…will allow me, and all women, to walk naked in public, as long as they have gorgeous shoes! Blimey, I can get arrested! Boo. =D

Kidding aside, I just want to express how loco I am over shoes: pointy, classy, edgy ones. I’ve always been a fan of “f*ck me shoes”, credit goes to my college friend who coined the term – missing you ate Yo!

I remember my college days when I had to walk, or more often run, to catch a cab/shuttle in Baclaran, marathon the campus catwalk and climb all the way to the 6th floor to attend my classes. A smart girl would know, and would wear flats. Call me stupid, but I just can’t give up this love, I can deal with the pain in the evening. I even have this self inflicted fever (is there such a thing?), when I fail to save up to get that killer pair displayed in the window. My famous line while drooling was “Shit, gusto ko lagnatin” (Shit, I want to get fever.) It’s so crazy when I think of it now. LOL.

So now that I have reason to invest on shoes, every morning, I slide into my pointy babies, and they never fail to give me that sexy, foxy kick that I need for a long day in the office.

Here are some recent loves:

Got this in Charles & Keith sale in Kota Kinabalu for only RM 40 or Php 560.00, such a steal.
Also from C&K at Kota Kinabalu for only RM 20 or Php 280.00! How cheap is that?? =)

Also from C&K, Singapore for Php 1,500 (got it 50% off from a friend who bought the wrong size)

Nancy Shoes from Celine @ Php 750.00, love the flirty strap =)

How about you, what part of your daily outfit kicks out the best in you? I’d love to know!

Much Love & in Heels,
The NeuroChiq


  1. SHOES! I can't wear flats either. I will die from lack of self esteem heehee.

  2. @ Tara: Haha, you told me about it nga =) I wear flats in the office, but I make sure it's pointed, or at least screaming with personality =)

  3. waaaa!!!.ganda..ako naman i cant wear stilettos saka mga wedges...i have callous kasi masakit siya..yung nasa sole talaga..pike kasi ako eh nadadapa palagi...how i wish kaya ko..kasi sarap sa feeling parang hello sexy ko,classy ko.heheh

  4. @ Shobe: Hello, sis. If you really can't wear heels, you can wear pointed flats naman, it still feels sexy =)

    PS: Thanks for the freebie you added in my order, you gave me a nasty smile! LOL.


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