My baby's 1st Bday =)

My first baby, Bossing, celebrated his first birthday last Sep. 28, and because it was in the middle of the Typhoon Ondoy mishap, I decided not to celebrate it anymore, and just put on his red birthday shirt I bought from my recent KK trip, and gave him a big, choking hug.

PS: Forgive the messy hair, that's his trademark; he runs wildly when he sees the brush and nail clipper. teehee.

Hope you're having a blast this Saturday. I had one of the best coffee session with my girlfriends last night til morning...I can't live without them seriously, and our doses of dicussions on careers, love, family, religion and my much respected "me time" and "personal space." So, I'm off to bed for now. Have a great day!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. awwww
    so cute!
    i could cuddle him all day!

    happy birthday to your baby

  2. Happy first birthday, Bossing! :) Mwah!

  3. awww bossing is adorable!! :)
    && its really nice to have a bunch of girlfriends around.there's never a dull moment with them <3

  4. Bossing is simply adorable ^_^.

    BTW girl,you got the GORGEOUS BLOGGER award , please check it out on my blog, thanks . ^_^

  5. @ Thiamere: Thank you, you're right, I can spend all day just playing with him & just be a kid =)

    @ Teeyah: Thanks sis, I'll bring him on our next night out =)

    @ Cha: Thank you, I call his look "muchos grasas" LOL. Yep, girlfriends are one of the best creature in the world!!!

    @ Twinsouls: Another award from you? nice of you, as always! I'll check it shortly. Thanks =)

    @ Crystal: Thank you, dear. Take care =)

  6. happy birthday to your baby! Super cute with the red birthday shirt!

    can i join your coffee sesh next time? hehe// sounds like fun dear.. there's nothing like girl-bonding..

  7. @ Kay: Thank you, your babies are sooo cute as well! =)

    When I said let's have coffee, I was dead serious. I think we'll talk like we've known each other forever. Let's plan it with Tara soon! =D


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