How a Friday Night Saved my Heart

Friday is my favorite day, simply because it's offcially the start of my weekend. For one, we have the regular Friday lunchout in the office, then we are unofficially allowed to go to work late, and go home early. Well, unofficially. But it's a sick tradition. Everybody smiles in the office on this day ;-P

But yesterday was unusually sad for me, as I've mentioned, it was my beloved PR agency's last day. So I packed up feeling so sad, until the Sweetie picked me up, and brought to me to see a movie to lighten me up, and this is how my Friday night saved my heart. =)

1. Taters Cheese Popcorn + Diet Cola + Chocolates

I'm not really into popcorn, and the only exception is Chef Tony's caramel version. But last night, the Sweetie got some cheese popcorn from Taters, and it's actually good. =) At least it compensated a mediocre movie - Patient X. Bleh.

2. Smirnoff Raspberry + cool tito

We went to my cousin's house for a usual hangout, our coolest tito was home and was in the mood for some alcohol. I'm the only one who doesn't drink beer among the cousins, and so I ended up downing the Smirnoff, one-on-one with tito. What a safe way to get drunk!

3. My lippie love lived up to its promise!

I'm not the only crazy person in the family, my cousins Cil, May and cousin's GF Kyle, put our lipsticks to the test. We swiped some L'oreal Endless Kissable and CG Outlast lipcolor before munching on some oily snacks and booze, and checked out each other's lipstick every half hour! We always ask "Hey, meron pakong lipstick?" (Do I still have lipstick?) pointing to our lips. It was so funny and crazy, that we start laughing soo hard and the boys didn't even have a clue! Hah!

4. A possible Bangkok getaway
My cousin's GF, Kyle, I learned, is also a travel freak! And so we are planning a BKK getaway, and NO BOYS ALLOWED. The girls will shop til our legs give up. =P

5. RC helicopter is the schiznit!
The cool tito is into remote control helicopters, I mean the large, gasoline fueled ones. And so none of us take it seriously, because, one, it's EXPENSIVE, and two, it's EXPENSIVE. Did I mention it's expensive? Hehe. But he brought a baby helicopter that runs on batteries, and the Sweetie and I were hooked! I'm not into video games, I' m more fascinated with real toys. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger, wanting guns than dolls.
I started flying it and I sucked, but then I discovered that I'm better with some Smirnoff! =) I promised the Sweetie we're getting our own RC today! Haha. No one says we have to grow up =P

I seriously love my clan. Because of them, my Friday wasn't bad at all, how's yours?
Much Love,
The Neurochiq

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  1. I love Taters!!! My Friday isn't great, I cried river of tears...pero I'm better Saturday :)

  2. oh I hope you get to BKK, love it there! love the shopping/food/sighseeing, well everything!

    have a great weekend!

  3. I'll try Smirnoff Raspberry Twist next time :)

  4. hello sd! Fun friday indeed!!! would love to try operating an RC too! Tell me how you bought yours if you ever got one!

  5. Aww. Who stars in Patient X anyway? You should have watched This is It instead! :) I was in tears. :/ Or 500 Days of Summer, FTW :)

    And sino tito? Tito Pache? :D

  6. @ Nikki: Oh my, what happened dear? =( But good to hear you feel better today. Just remember everyone who loves you in blogger, including me of course! Hugs!

    @ Toothfairy: I really hope we can work it out, it's so difficult to find them perfect time for everyone! I'm crossing my fingers =) You have a great weekend too, love!

    @ Russ: Yep, it's nice, and no hang over for me! =D

    @ Teeyah: Patient X is tagalog horror, and it's disappointing, because I don't usually watch local movies in cinemas, now lang then panget pa =( I thought it's like Sukob, but not even close. We are seeing This is it tomorrow, but 500 Days of Summer can wait on DVD =)

    @ Pixel: Those mini RC helicopters are really hard to fly!!! You need patience and practice, and I don't have lots of that =) I'll buzz you when Jeff & I get our own. We will watch tito's flying club too, where the RCs are priced like an old car, haha =P

  7. that sounds like an awesome day! :)

  8. @ Jewelry: Yep, best day of all! =)

    @ Maui: It was! Simple, cheap, but definitely fun =D I hope you had a good one too!


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