Smokey Eyes. Nude Lips. Messy Curls.

I decided to fire up one lazy Sunday afternoon, by flaunting MY VERY FIRST ATTEMPT on smokey eyes, my favorite nude creamy lips, and some naughty, messy curls.

I also slipped into my comfy tube dress and culdoroy teal jacket before going out with the Sweetie and downing some serious coffee [courtesy of my BDJ coupons!] while "people watching." Believe me, it's therapeutic!

I'm no expert on smokey looks and my skin is not in its best condition lately, so sorry if it looked weird, or shocking =p

My first attempt to do smokey eyes =) I hope it wasn't so bad =[
Products used:
Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Urban Grey
Silver & Black Palette from mom
L'oreal Wear Infinite Quad (nude colors)
Maybelline Hypercurl WP Black Mascara
F21 Soft Eye Pencil
Yes, I don't use liquid eyeliners =D


Black Tube Dress from SM Department Store

Teal Culdoroy Jacket from Mango

I use to hate my full pouty lips, but I learned to love them, at least I don't have to spend on collagen =P

Some smile.

The last time I had curls was way back in college, and it's never permanent because, well, I'm careful with commitments [yup, even with my hair]. I like my hair big, full body, and with natural waves rather than super straight, which I think makes my already prominent cheekbone YELL!!! LOL.
But after seeing the photos, I'm seriously contemplating on getting it permed, and maybe just cut it if I ever get bored. So help me girls, do you want me straight or curly? I love to hear your thoughts! And for reference, tadah!


Have a great midweek!

Much Love,
The Neurochiq


  1. Love the jacket! You look good with the curly hair!

  2. hmm..both looks great...long hair suits you..hmm..i'm not helping no? well curly looks sexier though :) I love your outfit

  3. I like the color of your jacket! And what are you talking about, you got great skin! Sigh lately it seems that my enlarge pores stay being enlarged and eventually turn into a scar >< sigh...

  4. oh and yes I agree that Darren Hayes is still oh so fine... I still want him even though I feel betrayed! lol

  5. i think the curls brings out your sexy vibe more!

  6. @ Nina: Thank you, the jacket is from my brother, I must say he has good taste for a guy! =D

    @ Nikki: Thanks Nikki, I need your help on doing smokey eyes, sis! =,(

    @ Julie: That's the wonder of makeup eh? it helps enhance skin's appearance, but sadly, I have pimple scars too =,( Love teal, as much as I love Darren! Mind sharing him with me? LOL =p

    @ Tammy: Haha, okay, 1 point for curly mess! I still can't get over your dark plum lippie hun, it's sooo nice!

    @ Kay: That's why I bought the curl mousse from you sis, @ least I can set the curls whenever I'm in the sexy mood =P Thanks, Kay =)

  7. From someone whose had curly hair in years, I'd say go for curls! :D

  8. @ Teeyah: I think I can handle setting it on some days for now, I'm afraid of commitments! LOL =p

  9. Dang,
    i'll go for curls! u look sexier wit curls! owh, i love the blue jacket u hv there!

  10. @ Kavukz: Thanks babe, I miss seeing you around here =) Too busy with work & working out, eh? You take care ayt? Hope to see you soon! Muah*

  11. Wow! I vote for curly!
    I used to have perms but I slowly chopped the permed parts off though because my hair got too dry :P

    the smokey eye looks good :) I like it <3

  12. @ Kay: Thank you, Kay. That's my worry, too. Since my hair is "overly" dyed, perm can be fatal already, and I'm too lazy to have it treated every now & then. I guess I can set it once in a while =)

    The smokey look is my first attempt, needs more more practice =P



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