NeuroChiq is a Momma...Again.

If you've been following this blog, you probably have an idea on how gaga I am with my dog, Bossing - a year old Shih Tzu. I panic with the sight of him cheerless or sickly. In contrary, I'm really not into kids, and I don't think mommahood instinct will hit me up anytime soon.

But unknowingly, caring for a little dog entails a WHOLE LOT of patience, understanding, and yeah, momma love. Dog handlers (no, I refuse call them/us owners, because I don't think we OWN them), will likely know the feeling when your dog did something super nasty, like chomping 2 of my Vincci shoes in my case, and you really wanted to grab him and throw him out the window!!! Then, you suddenly see their heads tilted with their eyes sparkling, and tails wagging like there's no tomorrow. Then you tell yourself, oh boy, there will be lots of Vincci (VNC) sales, come here and give momma some love! =D

And so, the Sweetie & I decided it's time to up the ante. If we were able to handle a little rascal in Bossing, then we're in for a BIGGER deal. So let me introduce to you, our big black boy - BONGGO.

6 months old Lab - Bonggo
photos taken by the previous handler*

PS: On his first night, he destroyed the washing machine cord, broke the BF's beer bottles, scratched the car, bit the motorcycle cover. We think he has ADHD. Whew. Oh BTW, he stays in the Sweetie's house. [bleh!] =p

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. lol ADHD !!! Most pets do have that, even my 3 pomeranians! lol

  2. soooo cuteee!!! I want a dog, I miss having a dog :( Bossing lol.. did you named that after Vic Sotto?

  3. @ Nikki: That's what I keep on explaining to the BF, because he said Bonggo is hyperactive than usual, but he only thinks of that because Bossing is more tamed than Bonggo =) Wow, 3 Poms, that's high maintenance, & lots of momma patience needed =)

    @ Jbreezybaby: No, not from Vic Sotto =p My brother wants to call him "Arbob", Arab word for "boss" I think, but I don't like it so I opted for the local translation =)

  4. lol! i know what you mean!! i just call myself their human mom. :) lol!

  5. arf...arf....hehe..hay i missed having pets na...nung nasa mom ko ako puro aso katabi ko...ngayon sa baby ko palang...parang 10 na pet ko heheh

  6. aww how cute! I understand what you mean..I have 11 dogs and 4 of them are full grown labradors (2 boys & 2 girls)haha..just imagine the chaos of our dad treats our youngest lab as his youngest baby lols..since Bonggo is a boy and still a pup, he will really be hyperactive..labs are really into physical activity so you need to play with them a lot or let them loose in the garage for 30mins everyday so that they can loose some of those extra energy by night time hehe ^_^

    CONGRATS on your new baby!

  7. hahahahahahah!!Nice meeting u Bonggo!!Did they both Bossing get along?

  8. @Shen: Cheers to us, mommas =)

    @Shobe: At least you practiced a lot of patience before your real baby came =D

    @ Crystal: Wow! 10 dogs? You're super! I bet your house is never cheerless with them around =) Thanks for the tips, I'll keep that in mind, your a sweetie! =)

    @ Kavukz: It's actually Bossing who's mad at Bonggo, jealous perhaps =)


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