NeuroEAT: UCC Coffee, Westgate Alabang

Type of Cuisine: Japanese, Coffee
Location: UCC Coffee, Westgate Filinvest, Alabang Muntinlupa City

My boss was in the mood for some hefty lunch, after weeks of hardwork with a big project. So a normal office lunch was turned into guilty (I'm not really) feast. And for the 5th consecutive time, we dined in UCC Coffee. Boss always pays the bill, so he can railroad the choices. LOL =p

Fortunately, I'm into Jap food & good strong coffee, so no problemo for me!

I just remembered my former boss who was SOOOO fond of MEAT & Shabu-Shabu, that I often made excuses not to join lunch when he hollers "Brazil!" or "Shabu-Shabu." I loved him nonetheless. Teehee.

Just happened that my trusty camera was with me; so I took some quick shots to share.

Seafood Risotto @ Php 389.00 (about $8.00)
*Photo shows only half serving, since I don't want to load up on rice carbs, and so I decided to giveout the other half.**

Fried Shrimp Toast with Fries & Potato Cucumber Salad @ Php 295.00 (about $6.00)

Mango Orange Mania @ Php 169.00 (about $ 3.40)

Cheesecake Latte @ Php 120.00 (about $ 2.40)
The Verdict:
Seafood Risotto
- Serving size is big, at least for ladies =)
- Shrimps and Squids are perfectly cooked, tender & very juicy
- Sourness of tomato base is just right
- Tasty but still not better than their Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (my fave!)
Fried Shrimp Toast
- Too oily for me
- Shrimps are minced too tiny, I almost can't feel them
- Bread are toasted to crunchy perfection
- Side salad is good, but I'm not really a big fan of cucumber =p
- The fries are just so-so
Mango Orange Mania
- Mango and orange taste bursts into your mouth
- Very refreshing and tastes very fresh and natural
- Served in tall glass
- Sweetness is just right, I hate it when my smoothie is packed with sugar
Cheesecake Latte Coffee
- Too bitter, but a dash of Splenda can do the trick =)
- Where's the cheesecake?
Overall Verdict: They have wide variety of Jap food (rice, pasta, omellete etc.), TONS of desserts, coolers, smoothies and coffee to choose from. If you love eel, then UCC is a must try. I haven't tasted half of their menu yet, but from the 5 consecutive times I dined in UCC, I always end up full & happy =) I give this 8/10.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. I love UCC! i remembered staying there til 2am at Tomas Morato branch with my mom!!!

  2. @ Nikki: Mom & daughter bonding @ UCC sounds fun =D

  3. I love UCC's pancakes with ice cream. Come to think of it, matagal tagal narin ako hindi nakakain dun. Your picture looks so yummy!

  4. @ Charry: That's also what I love about UCC - their sweet treats! =D


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