Product Review: All Organics Strawberry Lip Balm

Hello, girls. If you’re a frequent visitor, you would know how in love I am with Organic Products. A former boss, who lives and breathes organics, actually influenced me, not only through her preaching, shared reading materials, but more importantly, her EXAMPLES.

Man, you should see her; she’s 36, and has 3 adorable kids, but she’s very slim (I’m guessing about 100-110 lbs. @ 5’4”) and can pass for a cheerleader in senior college.

And her claim to fame? [just like a reality show LOL] – ORGANICS!

She and her family buys their food from nearby provinces, and organic markets, which are now slowly emerging in the metro. I may not be able to switch to organic foodie anytime soon, because of its steep prices and availability, but then I channeled my advocacy through the beauty products I use.

My current fave is ALL ORGANICS, which I recently hoarded from an expo in the World Trade Center. I blogged about this few weeks ago HERE. And now, I’m ready to review them one at a time.

PRODUCT: All Organics Strawberry Lip balm

What it says: Contains VCO, Cocoa butter, natural beeswax, aloe vera, strawberry – ALL NATURAL protection for your lips!


· PARABEN free, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors and flavors -- What else can I ask for? =D
· Very moisturizing – I have ultra flaky lips, and very few balms can do something substantial about it, and this one definitely bagged the job.
· Yummy! Tastes natural, unlike most strawberry flavored lip balms which tends to taste like juice concentrates. Do I hear Sunny Orange and Richie? LOL.
· Very light – Don’t we just hate it when lips feel heavy, sticky and weighs like a ton?
· With nice sheer, not gloss – Since I have full lips, I don’t use much gloss because it officially makes me the twin sister of Daisy Duck. teehee.
· With cooling effect
· Convenient packaging, easier and more hygienic than the ones in pots
· Very affordable


· No SPF =(
· Not widely available

Overall Verdict: 9/10. If it has sunscreen, I will give it a perfect rating. If you love NIVEA LIP CARE in CHERRY or STRAWBERRY, which I actually do, then, this is the PERFECT organic alternative. You’ll get the same benefits, almost equal price, and the bonus of not worrying about chemicals touching your lips ever again. =)

I hope you find the review helpful, just please remember to take it with your own personal discretion. Have a great day! See you on my next review.

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. I love Nivea Lip Care ! So if this is organic, this is even better :D

  2. @ Nikki: Me too, I love the cherry one, sadly, All Organics only has strawberry & pepper mint, but the first flavor won my heart, or lips =)


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