Party Eyes by Kavukz

When a girl is blessed with soooo many girlfriends, what more can she ask for?
For one, it won't hurt to be friends with a makeup guru, and be her guinea pig!
**Eye makeup by Christina Chua aka Kavukz**
This is the first time I flaunted smokey eyes, because I honestly can't do it! =[

Yeah, I know I look like a movie villain teehee. Do you remember Cruela David?

Products used for the eyes:
Loreal ES for the brows
NYX Jumbo Pencil in white
Stage Black Kohl Pencil
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara

The heated eyelash curler did wonders on my usually malnourished lashes!!! Thanks for the tip, babe.
Okay, I'm buying hair dryer just for this.

The Guru @ work

Final look

CG Trublend Liquid Foundie
NARS Blush in Oasis (thanks, BFF)
Ilog Maria organic beeswax lipbalm
F21 nude lipstick in Gentle Peach

And oh, the makeup stayed perfect (amidst the partying!) til wee hours of the morning. =D


  1. love the look :) great for partying nga!!!

  2. And what a lovely guinea pig ^_^. Wow, the look's sooo pretty. I don't mind being a guinea pig if the end result is that ^_^

  3. Hindi na ko magpopost ng separate kasi pareho tayo! hahahaha!

  4. @ Nikki: Sis, remember how I always tell you how nice your smokey eyes tutorials are, and how sad that I don't think I can do it perfectly? So this is a dream come true =p

    @ Twinsouls: Thank you Em, you're so sweet, you made me smile again =D

    @ Teeyah: I actually think yours was better because it's a bit more subtle, mine was like shouting "magwawala ako tonight" LOLs.

  5. hahahahaha...kavukz need more practice!!

    I'm sorry if its too dramatic for you. I hope u like it yeah.

  6. @ Kavukz: Of course I love it!!! And it's my first time to flaunt dramatic, smokey eyes =D I hope I can re-do it, but I doubt =P

    Thanks, babe! I miss you TALAGA! Muah*

  7. Nagwala naman tayo, err, ako, so ... :D

  8. Teeyah: Haha, no naman, we just had fun, in the tune of...Lalala (secret!)=P


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