Product Review: Kimi Shoes

As I stepped out of the car and walked my usual route to the office lobby, I intentionally took small, slow steps, to savor the warmth of the mighty sunshine. I started to sweat and my skin stung a bit, but despite forgetting to wear sunscreen, I stood there, for a good minute or two, and just let the much awaited sunshine take care of my Monday blues.

And all the while, my feet are equally happy with this very comfy, proudly PINOY MADE looker which I discovered over the weekend.

Kimi Shoes

I was hunting for a comfy shoes that I can wear in the office and not get bored with it, then I stumbled on this small stall that has numerous chic flats. I'm not a big fan of bubble shoes, but when the Sweetie pointed this one out, I hesitantly tried it, and it just felt perfect! It's so comfy, looks durable [upon inspection of the materials esp. the sole],and a total stunner. And best thing is, this 100% FILIPINO made beauty costs only Php 550.00.

Trying to show how soft & comfy it is =)

Sadly, Kimi doesn't have an online store yet, but that's not a problem (at least to me), since it's a must for me to check out the size (it varies!), feel, material and the look personally when it comes to my shoes.

And it's worth it to visit and check out other Kimi designs - they have gladiators, flats, party heels etc.
(all under Php 1,000), if you ever get to wander in the South.

Kimi Shoes

Pop Culture Section

2nd Level, Alabang Town Center

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. I didn't know such a brand existed in the Pop Culture section, it's been a while since I dropped by ATC. Will definitely check this out!

  2. Hi, Nina! I think Kimi just started recently, though they're still small, I think they are promising =) I wore my shoes for 20 hrs. yesterday, and I didn't feel any pain/fatigue. And it's Pinoy made pa =)

  3. jp aguilar-antipordaOctober 6, 2009 at 9:46 AM

    i love em too.. =) meron din sila sa market market.. and haggling is allowed ;P

  4. @ JP: Super ang nice ng feel ng shoes nila no mare? Thanks for the info =D Would you know what part of Market Market?

  5. wow this is so cute :D love the color :D

  6. @ Aika: Thanks sis, that's also the reason I got it, aside from the comfort, the color is blazing! =)

    PS: Never mind them, karma will take its course. =)

  7. Yes, actually i am a big woman and I really love Kimi's shoes. Big sizes are available. Better than Pari**an Plus available on malls. Aside from the comfy thing, they sell it in low price. I have bought one from Tiendesitas last DEcember. I am not sure if their stall is still there.


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