All for the Love of Agatep

The past weeks have been cloudy, at least in my heart. Four weeks ago, my former PR Agency, announced that they lost the bid to renew their contract with their biggest client.

I worked as a PR Consultant for them for 2 years, servicing their biggest client, until I got absorbed and luckily joined my present company. I ABSOLUTELY loved my agency and my team, they are simply the best, and I owe my actual PR ABCs from them. But family comes first, so I can't reject the opportunity that presented itself to me. No big-a-deal, after all, my beloved agency will still service my present employer, so I get to see them, and even work with them. Perfect. Until now.

After seven long years of partnership between my former agency and my current company, the contract landed on new hands. Then I realize, it's really time to bid goodbye, and I'm never, never ever good at it.

TODAY is their last day, and incidentally, a big typhoon is coming, which made the day all more gloomy. I won't shed tears, we're grown ups. And in the world and industry we live in, I'm sure I'll bump with them from time to time.

But for now, all I can do is look at them, for next week, I'll be seating next to some strangers.

Kudos, Agatep!

Kane Choa (now Corporate PR Manager of ABS), Karen Agabin (client), Ramon Ruiz (OJT), Elaine Apinado (Associate, and now Division Manager of Agatep), Oline Guiua (now Events Manager of PIAA-YGC) and yours truly. Taken during "SPEX Patrol" event which won the best presentation; Shell Exploration Day 2007.

(Media Seminar 2006)

We haven't slept for 3 days, thus zombie-ish. And we totally deserve some alcohol afterwork. It's weird to see myself with black hair. LOL.

Photography workshop with THE John and Kathy Chua.

So hard to smile nicely with the super strong winds @ The PEAK, Highlands, Tagaytay.

Last photo with my beloved former manager, Elaine Apinado (right) @ Bona Coffee, Westgate Alabang.

Are you ever good at goodbyes? =( I guess I will never be.
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. WOW! Small world. I also worked with some of the peeps in Agatep before and John Chua.Ü

  2. @ Russ: That's cool! What year did you work with Agatep & John? Isn't he nice? =) and his daughter Kathy is a darling too! My Agatep life was toxic, but I met the best people, so I don't mind at all. We should chat sometime =D

  3. I have the same sentiment. I am sad, too, about someone leaving.

  4. good luck with that girl, but you'll be fine, just need some getting to know each other right?


  5. @ Teeyah: Yeah, it's really sad! Good thing we will always have each other, BFF =)

    @ Toothfairy: You are right, change is the only thing permanent, eh? Thanks for the love* I'll be fine =)


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