We hit harder, Ondoy.

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I have several kikay posts in line, but no, this is not the right time to post something cheerful.

I may be in the office, but my mind and heart is somewhere else; worrying about many things.

People [relatives, friends and strangers] who lost their belongings, or their homes, and worse, their loved ones.

People who, as of the moment, are still clinging to their rooftops, hungry and exhausted, and with diminishing hopes for rescue.

It's high time we heed the call for help.

Let's donate whatever we can, extend a hand and volunteer, and offer prayers.

Let's show the bastard Ondoy/Ketama that Filipinos can bounce back, as a nation, stronger, wiser and with bigger hearts; and yes, we hit back harder.

And please, let this be a wake up call of our planet's sick condition - go green, manage your wastes, you can start in your own homes. Say no to plastic, walk more, plant more, maintain your vehicles, the ways to save the planet are limitless.

My friends and I are arranging our own donation campaign, you can start by extending assistance to your officemates, neighbors or even strangers.

Here are some info on where you can channel your donations:

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya - 413-2667 / 416-0387 / 416-3641

No 13 Examiner Street, Quezon City, Look for Ms Girlie Aragon

ABS-CBN Foundation Inc for overseas donation: 1-800-527-2820 or http://www.abscbnfoundation.org/


2nd Floor GMA Kapuso CenterGMA Network Drive cor. Samar Streets

Diliman, Quezon City 1103

Telephone Nos.: (632) 982.7777 loc. 9901 & 9905

Pls. follow this link for info on drop off points for your donations.

Much Love & Concern,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Thank you in advance for that donation campaign. As for Cebuanos who are followers/readers of this blog, here are several places where you can drop off your donations. Let's give our love to our fellow Filipinos.

    Link: http://tinyurl.com/updatedareas

  2. It's amazing how this can awaken Filipinos' sense of brotherhood. Ang galing. I really hope wala ng bagyo :(

  3. thank you for posting information as well! I wish I can do more to help people back there :( But right now I can mostly just spread the word and donate couple of bucks via paypal. I wish I can give more clothes and all that stuff.

  4. @ Noelle: Thank you also to you & all Cebuanos. Filipinos will rise stronger after this =) God Bless!

    @ Jbreezy: You've done what you could and it's more than enough. Let's continue praying & caring. Thanks for your big heart =)

    @ Teeyah: That's true, you see heroes in every corner. I heard there's another one coming, let's pray & be more prepared. Take care BFF. Muah*


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