I was doing. I couldn't watch a movie and I couldn't sleep knowing there were thousands out there stranded somewhere, or staying in the roof, or scooping water out of their floors. I was heartbroken. But like you, I had no way to help, not in this kind of flood. All I could do was post numbers and stuff on FB.

  2. im sorry to hear that hun. When I saw the pictures, I almost can't believe my eyes. I grew up in the philippines I got to school at Miriam College (katipunan area) and never in my 15 years of living there did I witness that much flood in my life. I was shocked. I can't believe I'm seeing cars submerged into the flood. Its a scary scene.

    I hope everyone in your family is safe. The most important thing is the safety of our love ones, forget bout the cars,appliances and the house.. things like can be replaced but not lives. I pray for my fellow countrymen back in the phil.

  3. @ Teeyah: Praying for the affected people can do a lot, and of course, we can still help rebuild what was broken through donations and yes, taking care of our planet more. I believe this happened due to climate change, and we are the ones responsible for that =( I'll reiterate my Go Green campaign even more. Thanks sis, take care!

    @ Jbreezy: When the power was restored, I immediately watched the news, I couldn't believe my eyes! People from all walks of life, from shanties to solid mansions, were devastated. It goes to show that no one is spared, and it's scary because we only see these in movies before, and now in reality! I even have friends from the Provident Village in Marikina =,(

    Take care hun, thanks for praying. Thank God my family is safe.

  4. Well, yes. I've never prayed so hard in my life. My brother was stuck in school, BTW. He's home now, though :) Climate change plus really bad drainage systems. Oh and garbage. :(


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